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Found 37 results

  1. NEW PACKAGE! Here it is. The ACOG Sight used by militants all over the world. This particular model is made SPECIFICALLY for the UNITY3D Game engine. I've placed the SPECULAR Map in the Alpha Channel of the TGA texture which means you will just have to use the BUMPED SPECULAR Shader in Unity and you're good to go! Don't forget to slide the shininesss slider to maximum! And to change the main and the specular colour both to white! HERE YOU GO! (NOTE: Pictures taken IN GAME). PS: NO CREDITS REQUIRED! DOWNLOAD!
  2. Here is a texture of binocular below is the link you can download it. I've tons of free awesome textures with copywrite. I've this so I'm sharing this with you peoples. https://mega.nz/#!1yg2kB4Z!4-3xhk0cc3gjwRGeyTgETgm7BuHJ7Yj6_50HHyhdDAc
  3. This is my new textured and rigged hand model with new flashlight. <<Download here>> For any problem PM me or reply this post. Screen: Rig
  4. So, they're not perfect, they're pretty average actually, realise this. I just wanted some feedback from people of what I could do better. Cheers! https://mega.co.nz/#!O5RAwDbK!ReOhk94NavRIc5jblHsire78yFrZUB2iU_VmJfEQoMs
  5. Welcome! Scarlet Realms Online (SRO) is a project currently in development. We are seeking people with the following skills: Modeling Texturing SRO is a MMO RPG sci-fi game where the players go on quests and missions to try to be the best. This is a profit share project where we will discuss payments in discord on PMs. Currently SRO is being develop everyday and has made significant progress since the start of the project. Features currently in the game: Networking Fully authoritative Enemy AI Teleportation between locations *Basic* player customization Anti-Speed hack Screen Shots: Enemy AI is almost ready to be viewed Want to join? Join our discord! https://discord.gg/rcqkXaU Replies to this post will most likely not be answered. If you have questions or want to know more about the game, join our discord.
  6. hello guys and welcome to another tutorial! In the next month we are going the create a bamboo plant! There will be every monday a tutorial! Also if you have any questions, please ask in the comments below! So in the first part we are going to create the object and we are going to prepare the texture: Textures: http://stockstockstuff.deviantart.com/art/Big-Bamboo-125534937 Hope you guys like it!
  7. Hello, We're a small indie team made out of 2(hoping to be 3) members working on a small/medium sized game. We're looking for a person who can do textures and lighting in Unity3D 5(.3). The textures don't have to be realistic as they're mostly cartoony and simple. We also released a game on Steam named Pongo(http://store.steampowered.com/app/369000). We hope this will make you feel like you're working with professionals . The game is stealth based and you play as a guy who goes around stealing toys in museums and toy stores. You have time bombs which slow down/stop or speed up the time for you or the guards. It's a third person shooter, from a bird's eye point of view. Right now we want to work on the levels and start polishing the game up then release it! You can see the game here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/nick-o-time Contact us by sending an e-mail to team@drixygames.net with some basic information about yourself and your skype. Thank you for taking your time to read this.
  8. https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/33414 I would like to introduce my new asset, the Advanced Road Material https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/33414 This is a dynamic road material that can create almost unlimited amount variations. Use wit the awesome EasyRoads3D or Easyroads3D Free It has variables to add water for if its raining, snow, moss. The moss can be coloured to simulate dirt. Add variants of pot holes, cracks, damage and more. Then, there are many options to add road markings, assign its colours. All this gives an almost unlimited amount of possibilities. Can use diffuse, specular and parallax shaders. Id that wasn't enough theres even a script that makes it easy to change the snow, wetness, moss and ice levels at runtime from your code. https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/33414
  9. Hello, I am making a racing game. And i wonder how to make game mode where user can draw a road to drive on it later? And if it is possible, how to support asphalt texture to be drawn properly, regardless the road shape? When I say draw a road I mean drawing lines by clicking points with mouse.
  10. good, I am looking for a simple or complex system for the sniper sights, compatible with unity 5, someone help me?
  11. Hello. Me and my team are working on a si-fi adventure game (The name has not been decided). We need some team members to speed up the development. Currently the team consists of me(I do the 3D modeling, scripting, etc.), A lead storyline artist, some other storyline artists, a texture guy and a concept artist. However we need more people, so here are the open slots! 3D modeler: 0/3 Texture Guy: 0/1 Secondary Coder: 0/2 Sound/Music Artist: 0/2 THE STORY ---------------- Currently, my boss has said I can only say that it's going to be a SI-FI adventure game, however we will interview you. After the interview if you get the part, we will give out some information about the game. This doesn't mean you can spread the information we give you! Why the secrecy? You may ask. We are trying to keep this whole project secret and only team members will know how the game works and what the game is. We do not wan't to give out any Information yet, because we are very early in development and have no intention to start a fan-base yet. However, as development continues, we will release a teaser trailer to get people interested. CONTACT -------------- You can contact me via email at marshalljune18@gmail.com, thanks!
  12. hey i'm a noob but know the basics of C# and i only got Unity free. i'm working on a school project and we got no idea what we are doing mostly, anyway i'm trying to make a security camera in the game that shows another location in the level on a monitor, kind of like this the sits at the desk and has 5 monitors below him that show other areas of the level. now i can get the textures to render on a plane but i cant assign the texture to a specific camera so it only shows the player cam. me and my friends are willing to learn because we need this script because its a major part, any suggestions are welcome even if it requires a different script. this is where i found the script but i have no idea what it does really. http://pastebin.com/Qvw01kcM
  13. Hello Everyone! This is my first model for me to ever post on ArmedUnity! This is a low poly Screwdriver. You can use this however you want. here is a screenshot of the model: http://gyazo.com/62839f04e78f64557cfbbfc53930aa47 Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?u2kkbbf98zui4yg Thanks!!!
  14. Norham

