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Found 59 results

  1. Zombies game remodel

    If you remember my first zombies game made with the kit was basically crappy version of call of duty zombies, well now I have made it slightly more fun in my opinion. There are currently only 2 maps, the original Nazi base map which has a new room, new weapons and no longer has the broken mystery box. Some aspects of the map were changed for the purpose of flow and a few glitches were patched as well as new features like auto reload and a low ammo warning. I also added engrams that can drop random weapons from the zombies when you kill them basically like destiny. I also added a few weapons from destiny that you can get as well as a few other weapons from world war 2. Also added in a new perk in the new room. The bosses have a better and higher engram drop rate. The other map is a mixture of borderlands and some destiny aspects, mostly out in the open and only 1 perk in that map. the enemies are not Germans in this map they are borderlands style enemies. also has destiny weapons and the ww2 weapons and boss rounds. but in this map the only way to get new guns is through engrams. Just for fun not any other reason or commercial use at all. DOWNLOAD for more photos go to here and scroll down to previous project: http://clayschrome.wixsite.com/portfolio/my-work
  2. Paxitium Update Videos

    Hello there! Paxitium is a work-in-progress survival game set in the early 1900s. Facing obstacles ranging from natural needs such as hunger and thirst to dangerous wildlife and unfriendly human NPCs, the player must choose a role and survive in the wilderness. Eventually through venturing multiple neighboring islands, the player is able to discover numerous clues related to the background of the world they are in. Basic gameplay will include construction of structures for protection from enemies, looting items from abandoned towns, and more. Cooperation between players is highly encouraged, and the servers will offer extensive customization to settings such as PvP/PvE, day cycle length, difficulty of AI, and much more, to create a fresh experience for players. Everything that you see within these update videos are highly work-in-progress unless stated otherwise. Constructive criticism will also be highly appreciated. Update #4: Update #3: More info: IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/paxitium Discord: https://discord.gg/wFRbT4G Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LutonStudiosDev Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/LutonStudiosDev
  3. Project Farm Defender - Concept

    Hello there dear developers!, I have a simple video showcasing some gameplay of a concept that i've been thinking about, feedback is always appreciated! Thanks in advance, Kind Regards: Hamad Almannai.
  4. Paxitium Update 3 Teaser

    Hello! It's been a while since I posted here and I hope everyone here is doing well. I just released a Update 3 teaser to my survival game, Paxitium, here: I hope to get the update 3 video released soon since I have been busy with university in the past few months. Thanks for watching and your support! P.S. As you may have guessed, I have stopped working on Darkraze. I do not plan on selling or releasing the source at the moment.
  5. Free Pickaxe 3D Model

    Hello my fellow earthings! Here is another free model for you guys. This time I have a pickaxe model for you. It's kinda basic but you guys can use it for whatever survival game or whatever you may need a pickaxe for. License: You CAN publish a game using this commercially, you CAN modify the model or textures in any way to see fit. However, you CANNOT sell or distribute this model without my consent. If you wish to give it to someone send them the link to this post. Model Info: 286 Faces, 273 Vertices Texture Info: All textures are 2048x2048 resolution, Materiel includes diffuse, metalness, normal map, ambient occlusion, and a rough map. Sketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/models/b6d6d56f936e49b99853cf4e89bf4f36 Screenshots: And here's the download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2vPiBIX_4AAT3lHOTRyWGhkek0 Enjoy,
  6. [W.I.P] Sway FPS Survival

