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Found 10 results

  1. Third update with major improvements including sound, environment, speedometer, and more! This post includes screenshots and video. Enjoy! https://imgur.com/a/r9XJVjS
  2. Unity car game using Unity 2018.2. I have decided to step away from the realistic fps genre and try something new. Racing!11!11!1! The game is something I would like to be a mix of Forza, Grid Autosport, and Need for Speed. In the game, you will have the choice to either participate in legal or illegal races. Legal races will have designated cars to be used in the race. Illegal races will let you use whatever car you want, unmodified or modified. Would also like to add death race mode and derby mode. My hopes would be to later add special car packs consisting of cars and planes from famous tv shows (Airwolf, Ghost Busters, Night Rider, Scooby Doo) and sell them as DLC. An example of my wishes would be something like the car packs for rocket league but also added modes (death race derby etc.). Anyways without further ado, here are screenies. https://imgur.com/a/BOs0zQT
  3. Hello, I have got a problem. When i tune buggy's(From OMA's Fps kit) torque, gear ratios, power... and build the game, my buggy is slower in different resolutions. Can anybody help me ? Sorry for my English...
  4. Attention to use it for online games Modify it so that there is problems. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; public class AntiCheat : MonoBehaviour { public float MaxSpeed = 7.0f; public List<GameObject>CheckObjects = new List<GameObject>(); void FixedUpdate () { for(int i = 0; i < CheckObjects.Count; i++){ if(CheckObjects[i] == null){ CheckObjects.RemoveAt(i); } } for(int i = 0; i < CheckObjects.Count; i++){ if(CheckObjects[i] != null){ if(CheckObjects[i].GetComponent<CharacterController>()){ if(CheckObjects[i].GetComponent<CharacterController>().velocity.x > MaxSpeed || CheckObjects[i].GetComponent<CharacterController>().velocity.y > MaxSpeed || CheckObjects[i].GetComponent<CharacterController>().velocity.z > MaxSpeed){ Debug.Log("Hack Detected"); } } } } } // Use this for initialization void Start () { } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { } }
  5. Hello guys, here is a free anti speed hack script. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ-KqQZu2OU All the scripts are server side making it harder for hackers to bypass it, but this is still a basic script and will not be suitable for large games. Free to use as you like.
  6. Hey Guys do any of you know how to change the walk speed of a zombie in the OMA FPS Kit 1.3.5? Thanks
  7. The Undead (Open World FPS): [unity3D] INFO COMING SOON BECAUSE WE UPDATED STORYLINE Team: Screenshots: Videos: Rules: .No commenting random things that are in-relevent to Bullet Speed! .Please don't just hate! give feedback and tell us what to do but try respect the chat below! Why do i say this? Most of my post have these issues and i just think making rules for my thread might help Comment Below if you want to join or feedback would be nice (Good And Bad) SKYPE: samuel21103
  8. Hello how are you? would need to help me with something I do not understand. I am using unityCar, and everything is perfect, very good .. but I have a problem I do not understand and I can not fix ... I drive the vehicle at high speeds (350 kmh) and destabilizes the car loses grip of the road .. which when you want to turn left or right wheels lose grip .. unitycar have used some of you? someone had this error and fix it? I'm from Argentina .. forgive me if I do not understand .. I hope you can help if anyone has unityCar, and wants. Ask Me and I think a post for everyone. bye
  9. Hello Armed Unity members! These days Youtube was loading videos too slowly even with a high speed internet connection. The problem is not your connection it's just a problem in Youtube database where they load videos to all people around the world. So to fix this problem you must follow those easy steps below to load videos directly from Youtube servers (if you have a low speed connection or you're not on Windows then you may ignore this topic) 1) Open CMD 2) Run it as administrator 3) In CMD type this command netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="YouTubePerformanceHack" dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes 4) Press Enter If everything went okay then you'll see "OK" in the last line. But if something went wrong and you didn't get "OK" then you should go back to the normal settings by typing this command netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name="YouTubePerformanceHack" This is not a real hack or cheat it's just a way to boost speed and it's not prohibited by law Best Regards, B13story.
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