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Found 33 results

  1. check my first update for my game, thanks D: i am looking for a little team who can help me create the game, i need map designer 1 or 2 or 3, free time work only, pm me if interested
  2. Hi friends it's summer now and I decided to make game on my free time. Also my aim is to create little international studio. no matter where are you from! no matter what are your skills! no matter if have or don't have any experience! join me if you want to build funny game, if you want to make new friends, you think you're awesome! giogedianidze@gmail.com << for details
  3. Welcome! Scarlet Realms Online (SRO) is a project currently in development. We are seeking people with the following skills: Modeling Texturing SRO is a MMO RPG sci-fi game where the players go on quests and missions to try to be the best. This is a profit share project where we will discuss payments in discord on PMs. Currently SRO is being develop everyday and has made significant progress since the start of the project. Features currently in the game: Networking Fully authoritative Enemy AI Teleportation between locations *Basic* player customization Anti-Speed hack Screen Shots: Enemy AI is almost ready to be viewed Want to join? Join our discord! https://discord.gg/rcqkXaU Replies to this post will most likely not be answered. If you have questions or want to know more about the game, join our discord.
  4. I am looking for Team members For my FPS Game! I Dont have a name for it yet,i have just begun the project. I Need: -A Modeler/Animator -Programer -Map Designer Thats all i need. You can contact me at : VenomStudiosOfficial@Gmail.com (I Am one of the programers)
  5. I have been looking around on google and the unity forms and have found nothing on spawning the players on the team spawns. This is the code that i have so far when spawning the players: public void Spawn(){ SpawnSpot MySpawnSpot = spawnSpots [UnityEngine.Random.Range (0, spawnSpots.Length)]; if(MySpawnSpot == null){ Debug.LogError("There Are No SpawnPoints!!!"); } //Spawn the player. GameObject myPlayer = (GameObject)PhotonNetwork.Instantiate(this.Player.name, MySpawnSpot.transform.position, MySpawnSpot.transform.rotation, 0); //Spawn the player at [SpawnPoint.transform.position, SpawnPoint.transform.rotation]. myPlayer.GetComponent<PhotonView>().RPC("SetNameTag",PhotonTargets.AllBuffered,PhotonNetwork.playerName); Destroy(this.StandByCam); lockmouse.lockedmouse = true; }
  6. Looking for any legitimate, well structured, and stable team to join. I don't really care what the project revolves around. - I am decent at 3d modeling, just started with in-depth 3DS MAX tutorials, no work to show. - Decent at making music in FL Studio (https://soundcloud.com/jett-spaulding/darknessarrives) - Decent at concept art USING REFERENCES (If you don't mind) - Best skill is putting scenes together. (Placing sounds, prefabs like debris, particle systems, what not) I am also VERY experienced with using the Unity Editor itself. (Future apologies to SmokeyKilla, for not putting up enough work.) Do not have game designing laptop with me, so therefore, not as much work to show.
  7. Hello everyone ! Let me introduce myself... I am Tim from Digital Studios (My neat little game studio). I am starting a fan project about Stargate. What is stargate ? Well, Stargate was a huge science fiction series popular in the first decade of the 2000s The story is about an ancient ring found in Giza, Egypt... This ring lets you establish a wormhole/portal , Which will let you travel to other planets. ------------ I am searching for ambitious unity developers who would like to help me make a stargate fan game ! Everybody is welcome, the only thing needed is a good understanding of the unity engine. Respond here if you want to apply and ill send you a message. http://gamejolt.com/games/stargate-revolution/93293 Here you can see the gamejolt page (I know people on this forum don't like it when there is not much of progress shown in these posts, Sorry)
  8. I am trying to develop multiplayer games with Unity3D and I use a plugin "MultiLAN V3.0" and I must add the functionality of team and character choose , it is for my study project and I am very a hurry by time, I would be very grateful for your help .
