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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone! After 3 years of no activity I just started making games again. One of my new projects is #Fast And Smart, wich is a 2D android game. Its kinda rougelike with brain training battle system. (You have a short amount of time to answer a simple math question like 3+2) As you play the game gets harder, so you learn more. The game is in its final states, just needs a little bit of polishing I attached some pic's as well Now i wan't to publish the game to the Play Store but let me know if you have any ideas or questions, or just wan't to try it out. Good to be back.
  2. OK maybe rephrase this a little bit I supposed the question in turn was "why is there no attempts at creating and FPS Shooter and Only zombies" Not saying this is a bad thing but, I would be interested in seeing some actually enemy shooter type ai going on from anyone, most one the form are all using the same (Zombies) even on my IPAD Dead triggers is the top game in unity store or games like it. "I understand what the fps starter kit is for I just don't understand why people are using it all in the same way" I guess the bottom line is I need help developing a good quality SHOOTER TYPE enemy's and intelligent AI (OMA kit is good great even but the kit im talking will be different) taking the focus away from zombies and puts it on Soldier enemies and tactical systems, if anyone is interested and can help please feel free to message me and we can work together and create something beautiful (This project does not have to be completed within a certain time frame just sort of a spare time kinda deal because as in the comments below I do understand everyone is working on their own game, even myself)
  3. Here is guys the SMART FPS COUNTER Script... you are ready to say "just another script for counting fps, smart and bullsh*** The answer : It converts the float to int : if it is 61.33232 = 61 61.54634 = 62 59.93435 = 60 and it use color to declare if the fps is good example less than 30 = red equals to 30 or less than 40 = yellow greater than 40 = green also the fps do not refresh each frame but after 10 frames and it can be enabled/disabled by pressing ~ and the best .. its C# //Written by DarkStudio [Nightbird0] using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class SmartFPS : MonoBehaviour { private float frames; public GUIStyle style; private int fr; private int refresh; private bool isenabled = true; void Start() { style.fontSize = 20; } void Update() { if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.BackQuote)) { if (isenabled) isenabled = false; else isenabled = true; } if (isenabled) { refresh += 10; if (refresh >= 100) { if (Time.timeScale != 0) { frames = 1 / Time.deltaTime / Time.timeScale; fr = (int)Mathf.CeilToInt(frames); if (frames > 0 && frames < 30) { style.normal.textColor = Color.red; } else if (frames >= 30 && frames < 40) { style.normal.textColor = Color.yellow; } else if (frames >= 40) { style.normal.textColor = Color.green; } else { style.normal.textColor = Color.blue; } } refresh = 0; } } } void OnGUI() { if (isenabled) GUI.Label(new Rect(0, 0, 100, 20), "" + fr, style); } }
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