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Found 3 results

  1. I made this same "tutorial" on a comment on another post and I though it would be worth while to make a post about it. So, here is what i've come up with to help beginners start coding! You learn by doing! What I did was I learned some basic stuff from youtube (what variables are, how to organize your code, basic functions, ext.) and once you got the basics mastered, you can start writing your very first script! You will want to start with something basic. What my first script did is a good example of a really good starting script. It changed the color of a game object in the scene. I learned lots of things from that script. Example: How to access the game object's components. Once you practice that a couple times, you learn if statements from youtube. Apply one to your script you already made. Then what I did was I started learning new functions. A good place to learn some is the Unity documentation: http://docs.unity3d....criptReference/ Eventually, you will come across functions or statements that you don't know. Just put the thing your trying to find out in google followed by unity. Example: OnTriggerEnter Unity. And thats my tutorial I guess on how to start coding in Unity Hope this helped! Please add anything else I missed in the comments bellow P.S. I know it's short
  2. Hi, Please Help Me Design Logo With Name "Points Games"... I suck at drawing. please help...
  3. Holy crap... I have been doing this for hours and want to freaking throw my damn coffee cup............. How do I change the damn starting guns!? I goto my player prefab and look under the weapon manager and change some things: "Firstguns" AXE -> M4 Pistol -> Shotgun "Weapons In Use" AXE -> M4 Pistol -> Shotgun And I get errors saying: It couldn't draw the guns?? And I seriously changed the things back manually to: AXE and Pistol and it gives the same damn errors............. I seriously had to "undo" my actions by ctrl+z !? How the hell do I change the starting guns...............? Please help me..
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