  9. Hello, My name is Brad. I am 15 years old, yes, but dont let that put you off. I have created one or two simple games in the past, so there is no need to be untrustworthy of me. Now, to the point. Leap is a First person Sci-Fi multiplayer shooter, with heavily parkour and gadget based combat, you may use tons of abilities and weapons to navigate dangerous maps and destroy the enemy. Leap was inspired by many games like Quake, Unreal Tournament and Halo. I feel that this is game idea that might just profit, and, after asking and gaining feedback, 7/10 people would play this game. Here is a more detailed game concept- In Leap you will be able to perform awesome parkour moves and tricks, while the while the whole time integrating it into combat, you will be able to perform combos for cooler, longer, and more damaging moves, but the normal combat should not be lacking. The goal is for the game to have 3 main multiplayer gamemodes, DM, TDM, and a sort of juggernaut gamemode, but instead having more HP and faster/better Parkour-ing. Skillsets we need- We need an Animator/Modeler, Familiar with Blender, and Unity Animation. We also need someone good with Unity Networking/Pun, also with good knowledge of C# or JavaScript. And also a good modeler for level design. as for me? I want to use this a learning experience, and learn from the whole team. I will be doing a little bit of everything from Basic modelling, very basic programming and networking, and a bit of level design here and there. For some Worksamples, See these links: Worksamples Website: http://gorumdev.6te.net/ Thank You much for your consideration. -Gorum
  10. Hello fellow game makers! I'm a 17 y.o Swede that have been programming and making games for about two years now. Started back in early 2013 with simple HTML+JS games for browsers, also got some experience in Java, and for about 4-5 months ago I started learning Unity (scripts in JS) and loved it. I feel myself enough comfortable with the engine for making my first really big project. As of right now, I have noone to work with so all the graphics, scripts, models and everything else needs to be done by me only, so therefor I write here on this forum: I'm looking for some people with about the same experience on Unity as I have (~4-5 months), or any other experience in game making, like graphics. I would prefer if you are around my age (~16-20) in order to make our communication as good as possible. As alot of people seems to talk about this, I thought i'd mention it: If we ever comes to a part on any game we have made, that we would like to sell it on any platform, it will be a exact profit share. (as long as we both works on the project ecually, so noone gets more credit than they deserve) If we deside to starting on a project together, I'd prefer to take care on leading the game forward. Not as a boss, but as a leader. Ofcourse nothing on the game changes without everyones agreement, and we all have the same power ofcource. I'm a guy who loves solving problems. I'm currently studying 10th grade in a natural science class ( ), and I love both math and physics, so I love to use my knowledge on that in my games. My most powerful sides on making games is definetly my scripting, following with graphics. If you are interested, dont hesitate to message me. If any questions, feel free to ask. Best regards
  11. Hello I'm here republishing some new features to Photon using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using ExitGames.Client.Photon; using UnityEngine; using Hashtable = ExitGames.Client.Photon.Hashtable; public class PunNewFunction : MonoBehaviour { public const string matou = "Matou"; public const string morreu = "Morreu"; public const string ping = "Ping"; public enum Team : byte {none, red, blue}; public static Dictionary<Team, List<PhotonPlayer>> PlayersPerTeam; public const string TeamPlayerProp = "Time"; #region Events by Unity and Photon public void Start() { PlayersPerTeam = new Dictionary<Team, List<PhotonPlayer>>(); Array enumVals = Enum.GetValues(typeof (Team)); foreach (var enumVal in enumVals) { PlayersPerTeam[(Team)enumVal] = new List<PhotonPlayer>(); } } public void OnJoinedRoom() { this.UpdateTeams(); } public void OnPhotonPlayerPropertiesChanged(object[] playerAndUpdatedProps) { this.UpdateTeams(); } #endregion public void UpdateTeams() { Array enumVals = Enum.GetValues(typeof(Team)); foreach (var enumVal in enumVals) { PlayersPerTeam[(Team)enumVal].Clear(); } for (int i = 0; i < PhotonNetwork.playerList.Length; i++) { PhotonPlayer player = PhotonNetwork.playerList[i]; Team playerTeam = player.GetTeam(); PlayersPerTeam[playerTeam].Add(player); } } } static class KDExtensions { public static void SetPing(this PhotonPlayer player, int Ping2) { Hashtable ping = new Hashtable(); ping[PunNewFunction.ping] = Ping2; player.SetCustomProperties(ping); } public static int GetPing2(this PhotonPlayer player) { object teamId; if (player.customProperties.TryGetValue(PunNewFunction.ping, out teamId)) { return (int)teamId; } return 0; } public static void SetKill(this PhotonPlayer player, int newkill) { Hashtable matou = new Hashtable(); matou[PunNewFunction.matou] = newkill; player.SetCustomProperties(matou); } public static void AddKill(this PhotonPlayer player, int KillParaADD) { int current = player.GetKill(); current = current + KillParaADD; Hashtable matou = new Hashtable(); matou[PunNewFunction.matou] = current; player.SetCustomProperties(matou); } public static int GetKill(this PhotonPlayer player) { object teamId; if (player.customProperties.TryGetValue(PunNewFunction.matou, out teamId)) { return (int)teamId; } return 0; } public static void SetDeath(this