    Hey there ! I see that people post their creations here, I take advantage to present my new small project. I still work on the concept, to try to make it something that does not resemble the current survival game, purpose and make this small original project. What is Sway Survival ? Sway is an extreme survival game at the first person, the gameplay is to survive, it's going to be, it should harvest its own food, harvest wood, stones, to make shelters or tools. Do not hesitate to say what you think. I will post here all future updates. Update #1 : Update #1 : Post-Processing, Island (with Gaia), Simple Hammer, Footsteps, Head Bobbing, Tilt Effect.
  7. Hey ArmedUnity community, so i finally decided to give a try at looking team members from this community since i lack a few 3d modelers to progress the game more further content side. Website: Go to website Steam: Go to steam page Facebook page: Go to facebook page IndieDB: Go to indie db NB! I mostly update updates,news/blog posts on facebook and website, to keep up with most of the news, either follow facebook page or casually check the website. Game's biggest components are ready and the game is currently in a playable state, but lacks content. I'v been trying to add more content and provide more unique actions to the game to keep the sweet post-apocalyptic zombie survival feeling that lacks from most of the zombie survival games. Website is not yet fully finished, as statistics and user activity on members panel is not yet integrated and some user experience fixes, but it is usable. I started this project just for fun and i'm not trying to get rich or have any absurd dreams that i will get millions or whatever from this game. The reason why i continued this project is that i have seen people who want to play this game and who are seriously interested in this game and since i miss or haven't got the good zombie survival experience i wanted from games like DayZ or h1z1 or WarZ or from other similar games. I was really hoping that h1z1 would be the game it was shown from the trailer from the start, a good zombie survival experience but as i'v seen it has grown more into a gamemodes type game, which this game is not. I'm going for the all natural free feel sandbox type of game with some roleplaying elements in it. I'm not mocking any of the mentioned titles above, they're great games, but just not what i wanted to feel or a game that i would play for a long time straight. Now for the juicy part, what members are we looking and what i can provide for them. Looking for members: * 2x 3D Artist/Modeler for props (items, interior objects or clothes, any of these would be fine) * 1x 3D Artist/Modeler for humanoid modeling (Mostly editing,modeling or optimizing the player character) * Any - If you think this project feels good to you and you really want to help out, we would recruit basically anyone with a useful skill and experience. Payment: For 3d Artist who want to join the team or just freelance for me, i have two payments options. I can pay via bank transfer or if you are really intrigued and want to join the team, i can provide the same method of payment or part of the revenue, so the choice is all up to you. Since i am willing to pay money for the work done for my game, i expect a confidentiality and rights for all the props,items, models made for my game and only my game that are paid for. So before any 3d artist looking for joining the team or just work for me make sure you're up to giving away your work only for this game, since all the payments come with a confidentiality contract. I am also recruiting people who just want to get experience and wish to do free work, but its's just an option to those who lack the professional experience. NB! More info and ideas/features in the development right now are not featured on the website or on this post, for more unique features or questions, send me a direct message on this forum or facebook page. What is The Revelations? The Revelations is a upcoming survival roleplaying game in an post-apocalyptic environment, that puts you in extreme conditions. Like any other survival games we have certain player needs like hunger, hydration, sleep deprivation, body temperature. While mainting and keeping up with the player needs you may need to defend yourself from several horrible mutated monsters around the world, lurking around in dark corners or waking you up while you're sleeping tightly at night. What can you do? In The Revelations you can just roleplay with your friends, team up and play co-op with them by building your base and fighting to survive as many days you can. You can be a wild hunt, play solo and survive solo, have no mercy on your enemies and take your life by one day at a time. You can go around the cities, towns, industrial areas to find and scavenge several items and later on combine or even upgrade them together to make a more powerful weapon, consumable or wearable item. We have also added several melee weapons and several guns, to have the best survival experience you need, but just watch out and be smart about your resources, since bullets are really rare to find, as are guns. Crafting and skills Player can also craft several items when having required ingredients, parts. Player must scavenge necessary ingredients or parts to craft specific items, such as campfire blockades or parts for building your own base. When crafting or doing different actions, like farming and gathering food you get experiences in that specific skill and gain levels when reaching the experience capacity set for that level. Reaching a new skill level will give you advantages to building or combining new items and new receipes, that will help you survive longer and more efficiently. Currently the skills that most certainly be included in the alpha version are cooking, crafting, medicine, strength, accuracy, fishing, stealth. Thanks! - Hardstop
  8. Looking for any legitimate, well structured, and stable team to join. I don't really care what the project revolves around. - I am decent at 3d modeling, just started with in-depth 3DS MAX tutorials, no work to show. - Decent at making music in FL Studio (https://soundcloud.com/jett-spaulding/darknessarrives) - Decent at concept art USING REFERENCES (If you don't mind) - Best skill is putting scenes together. (Placing sounds, prefabs like debris, particle systems, what not) I am also VERY experienced with using the Unity Editor itself. (Future apologies to SmokeyKilla, for not putting up enough work.) Do not have game designing laptop with me, so therefore, not as much work to show.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm Troy from BuzzBlazeGames! Project Artemis is an island survival game with a zombie fps twist. I recently posted here for update 7 and now I'm back with update 8! Here is a link to my original post topic if you'd like a refresher! Original Post. Since update 7 I've added over 60 total character models of humans and zombies, new menus, cut scene, and more new features! Take a look and I encourage any and all feedback. Subscribe to my channel if you like the videos: youtube.com/channel/UCCPk0lwNPZgyeH8pa9qmAmQ Follow me for info/updates/screenshots of my progress between video updates: twitter.com/buzzblazegames Project Artemis Update #8
  10. Survival Game. WIP