    Traveling Icons

    Here are some Royalty Free Traveling Icons sets i creted a while back for a freelancer job i had. The Icons can be used as you wish. The Icons are in .eps format. Preview Here : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vv7pz44j6bfwtw8/AAADvlh6qeMRxOvcl46axovZa?dl=0 Download Here : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/is042dp4c4hwmn7/AACZ3-RswfjE9brX8CHI6JRZa?dl=0
  15. Hello Everyone!! The only thing that I'm missing right now, is someone who can do Textures, now my self i don't know how textures are made and I'm not sure if UV mapping is the correct word I"m looking for someone who is able to make Textures for Models. I think that is what its called : UV Mapping I really need someone like that and it is really important Profit Share will be used to Share the payments with everyone! Info about the project me and the whole team are working on: a unique Survival and Horror game that will not include zombies but something else that is very unique and is set to be on an island with a whole story that backs it off on why you end up on the island i will go in detail if you ask. Thank you! Skype: hamzakirresh email: stuffedorange123@gmail.com Regards, Hamza Kirresh
  16. Hi all! I'm completely new for Unity, yet I'd like to learn on the go. I'm using a PieMenu component with 3 different buttons. The default value for these buttons are: One Two Three (in an array named "command") There is a script for this in the project file: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class MenuItemActions_3 : MonoBehaviour { void OnSelect(string command) { Debug.Log("A Left Menu Command Received: " + command); } } I want it work like if I click one of the buttons, a jpeg file appears for GUI. I also have a script for get a jpeg on GUI after click an object. But the above one is C# and this is javascript: var popupTexture : Texture2D; private var paperPopup : PaperPopup; function Start () { paperPopup = FindObjectOfType(PaperPopup); if (popupTexture == null) { popupTexture = renderer.material.mainTexture; } } function OnMouseDown () { paperPopup.Show(this); } Anyone could help me? It should open 3 different jpeg-s on the GUI. Thank you!
  17. Any idea, clue to get the below actions work in a unity game (exe) 1. 2. 3. 4.
  18. Hello guys You probably know that I am working on a life simulator called Urbem Vita (see post in showcase section). The developing process is going well but we need a new member to fill up our two-man team. Due to lack of time and personal reasons our previous texture artist had to quit the project. Althoug he made a lot of textures for the game we need more. Thats why we need YOU! Some requirements for the job: -Experience with Gimp, Photoshop or any other kind of painting/photoediting program -A skype account -Dropbox account - ( able to UV-unwrap in Blender 3D ) Some Information about the job: - The style of the game is lowpoly/simple --> no uberhighquality textures needed -You will get paid (5$/month if you delivered textures that month) Any question? mail me at delaeyb@gmail.com Cheers Bram (sorry for typo's and missing links, post is written on mobile, soon an edited one)
  19. I have been working on a node-based texture creator. This is my progress so far. What do you think? Screenshot:
  20. We are looking for a texture artist that can provide textures for the environment and texture the props. This is a non-paid job, i am sorry. This is a horror game: A kid was brought in this mental asylum after killing his father and his mother using his father's tomahawk. The doctor diagnosed the kid with chronic insanity. When the kid was asked why did he killed his parents, he said that his parents were actually murdered and he hid under his bed until the murderer left. After being in this asylum, his mind started to develope a monster which eventually became real. Every night at 3:10AM the monster exits the kid's room and starts killing one person per night. In order to stop the monster the kid had to die, so he hanged himself up. The monster didn't disappear, but he stopped killing patients. There are a few people still alive in the asylum, but they are all insane. However, the monster killed every stranger that entered the asylum. If you are interested send an email at hivgames@gmail.com
  21. Hi, I am thinking of this concept, where a user is able to load a 2D texture from pc to a scene created and exported to an exe (game mode). eg: I have a 2 x 4 rectangular plane on my scene and already has a material with texture applied. when the user clicks on this plane they should be able to browse and upload a texture file from there computer.
  22. I' ve a problem with the unity m4 texture (that one that is in the bootcamp demo) PLease help! Warning! : I'm a newbie with textures in unity!
  23. An older model i had to do when i wasn't good. But is nice for testing or lowpoly game war games and Horror games :/ Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?hkb852o816otik0 V2.0 Here: http://armedunity.com/index.php?/topic/3240-free-3d-hand-v20-texture-simplerig-medium-poly/ Call me for any problems
  24. Hello everyone! Me and my friend, are making a game! - yay. Heres what the game is based on; The controls are based on the game aqw (http://www.aq.com) The game is "fantasy", thats mean u have to create fantasy textures! requirements; We do not have any age requirements, but u need to know what you are doing. You need Skype (u don't need to talk, just chat and send the textures..) Have the time it takes to create a Game How is the gameplay going to be? As sayed before, the controls are based on Aq.com Multiplayer Go lvl, and buy classes and stuff. (We don't have a storyline yet, but hey; You can help us with that?) What do i need to create? Backgrounds(Tree's houses and stuff like that) Sword textures(Or other weapons NO GUNS) Maybe some design to a website More stuff like that. I wanna join, but how? You can pm me, or add me on skype: Magnus1254 (if u pm me, send this information) Full name; Skype name; Age; Job status: 0/2 Magnus ~~Pictures of the game is comming.
  25. Hello everyone, First, my english is very bad, but i'm working on it I'm finished a school this year, and i'm a CG artist, and I'm not afraid of new challenges. I come from belgium, and i speak good French and Russian. If you want to see my portfolio, http://www.baynazarov.be Always ready to help you if need
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