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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, In order to create a quick main menu UI , i use this old fashionned method: if (GUI.Button(new Rect(x,y,width,height),"Start"){ SceneManager.Loadscene(""); } That works great when i export it as an Executable for pc but in my mobile phone (Android) , the UI elemnts are too small, what can i do to resolve this issue ? I have another quick question too : Is it possible to get the icon of a unitypackage ? here's a picture to explain : I didn't find the picture inside the package ! Thanks,
  2. Version 1.0


    Welcome to my second pack! Thank you for visiting my asset page! This time i bring you a useful script package, this pack includes several scripts that can help you build your game quicker! The Screenshots are from my Test/Tutorial Game you do not receive the scenes only the scripts! So whats in the pack for all changes see the changelog! Credits = Scrolling credits, just apply the script to a camera that is above the 3D Text Menu Credits = The same as above! To get the credits, make a duplicate from your Credits and make some GUI Text saying "Press Space to return to menu" and make a new Empty GameObject and drag the Skip To Menu and SpaceGone scripts on to it. Follow = Make a GameObject follow you, Add component on a empty gameobject. Button = A script for a working button. Loading = MY EXAMPLE: Add a cube, position it to middle, do your lighting so all the cube sides are lit up, create an Empty GameObject, add the script Loading.cs to the Empty GameObject, fill out the variables (Tex being the cube) (Speedleft and Speedfor do not matter), LevelToLoad is the level to load after default 6 seconds, Make the Camera and place it correctly, Create and position "Please Wait", and "Loading" text, then your done. This Loading script doesn't load anything its just an effect. Move Camera = A script to move a camera like the camera in the editor. Empty GameObject Pause Menu = A GUI pause menu using script. Empty GameObject Rotate = Rotate anything. Empty GameObject Wait = Wait a certain amount of time before loading a level. Empty GameObject That is all! Copyright: What you can do: Use in your commercial game, videos, etc. What you can't do: Sell in anyway this pack without my saying so or change then sell without me saying so Michael Foster, Titan Studios, 2014, Commercial Use Allowed Contact extragaming123@gmail.com for any copyright problems. Please subscribe to ExtraGaming01 on youtube! Enjoy Pack Number 2, Michael Foster
  3. Read story: The game called Portram (Portugal + Tram) is a small expirement I just made for fun. It demonstrates that vehicles (besides Cars, Boats and Airplanes) are also possible to be done in Unity3D. Although, I must say it wasn't quite easy to keep the wheels properly on track. The game contains also Le maos. The environment illustrates our world (see video). Besides, I said the Built of the game wasn't working properly in the Shoutbox today. So I provided a video instead. Warning: Yes, there's also a link for the Webdemo below but it sucks. It just won't work for some reason. Video (Strongly recommended | Watch only first minute is necessary) : https://vid.me/e/w6om Webdemo (Doesn't work correctly) : https://db.tt/0bTizqDG I hope you enjoy! Le mao!
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