    WELCOME Thank you for checking out my thread about my survival game. This game i have been working on for the past few days and i think its coming out pretty good. So far here are the things i have added: Hunger/Health/Thirst/Fatigue Basic Inventory Collecting Wheat Farming Wheat Drinking From Water BASIC swimming Crafting Mining Stone Gathering wood Collecting Flint Collecting Iron Making Fire w/ a firestarter NOTE: I reached the max amount of pictures i can put so older pics will just be a direct link and newer will show in the spoiler. Thanks! Remember: This is just the start of my project and is not the finished item. Here is some screen shots: Welcome menu: Collecting Wheat: Wheat in Inventory: Grains that were made from wheat: About to place wheat plant: Plant on ground: Grain and stone in inventory: Crafting Menu(Picture for some reason is blurry) Flour was created and now in inventory: Iron ore on ground: Flint on ground: Crafting firestarter (For some darn reason crafting is blurry in the screenshot. Not in game) ] Firestarter in inventory: Crafting campfire with 3 wood and a FS(Fire starter): Campfire in inventory: Campfire placed on ground: Gathering wood from tree:
  11. New Game: The Days After

    Hi everyone! I have been on this forum for some time now, trying to help some people out with coding here and there which i like to do! and i will continue to do that ofcourse and besides that i have been working on a project myself aswell. It is called: The Days After. The days after is about the time after the apocalyps, you start out as a lone survivor searching for a community. Once you have found a community you have to search for supplies and rescue other survivors that are in danger or simply seeking a community aswell. Once the community is too big for its current location you will have to relocate the community to a more suitable area, There are many location to choose from all with their own pros and cons. Every survivor has their own set of skills that can be usefull within the community whether it be medical or mechanical skills. Each community location has facilities that can be build and upgraded, from watch towers to farming facilities. The world is full of zombies from slow and weak to armoured soldiers hunting them down is a good way to gather ammunition and weapons, there are alot of different weapons to fight with wether it is melee or ranged. We want to develop this game with the help of the community, meaning that we will take all suggestions and feedback in consideration. We want to decrease the distance between the developers and the community so that the game when its done has features and gameplay people wanted! I hope we can get all of your support for our project and keep the feedback coming we appreciate every single one of them! Facebook Twitter IndieDB Here are some screenshots: Thank you for reading.
  12. Photon Survival RPG MMO Kit- Thing Update v2 Update v1 Simple kit I put together while messing with Photon again. Don't expect to make a full game with this, because all it does is let you walk around, kill other players, and chop down trees to collect wood (so far). If people think its cool, I'll add more resources, and crafting. Anyway.... Update v2 -Added Ai -Added crafting fires, and houses DOWNLOAD (unity package, 84 mb -sorry about the size, I just exported the whole project as a package) Instructions: 1. Add tag "wood" 2. Tag "wood" in the Resources folder as "wood" 3. Profit??? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Screenshots: Sources for Models/Textures: Textures: http://opengameart.org/content/4-cartoony-terrains-textures Models: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/18098
  13. The Revelations

