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Found 9 results

  1. Hello guys, I've been busy on a map for a about a month or two now, and today I started adding sounds. I've encountered it before, and you have probably too; CUSTOM SHAPED REVERB ZONES. Yes, don't you get annoyed that you can only use spherical reverb zones? Well I did, so I made this simple little - not too advanced - script. Off course there is room for improvement (and adjustment offc), but if you are stuck at the reverb zone part, this might help. basically it allows you to use a trigger as a reverb zone. HOW 2 USE: 1. Just create a new C# script and name it reverbZone. 11/2 IMPORTANT: check the script so that it is compatible with your player, just check ontriggerstay and that stuff for the correct names and such. 2. add reverbfilter to object that contains audiolistener.(in this case your camera). (NOT A REVERB ZONE, A !!! F I L T E R !!!) 3. create trigger area. 4. add script to area. 5. boom Enjoy Also may I add that I suggest you to use Actual reverb zones at parts where you transition from one zone to another! This makes it alot smoother.
  2. Where can i find sound like fps: sound:Go go go
  3. Hey Guys , Im searching for a scary appear sound for my horror game , its like when your monster gonna spawn play that scary sound to prepare the player to run or to be scared , so plz anyone who has an scary appear sound share it with me plz And thanks .
  4. Hi everyone, I have a script for open and close a door and I want to make that the sound close have a delay of 1 second. Does anyone know how i can do this ? this is my function for closing the door: if (Input.GetButtonUp("Fire1") && IsOpen && CanOpen) { StartCoroutine (Closing ()); IsOpen = false; audio.PlayOneShot(close); }
  5. Hi everyone, i have a problem with a script that should play sounds in a random order. But I cant hear anything when I test it. This is the script: var sounds: AudioClip[]; function PlayRandom(){ if (audio.isPlaying) return; audio.clip = sounds[Random.Range(0,sounds.length)]; audio.Play(); } I attached the script to a empty gameobject and addet the sounds and a audio source to the object. Does anyone know how to fix this? (my player has a audio listener) thanks
  6. Here is a script i made for my mainMenu, So i can have Music Play untill my MainScene has been loaded, Then once that scene has been loaded it fades the AudioVolume & Then Deletes the gameObject. How To Use: Make A Empty GameObject Attach this script to it Add A AudioSource Component Fill In The Scripts Variables. Done. Once you have reached "LevelToDelete" It will fade out the music then destroy its self, Hopefully this will be usefull to someone. Have fun! Here is the Code.
  7. ChameleonRocketGames is recruiting! #Cancelled Hello there people of ArmedUnity! If you've seen our Showcase of our game Last Zone, you should see me mentioning "not recruiting anyone". But, today's changed it! Today is the day we are recruiting at ChameleonRocketGames! Sounds like a TV-show... Anywho, we're recruiting people between a mature age. By that, I mean people that takes responibility and not "laze" around the couch and watch television while us other are working. And ofcourse, people that has knowledge in these slots we're mentioning below. (Ofcourse you could "laze" around sometimes but not always ) What we in the team are focusing mostly on are the FPS-Horror games. We're currently working on this game Last Zone which is a zombie survival horror. More games will come but sadly enough, we´re not allow to tell them here because they´re suppose to be like a "suprise" Video of game: LITTLE ABOUT ME: Name: Josef Nawas (Joseph) Age: 16 What role I take?: Scripting and some animating. Location: Sweden SLOTS/ROLE/JOBS THAT YOU COULD CHOOSE (one only): 3D Modeller (Characters, Furnitures, Props, Buildings etc) 1/2 Sound Artist/Designer (music is needed) 0/1 (optional) Texturer 0/1 Animator 0/1 Shader Artist 0/1 (optional) How Can I Apply? Well, this is how you can apply to us: 1. You could send me a PM and telling me which part you're interested in. Ofcourse you need to show me some work of yours, if you choose , example 3D modelling, you then need to show some work of yours. This is how your application should look like: Name: Age: Role: Location: 2. You could also post down below but I actually recommend that you PM me. Any further questions? Well, you could always PM me about anything you're worried or wondering about. And as always, Have a great day! Your friend, Joseph! #Cancelled
  8. Hey guys I have a Script that creates a cube on pressing left mouse button and deleting cubes on pressing right mouse button but I also want to play sound on placing or destroying cubes like a placing sound for placing a block and a destroying sound for destroying a block. If somebody can help me it would be very nice thx! Heres my Script!: var Block : Transform; var textureIndicator : GUITexture; private var textures = new Array(); private var selectedTexture : int; function Start(){ Screen.lockCursor = true; textures = Resources.LoadAll("Textures", Texture); } function Update () { Screen.lockCursor = true; if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.E) && selectedTexture < textures.length-1){ selectedTexture++; } else if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Q) && selectedTexture > 0){ selectedTexture--; } textureIndicator.texture = textures[selectedTexture]; if(Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0) || Input.GetMouseButtonDown(1)){ var ray : Ray = Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay(Input.mousePosition); var hit : RaycastHit; if(Physics.Raycast(ray,hit, 50) && (hit.transform.tag == "Block" || hit.transform.tag == "Terrain")) { if(Input.GetMouseButtonDown(1)){ var buildPos : Vector3; if(hit.transform.tag == "Block"){ buildPos = hit.collider.transform.position+hit.normal.normalized; } else{ buildPos = Vector3(Mathf.Round(hit.point.x), Mathf.Ceil(hit.point.y), Mathf.Round(hit.point.z)); } var newBlock : Transform = Instantiate(Block, buildPos, Quaternion.identity); newBlock.renderer.material.mainTexture = textures[selectedTexture]; newBlock.tag = "Block"; } else if(hit.transform.tag == "Block"){ Destroy(hit.transform.gameObject); } } } }
  9. rpm I have a timer which rotates through the drivetrain (works perfect) I want to do is this .. every certain number of degrees to rotate the needle, play a sound, and "sound pitch" eg the needle is at 55 degrees (playing a sound) = idle rotating and exceeding 56 degrees (it plays another sound (low) and stops ringing above (idle)) and so susecivamente with other 3 sounds .. (med - high - limiter) the question is, how do I add the 5 sounds to script to rotate x degrees is activated and the previous sound stop playing (55 º - 56 idle play) - (56 º -100 º play low and stop idle) etc. .. here the script: if (tachoMeterNeedle) { tachoMeterNeedleRect=new Rect(tachoMeterRect.x + tachoMeterRect.width/2 - tachoMeterNeedleSize.x*0.5f , tachoMeterRect.y + tachoMeterRect.height/2 - tachoMeterNeedleSize.y*0.5f, tachoMeterNeedleSize.x, tachoMeterNeedleSize.y); pivot = new Vector2(tachoMeterNeedleRect.xMin + tachoMeterNeedleRect.width * 0.5f, tachoMeterNeedleRect.yMin + tachoMeterNeedleRect.height* 0.5f); if (RPMFactor<1f) RPMFactor=1f; if (drivetrain) actualtachoMeterNeedleAngle=drivetrain.rpm/(RPMFactor*10) + tachoMeterNeedleAngle; Matrix4x4 matrixBackup = GUI.matrix; GUIUtility.RotateAroundPivot(actualtachoMeterNeedleAngle, pivot); GUI.DrawTexture(tachoMeterNeedleRect, tachoMeterNeedle); GUI.matrix = matrixBackup; Total script also left to be seen and can help
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