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Found 24 results

  1. Hello there, its been a while since i've posted something in here, so i thought i could give it a try and making an actual devlog on my current project. Its a strategy, turn based tile game in which your main goal is to have the most tiles conquered at the end of the game. Its a pretty simple concepts, but its quite fun. There's some thought process involved when making every turn and calculate opponents predictions, so gameplay wise, its pretty cool so far. Feedback is highly appreciated Right now it has: Core mechanics, such as generating tiles in a balanced way, placing them, conquering enemy tiles etc... Pretty color lerps lol Flexible match system that allows to make various game modes and story based stuff Smart AI that uses reward system and calculate all the best solutions for an optimal move. Main menu Modifiers Here are some screenshots P.S I felt pretty anxious when uploading this to public, but after couple days i managed to do it
  2. Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted...but here's a little something I was able to cook up in 2ish hours with the standard assets. I've never really had a big budget so I just wanted to show people that alot can be done with a little. Tell me what you think and I hope you all enjoy. I may give a download at some point if requested...but you all have standard assets .
  3. Hi everyone. I've been a long time user of this sub, helped out many and in turn been helped. I decided to put my skills to the test and FINISH a game (gasp). I wanted to make a bit grindy RPG type game that wasn't dependant on timers to build things so you'd come back every hour of every day. I couldn't find anything in the app stores. The game is a classic RPG overworld, enter dungeons which are sidescrolling monster slash levels and a few platforming levels. The difference is your hero auto walks. I started out with an idea of an idle clicker type game since I thought "This will take me no time at all." It ended up being a small rpg with a few tap elements, but more skill/planning. I had a hugely hard time trying to get monster HP, exp gain per level, gold drop, weapon prices, et cetera. I never even thought about that being an obstacle. Anyway, here it is. If anyone has any questions on how I did things or comments, please feel free. As a last note too, if you're using a PC to play it, WSAD moves world map and Space is tap attack. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.FieryPhoenix.TapRPG This is the android APK. Just search TAPRPG Raithen i the google play store, or if you'd like to try it and you don't have an android, just download BlueStacks on your PC. Thanks in advance guys.
  4. one week modeling, texturing software used-3ds MAX and Photoshop first update image of soldiers this is the first vehicle of my game hope you all like this and comment
  5. starting game on free version unity4.2.2 so graphics are not good some screenshots of level being created from scratch crane and containe and trees are not mine i will replace them later
  6. hi guys i am new here , i just want to let you guys check my models you can get a good models with a small price ---- CLICK HERE ----
  7. Sup guys. I've been inactive on AU for a while, but I never stopped creating stuff and further developing my skill set. I'm now in my second year studying Game Development in the Netherlands, and this is a "little" project I have been working on in the holidays. I'm a huge blade runner fan and I especially love the atmosphere they create in the movie. I'm trying to take some of that atmosphere and dump it in unity. Update 3 video: Volumetric Lightning test after update 3: As you can see a lot still needs to be done but I'm pretty proud of the results so far. I will probably never ever completely finish it but at least I'm learning a ton about all sorts of stuff in the progress. Feedback is always appreciated
  8. Hey guys! I've been working on a project for the few past weeks, I've made it into a Unity Package (Sort of like an Asset). It's part of my freelancing work. Here's a showcase video on the my project: If you're interested in checking the full list of features the project has OR want to support my freelancing you can go to: https://sellfy.com/p/F2VH Any comments are welcome. Thanks for stopping by.
  9. Hey everyone i have been working on my portfolio from last few months and its still in W.I.P ,but i have a job interview on Monday ,so i thought to share my work and get some feedback from forums This a WIP highpoly zbrush render
  10. Hello guys today I came to bring an inspiration a project that maybe I put for download as a kit. I hope you enjoy Thaks! maybe he already come up with web site ready for play on web player. I Am A Programmer PHP HTML MYSQL C # Features: Photon Network Fur according to the nick Simple Movement 5 Skins Soon: Kill Enemy And Add More Mass ......::::::[Main Menu]::::::...... ......::::::[settings]::::::...... ......::::::[in Game]::::::......