    So to make everything pretty much clear, here's a few helpful links with more info about the game Unity forums: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/the-revelations-post-apocalyptic-survival-mmorpg-game.336512/ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheRevelationsOfficial Steam page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=476964467 Youtube teaser/trailer & quick overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNI5RS2pp8A Website: (Domain will be bought later) What the game basically is, is a hard-core roleplaying game in an post-apocalyptic environment with co-op, mmo/rpg style elements. There are singleplayer story mode for the 2 default characters and multiple online modes. All the data is held on the master-server. When the game is released most of the models will be replaced with the ones that are bought or made from scratch and the level also. Any comments, suggestions, ideas, concepts and criticism welcome. Thank you Most of media on the facebook page & steam page. Many thanks to UnityGamesRoland from this community, who made well done models which i used for game base so there would be atleast few buildings. As told on steam page a bigger description: What is The Revelations? The Revelations is based on many post-apocalyptic zombie survival games but with several different and unseen features. The game grabs many genres into it, for example rpg elements, hard-core roleplaying experience with simulations. The game has a variaty of singleplayer story, and multiplayer online (mmorpg) modes which you can take part in. Main features: Totally new and fresh, started from scratch multiplayer framework. New Animations system. Networking and multiplayer framework build from scratch, which is complete right now. Enemy Artifical Intelligence and their actions. (Enemy detects you within eye range, sound and other factors) State machine based actions, Energy, Running, Walking and hunger. Smart and very advanced artifical intelligence path finding to player. (No wall clipping or various bugs) Graphics and player views enhancments (Graphics has been highly optimized and running stable on 70fps) Player friendly third person movement and viewport to walk and look around the huge open-world First world region in the open-world. (Sand,Winter,Rainy and other region type ares will come) Dynamic weather and timing system (Includes raining, snowing and wind storms in different regions) Day and night cycles Dynamic and advanced enemy Skills (Cooking,Fishing,Farming,Crafting,Medicine,Construction) Survival elements (Hunger,Hydration,Injuries,Energy[Running & sleep]) Environment elements (All of the buildings will be enterable,Animals,Diseases,Traps) Item and object elements (Gathering, can pickup items such as weapons, food and more) Character elements (Items,Clothings,Actions) Actions (Making campfire, putting up a tent, sleeping, eating, drinking, gathering water and more) Crafting elements (Craft medicine by combining several gathered items or build by comining to items together) Enemy AI Some enemys may be slow, for example zombies who seem dumb and wonder around without a clue but dont mistake them as fools, because they can smell you and hear you from certain distance. Also they may be slow but they are very sneaky and may find you randomly in a camping house or a tent in the middle of the night while wondering around the blind black forest. Environment All of the buildings in this game are enterable and you can use its features, barricade the doors, windows, make a good base for your team or just combine your forces with your mate and play the game as co-op in the online mode and defend yourself from hordes and natural disasters. The game will be open-world and have many regions such as sandy areas, snow areas. Actions Actions are one of the main user interface feature for the players. Few example actions: * Make a campfire * Put up a tent * Cook raw fish * Put down sleeping bag * Barricade the door Survival elements Game already has a few survival elements, such as: * Hunger * Thirst * Energy (For running) * Radiation * Sleep Few elements that may come later on: * Temperature * This list may get bigger in the future... Items and objects There are several type of items and objects in this game. Some objects/items can be placed in the world and stay there when not picking it up (stays on the server) Some items can be used for cooking,making certain powders, brews and many more. There are tool genre items in this game which you can upgrade and combine with other objects or items. Crafting Game will have an crafting element later in the future, where players can craft a lot of items together or gather few necessary items for crafting and craft then. Skills Cooking Fishing Farming Crafting Medicine Construction Herbalism Scavenging Skills that may come later on Shooting Accuracy Stamina Most of the info and updates will be released on : * Steam page * Website * Facebook page Summary & info Current version: 9.2.5 Team size: 2 (active developers, modeler and me) A lot of game features will be decided from the community, we will publish polls/votes on the website, where each user can vote on and give their opinion about that. I am wishing that after the main features the game would develope with the developers and with the community together. Disclaimer/Copyright I'am the creator of the project and programmer, most of the models/textures/icons/sound assets have been downloaded from the web, some eeven from this armedunity community which have been under free for commercial use license.
  14. My New Prototype Surival Game Update #1

    Olá a todos mais uma atualização do jogo. ------======[Modeling The Table And The Sofa]======------ ------======[Shop Pizza]======------ ------======[TEST]======------
  15. My New Prototype Surival Game