PhotonPlayer player, int newmorreu) { Hashtable morreu = new Hashtable(); morreu[PunNewFunction.morreu] = newmorreu; player.SetCustomProperties(morreu); } public static void AddDeath(this PhotonPlayer player, int DeathParaADD) { int current = player.GetDeath(); current = current + DeathParaADD; Hashtable morreu = new Hashtable(); morreu[PunNewFunction.morreu] = current; player.SetCustomProperties(morreu); } public static int GetDeath(this PhotonPlayer player) { object teamId; if (player.customProperties.TryGetValue(PunNewFunction.morreu, out teamId)) { return (int)teamId; } return 0; } } static class TeamExtensions { public static PunNewFunction.Team GetTeam(this PhotonPlayer player) { object teamId; if (player.customProperties.TryGetValue(PunNewFunction.TeamPlayerProp, out teamId)) { return (PunNewFunction.Team)teamId; } return PunNewFunction.Team.none; } public static void SetTeam(this PhotonPlayer player, PunNewFunction.Team team) { PunNewFunction.Team currentTeam = PhotonNetwork.player.GetTeam(); if (currentTeam != team) { PhotonNetwork.player.SetCustomProperties(new Hashtable() {{PunNewFunction.TeamPlayerProp, (byte) team}}); } } } Exemple Update Ping void Update() { PhotonNetwork.player.SetPing(PhotonNetwork.player.GetPing2()); } Exemple Functions PhotonNetwork.player.SetPing(PhotonNetwork.player.GetPing2()); PhotonNetwork.player.GetPing2(); PhotonNetwork.player.SetTeam(PunNewFunction.Team.blue); PhotonNetwork.player.GetTeam(); PhotonNetwork.player.SetScore(int score); PhotonNetwork.player.AddScore(int score); PhotonNetwork.player.GetScore(); PhotonNetwork.player.SetKill(int kills); PhotonNetwork.player.AddKill(int kills); PhotonNetwork.player.GetKill(); PhotonNetwork.player.SetDeath(int deaths); PhotonNetwork.player.AddDeath(int deaths); PhotonNetwork.player.GetDeath(); Exemple Damage + Fire Team deathmatch using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class DanoJogador : Photon.MonoBehaviour { public float vida = 100f; public Texture TexturaDano; private float transparencia = 0f; private float Tempo = 0.0f; [RPC] public void AplicarDano(float dano, PhotonPlayer matador, string Arma) { if(photonView.IsMine) { foreach( PhotonPlayer player in PhotonNetwork.playerList) { if(player.name == matador.name) { if(matador.GetTeam() != PhotonNetwork.player.GetTeam()) { Tempo = 2.0f; vida -= dano; if(vida <= 0.0f) { PhotonNetwork.Destroy(gameObject); matador.AddKill(1); PhotonNetwork.player.AddDeath(1); } } } } } } public void Update() { if (Tempo > 0)Tempo -= Time.deltaTime; transparencia = Tempo; } public void OnGUI() { GUI.color = new Color(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, transparencia); GUI.DrawTexture(new Rect(0,0,Screen.width, Screen.height), TexturaDano); } } Exemple Fire http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/CameraRays.html using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class ExemploTiro: Photon.MonoBehaviour { public Camera camera; public float Dano = 10.0f public string NomeArma = ""; void Start(){ RaycastHit hit; Ray ray = camera.ScreenPointToRay(Input.mousePosition); if (Physics.Raycast(ray, hit)) { Transform objectHit = hit.transform; hit.GetComponent<PhotonView>().AplicarDano(Dano,PhotonNetwork.player,NomeArma); } } }
  12. Who am I? OK. To start off, I am a small-time coder following a series of YouTube tutorials to help increase my knowledge of C# in unity... To be honest, I've done pretty well... Anyways, I am fifteen years old (Don't judge. Those who would would be pretty surprised...) and have been working on an RPG. What is it? This RPG's name is, "The Siege of Sholkier". In this RPG, there is no main character back story... you just start up by winding up in this open world land in a carriage; with your kidnapper. You have been knocked out and can't remember who you are. You must escape the kidnapper and choose your own path. This game's leveling system and skills almost come close to an Elder Scrolls game. It is called "siege", because Sholkier is the only part of the map blessed by light from the heavens... Sholkier is surrounded by dark forces and lands, and the player is the only one capable of stopping the darkness. He just doesn't know it yet. My Experience? I have written over 41 entirely different C# code documents so far, and plan to keep writing more. Here's the problem: I have no experience with modeling, texturing, animating, or webpage design... (Don't any of you DARE suggest Weebly) LOL... Anyways, I am also an amazing scene designer when it comes to putting the models and renders into place... Progress? As of progress, it is pretty slim because I have only done the coding... But getting some new members will DEFINITELY up that rate of change! Preferences? People recruited on this team will not be paid until we agree to add a price to the game. I would much prefer more than one person at each assigned job also. I would also like to point out that I hate terrain generation plug-ins (for those who would suggest that) Who do I need? I will list the jobs from top to bottom; highest to lowest priority... 3 Modelers (would prefer with texturing exp, too) 2 animators 1-2 website programmers 1-3 quest creators 2 terrain designers 1 sound/audio recorder 1 shader programmer Project download: The game has A COMPLETE WORKING saving and loading script that is linked to Player Prefs, but have no way to test it... Here is the project so far (Please view the codes, also... I put a lot of work into them...) https://mega.co.nz/#F!28tBQJ4R!LXqx1S9cJTWISTw1qWZmGg
  13. Hello, fellow developers and game designers I am looking for a team to help create a game Pm me if you would like to help I got a realllly good idea for a game!