    Hello everybody I have come to bring another my project I'm developing is a survival game please send your request or sujestão everything in my power I will do. ------======[starting city]======------ ------======[Gás Station]======------ ------======[Modeling The Fence]======------ ------======[Modeling The Trash]======------ ------======[City PART-2]======------ ------======[Modeling The sink]======------ ------======[Modeled Text]======------ ------======[Modeled The Tower]======------ ------======[City Half Finished]======------
  16. Hey guys! I've been working on a project for the few past weeks, I've made it into a Unity Package (Sort of like an Asset). It's part of my freelancing work. Here's a showcase video on the my project: If you're interested in checking the full list of features the project has OR want to support my freelancing you can go to: https://sellfy.com/p/F2VH Any comments are welcome. Thanks for stopping by.
  17. Networking System

    Hi Everybody :'D. I would like to know a networking system which offers you the posibility of running your own dedicated server, independent from the others ones. Thanks (- Im pretty noob at this area)
  18. Hello everyone! Wave Survival Multiplayer is for whoever wants to kickstart their project as fast as possible, but without poor quality gameplay or lack of features. Spend less time on the burdensome technical requirements of making your game and dive into the fun stuff, let me take care of the boring parts for you! With Wave Survival Multiplayer you get the complete package: from zombies that will try to eat you and your friends brains to a nicely custom designed multiplayer lobby. Stop worrying about the hard part about making games, and jump straight to implementing your ideas. Let creativity be your only barrier! Price for the package: only $11.99 Feel like taking a better look at it? Check it out at Sellfy: https://sellfy.com/p/F2VH/ Thanks!
  19. Open vs Corridor Environment

    Hello guys, with release of Unity 5 I started thinking about new game project and I would like to ask you about your opinion. I have two concepts in works, can't really say which one is more appealing and viable but I would like to choose the easier one so I don't set any unrealistic goals to myself since I am alone. So basically, both are a survival games (yes I know, too many of them lately) and the major difference apart of story and theme is environment and it's systems. What do you guys see as bigger challenge, what is harder to create, open world with a huge map and places to visit or corridor bunker like map where the whole game is under ground.... Both are quite hard to make but not sure what will be worse, enormous map or closer look.
  20. Mission Unknown - Post-War Survival

    Welcome, to Post-Apocalyptic/War Survival game, that is currently under development. What is Mission Unknown: Mission Unknown is a Post-War/Post-Apocalyptic (Multiplayer) World, where it's almost impossible to survive. Almost all goods are gone and your only hope is to find a shelter and start everything from the beginning. Mission Unknown's will include: · Vehicles · NPC's · Underground Safe-zones · Different Landscapes · Dynamic World · Day & Night cycles · Normal Animals (Mostly passive) · Mutated Animals (Aggressive only) · Radiation Zones · Crafting · Weaponry · Customizable Characters · And more! Here's short demonstration for you: [Youtube link] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missionunknowngame Website: http://missionunknowngame.com/ (Under development) Just for lolz: More info coming soon! Let me know what you guys think.
  21. Hello guys, Today I'll showcase something that was sitting in my hard drive for a few months, it is a first person shooter wave-based survival game with upgrades, money, powerups etc. I won't explain much, because I don't want to spoil anything to you guys (I am including a download link for the windows standalone), a lot of effort was put into this, it was initially developed by a group of developers including me, but as things went downhill the group started falling apart, making me basically the only person that developed the game. After this I basically gave up on the project once I had a finished and working build of the game. Unfortunately this means I will not support the game and includes bug-fixing, adding features and just about anything that has to do to continue this project, unless you guys really think its worth it. The game is 95% scripted by me, 95% of the models are from the asset store, the animations were 50% made by me, and the other animations were done by my buddy, Okyanus. Originally we were going to include a campaign, survival, multiplayer and cooperative, I was in charge of the survival, unfortunately nobody else finished there parts in the game, fortunately I did. This means cooperative doesn't work and is only shown in the main menu as it was a placeholder. So anyways, have some fun with it, tell me what you think, I aimed towards making as much a polished experience of the game as I could, so I hope you guys are surprised or at the very least like it. Download link: https://mega.co.nz/#!KN8DzYJS!9D-WXLVVSExRAShqBd0zeABcRsf5yxFI_76nQt7vpdo Post screen shots of your wave records, also if you need help, you pause the game and select the "help" tab. Happy killing !
  22. Hey Armed Unity members, We're an indie game development company working on "The Final Stand," a multiplayer survival game inspired from multiple survival game mods like 'Day Z', 'Rust', and 'Battle Royale.' We've been working on the game for almost two years and we're going to release in the Q1 of this year on Steam alongside Alienware. The payment is post launch compensation, you'll be paid after the game goes on Steam which is in Q1 of 2015. If you're looking for a hefty project to put on your portfolio and have the possibility of landing a full-time position with us - this is the game to join with a very close deadline! Check out the game: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=241750254 About the game: http://thefinalstandgame.com/about/ Here are some screenshots from a recent build (we're still tweaking shaders, lighting, and gameplay): Interested in joining? Great! We're looking for the below job positions to be filled below: Animator - Priority Able to work with existing rigs and create a new rig, if needed Experience with 3rd person animations and 1st person animations Willing to finish the 4 sets of 3rd person animations left, shouldn't take long at all. Experience in transferring .fbx's or animations to be used in a game engine (we can provide a little refresher, if needed). 3D Environment Modeler Experience with hard surface and organic modeling Experience Kitbashing and create modular assets using tilesets Ability to create both high and low poly models based on concept art or references Ability to create both hand-painted and photo-sourced texture maps: diffuse, spec, normal, alpha, and emissive Strong skills with Maya and Zbrush Strong eye for detail natural environments How To Apply So if you're interested in joining our team, email hellagamesentertainment@gmail.com. If you didn't see a job positing but would still like to offer your services, don't be afraid to send us an email - we'd love to see if we could have you on the team! Please send a portfolio and just the job title with whatever you're applying for. Don't be afraid to apply, we're very responsive and willing to give everyone a shot! - Hadey Mohammed (Lead Game Designer) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheFinalStandHG Twitter: https://twitter.com/HellaGamesEnt Email: hellagamesentertainment@gmail.com Website: www.thefinalstandgame.com Steam Greenlight link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=241750254 IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-final-stand
  23. Zombies Huh !

    Hey Guys... Does anyone knows a better alternative to Zombies ? Because Everyone is after zombies, Any suggestions to make a creepy game without Zombies ? Share your Ideas To help !
  24. So, normally I don't showcase my stuff because it normally sucks and I use a lot of assets. However, 3 nights ago, I binge watched a C# tutorial series and now I've started actually coding stuff! 2 days later, I now present you, Dayz Remaining!! (notice the Dayz reference hahaha... I'm gonna get sued so hard) Version 0.2 (3/2/15) I remade most of the scripts and pretty much started from scratch except for the models and textures. So, here's the "changelog": -Remade the Scene -Removed Zombies -Removed Rifle -Added Day/Night Cycle -Massively Improved Crafting/Inventory -Added Building Houses, Beds, and Campfires -Beds Speed Up the Game -Improved Resource Collection -Upgraded to Unity 4.6 -Switched to a Smooth Mouselook -Locked Cursor -Other Stuff! The video is complete crap and the game kinda looks buggier than it is, and I also had to edit it in Youtube so it's totally terrible. Here's the video anyway: Version: (probably never to finished) It may look and play pretty terribly, but I'm still proud of it. The only things I used when making the game (so far), were Brackey's Raycast shooting tutorial (which I ended up converting to C#) , a gun sway script (also converted to C#), and Unity's default character controller and MouseLook (also some gun sounds I downloaded). Some of the GUI is cut off in the video but that's because I wrote the placeholder GUI in 16:10 and only recorded in 16:9 (duh). I have a sorta Inventory and stats thing working, but thirst and hunger are broken because I can't save Doubles through PlayerPrefs. I'm also working on a really basic crafting thing (and by crafting, I mean that you press a GUI button and it checks if you have at least 5 pieces of wood && at least one piece of coal and then will create a torch which I haven't modeled yet.). Anyway, the fact that I went from not knowing where to copy and paste an if statement into a script, to be being able to write my own "inventory" and stats system was pretty impressive (at least I think). Inb4, "Survival Games are over done", "Copy of Unturned", "Copy of Minecraft" etc.. this is just me learning how to program. I'm not trying to be super original here