  14. Hello there, my name is Matew and i am the CEO of Imaginary Madness Studios (IMS). I Started IMS about 2 mounths ago and last week i certified the company with all the nececary legal rights. I am here to find new and experienced talent in Game Development with who i can work with on the curent project and future ones. I am looking for the following : - Animators (MoCap, Maya, Blender, C4D < -- any of these will do) - Programers (Java, C#) - 3D Modelators (Max, Maya, Blender,etc <-- any of these will do) - Marketing Director/s (Someone who can advertise the project on the web) - Graphic Designer/s - Web Designer/s - Level Designer/s Benefits : - Work Contracts on a 3 - 6 - 12 - undefinetely - month period - Payment on completing the project (Payment is due at completing the project since we have smaller project that takes around 3-6 weeks) The reson why i posted this on ArmedUnity is that i want to work with Individual Game Developers that are at the begining of the road in this industry and ArmedUnity comunity seemed the right place to do just that. If you are a experienced Game Developer in Unity 3D just message me on private or post here with your skills.
  15. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen I'm a 3D modeler, that is still currently learning. i'm willing to join a team. i have been in a team before but it was a really small one! i'm looking forward to work on a decent project not something too hard i don't require pay since i'm just doing this to learn myself Thanks!!!!!!
  16. Hello, my name is Jordan and i would like to make a team. My current goal is to make a stable game that can be on steam eventually. The game engine would be unity and would require some but nothing big as a AAA game. Nor... a AA game... simply a indie game. The game would be Minecraft style to reduce the time to create this game. Since block forms are easier than 3D objects. The game would be survival type game that's kinda like rust and dayz mix together in block form. Rust crafting system is amazing, and while I doubt it would be that great.. Some is better than none. If im missing information or want to know more just post and i will get back.. If your interested, shoot me a PM instead of a post. Thanks P.S sorry for the bland post XD
  17. Hello everyone, i am making a new FPS game just like most Unity3D Developers, i need someone who is farily experienced in modeling. The great thing is that you can do ti in your spare time, you can take a month just to model a gun, it doesnt matter to me, aslong as i know it will be done (be reasonable with time given) If you want to see where im at with making my game, check out my youtube channel "jumboproductionsunity" Please, anyone who is willing to make a few models for me, i will gladly accept them into my team. Thank-You -Arcanine
  18. Hello. I'm creating a race game. But now I have problems with models. And I`m searching for team. ScreenShot from menu: My contact: Skype: burgerday1 E-Mail: burgerday@yandex.ru
  19. Hey guys my name is Gabe Im a 14 yo js scripter that wants to make a game like gta online but free to play on the unity engine what I need is Modelers for: characters cars weapons building maps I also need: another js scripter (that knows how to work with multiplayer) a texture/shader artist a sound designer a animator/ rigger If your interested please add me on skype: latinointheloft thank you
  20. Hey so this may be a very stupid question but I was wondering how I could do something like this: I want to make a Team/Class selection kinda like they have on Team Fortress 2. Where, it shows different classes and you click on the button, of the class, then spawn, I'm sure it's extremely easy but i'm a bit stuck. Does anyone know how I may be able to do this? If you can tell me a good way or where I can learn to make one much would be appreciated. Thanks!
  21. hi everyone my name is shubham and i am working on multiplayer fps game "soldiers infinite" i am modeler ,level designer,animatior and supervisor .i have a programmer but he is newbie why is soldiers infinite different from other unity games? soldiers infinite is different from others games because it has a full destructible environment more than "drunken lizard games" (models under progress) our biggest drawback is we using unity free version so we can't have better graphics. everything is done including animations,just need someone to implement them so i need some members who can do programming and modeling in my game.don't worry about destruction some demo screenshots-http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/216778-soldiers-infinite-first-screenshot
  22. Hi everybody ! My team named Alpha StudioZ is recruiting ! We already have a modeller, level designer, scripter, etc... BUT We really need a scripter ! Because the scripter is the most important team member in ANY wip games. We know, we already have one, but he connects like really rarely. We also need a animator. I mean, a GOOD animator, who can make FPS ( first person shooter ) animations. We are making an online fps that is a bit like Battlefield, not too much, and a little bit more futuristic. ( not like Halo or something, just a little bit more futuristic. ) Maybe we can recrute another level designer, who can make big maps and stuff. We have skype, we are french but we can speak english.
  23. (That's just a test logo, you really can ignore it) Hello there, my (user)name is Urkman1, and about last October, I started a development team called Darkstar Games (Formerly Team Darkstar Studios). We started out small, as most teams do. At the moment we don't have the option to pay anyone, as we are a group of volunteers. We had about 14 members, however we recently had a disagreement/ falling out, so we are now down to 2-4 members. We officially now have one coder, one researcher and one 3D modeler (me). _________________________________________________________ Now, onto business. Darkstar Games target goal is to publish several fan-made and commercial games, Currently we have 19 different game concepts, 5 of which (12 counting the trilogies) are original ideas. Before anyone says making fan games is illegal or not worth the trouble, hear me out. #1: As long as we don't try to sell it, we should be fine. #2: We make it extremely clear that we have nothing to do with the original developers, we should be fine. #3: We also need to make it clear that none of the original characters or ideas are ours. Now heres our problem, we have narrowed it down to three concepts that we could go with: The first (an original idea) is a futuristic multi-player FPS set in a second Civil War in 2017. We may dive into single-player later. Another is a 3rd Person MMO called Jak Legacy (Based in the combined universes of Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank). The third is a Nerf gun based FPS set in 2014, the current outline is two friends get in an argument over a girl at school they both like, their individual friends take sides, and they agree to settle it in a 50 battle Nerf War. As I mentioned before, there's only like 2-4 of us left, so anyone who can help will be great once we've decided on a game, which is what we need your help for. Specifically, we need at least some of the following, however, not all at once. If your skills are listed in Stage X or I, we need your help now. But because we know some of you are busy, we have put jobs in stages as for when we will need you. If you're good at multiple things, that isn't a problem either: Stage X - Pre-development: Storyline Manager(?), Status: Available Researchers, Status: Available Designers, Status: Available _______________________________ Stage I - Early Development: Lead Artist (Modeling and Texturing), Status: Available 1: Vehicle Artist (Modeling and Texturing), Status: Available 2: Vehicle Artist (Modeling and Texturing), Status: Available 1: Character Artist (Modeling and Texturing), Status: Available 2: Character Artist (Modeling and Texturing), Status: Available 1: Weapon Artist (Modeling and Texturing), Status: Available 2: Weapon Artist (Modeling and Texturing), Status: Available 1: Scenery Artist (Modeling and Texturing), Status: Available 2: Scenery Artist (Modeling and Texturing), Status: Available 3: Scenery Artist (Modeling and Texturing), Status: Available _______________________________ Lead C# Coder, Status: Available 1: C# Coder, Status: Available 2: C# Coder, Status: Available Stage II: Lead Animator 1: Animator, Status: Available 2: Animator, Status: Available 3: Animator, Status: Available _________________________________ Lead Sound Effects Creator, Status: Available 1: Sound Effects Creator, Status: Available 2: Sound Effects Creator, Status: Available _________________________________ Lead Music Composer, Status: Available 1: Assistant Music Composer, Status: Available _________________________________ Lead Special Effects Manager, Status: Available 1: Assistant Special Effects, Status: Available Stage III - Late Development/ Beta Testing begins: Lead Landscape/ Level Designer, Status: Available 1: Landscape/ Lever Designer, Status: Available 2: Landscape/ Level Designer, Status: Available Stage IV - Finishing Development: Lead Networking Engineer/ Programmer, Status: Available 1: First Assistant Networking Engineer/ Programmer, Status: Available 2: Second Assistant Networking Engineer/ Programmer, Status: Available That's all for now, anymore questions can be asked below and I will try to answer them as best as possible.
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