  11. Olá a todos mais uma atualização do jogo. ------======[Modeling The Table And The Sofa]======------ ------======[Shop Pizza]======------ ------======[TEST]======------
  12. Hello everybody I have come to bring another my project I'm developing is a survival game please send your request or sujestão everything in my power I will do. ------======[starting city]======------ ------======[Gás Station]======------ ------======[Modeling The Fence]======------ ------======[Modeling The Trash]======------ ------======[City PART-2]======------ ------======[Modeling The sink]======------ ------======[Modeled Text]======------ ------======[Modeled The Tower]======------ ------======[City Half Finished]======------
  13. UPDATE 2 (6/24/15) *the video only shows the second level, the prison scene still exists* -So, Firstly, I wrote some quick and easy Drone Ai. There's 3 types of drones, weak, medium, and heavy. As their names imply, weak have low health and fast speeds, mediums have a balance, and heavies are huge with a bunch of health, and deathly slow. -Weak and Medium drones are easy to shoot out of the sky, but Heavy drones have so much health that it's much easier to hack them. This reveals another new mechanic, tracking and tagging. -When the player right clicks, they throw a Tracking Device. If the tracking device hits a drone, it tags it. Then, using the new Phone the player can easily destroy the drones via a quick line of "code". -The phone can also use other commands, and its usefulness will be expanded in future updates -Drones shoot and injure the player, but once the player is no longer being shot, his/her health regenerates quickly (to balance gameplay). -I also added the gun as a pickup, so that the story makes sense. That's just a basic changelog, this update definitely made the game more enjoyable. Feedback is appreciated! Update 1 (6/23/15) Here's a thing I made while testing out world space UI! You use an in-game programming "language" to "hack" your way out of things. I plan on also adding some sort of AI because, at the moment, the game is extremely boring. Here's a video: If anyone's curious, the logic behind this is pretty simple. You have two strings (or Texts), one I called "Console", and the other "Debug". Tie the Console string to an Input Field, and have a submit button. On the submit button, test to see if the Console string is equal to a code, and then set the debug accordingly. That's a dumbed down version of what's going on. So, tell me what you think. I don't know if I'll continue with this for very long, and I might post the source later if I don't use it for anything
  14. Hi everybody. Here is the first weapon of my game Kill 2 Survive. Developed with Unity 3D. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCDpRwN27U8 I would like your opinion. Thanks. PS : 60 FPS !
  15. hey guys just completed the third weapon model for portfolio
  16. Hey guys I just wanted to show you the game I made for the Simulator Jam on GameJolt. Feel free to leave feedback. http://gamejolt.com/games/strategy-sim/tv-watching-simulator-2014/30866/
  17. This is my first project that i'm actually taking seriously, I've been working on this for about a year. It's gone through LOTS of different designs and etc. but hope you enjoy the small teaser, it really won't show much but I hope you can check it out. >>>>>Click Here For Trailer<<<<<
  18. Hey Guys, Check out my Youtube channel. I post unity tutorials as well as game dev updates! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6y0_xUA0HMN1vrapFoOk0A
  19. Hello everyone, In this thread I will show the updates I'm making on my game. The name of the game has finaly been decided! It became "Sandy Slaves". I'm making this all by myself, but I'm buying most models from the Asset Store, because I'm mostly a programmer. The story: You live in the time of the slaves in egypt. No one knows who you are and you don't know anyone else. The only thing you heard is that when you've enough money, you can buy yourself free! This is where your story starts, you have to earn 50 coins in order to get free. In order to do this, you should start helping or robbing people for their money! Right now, I've finished about 20 of the 100-150 missions I'm planning to make. Don't worry, not all missions will be like: "Get me this for money!". No, there are/will be time based missions to, and missions where you must have requirements for. Ofcourse there will be plenty of collection missions, but that's not what I'm going for. I've also made some shops which can be needed in order to start/complete a mission. The game itself probably won't be Free to Play (I'm sorry). I'm going to make my own ICT company in a city close to where I live, and I need to earn some money to get new computers, PIN systems etc. But I might change mind later on this. I hope you will enjoy the videos that are coming as soon as possible! -- Update 1 -- -- Update 2 -- No music in the video right now. Next update will contain game music too. Please, donate 15$ to the button below so I can buy the guard model. This will make me able to make more a lot more missions! -- Update 3 -- MAKE SURE TO READ THE DESCRIPTION FOR A LIST OF UPDATES! -- Update 4 -- Donate here and you will get the game for free when it's done. You will also be on of the beta testers without any application format! I'm using the donation money mostly to buy models from the asset store. What's leftover will be invested in the website. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=B43FW3E46M93G Have a nice day! Catchy Games
  20. i droped the previous project and started a fresh project a zombie survival game this is the first model of game vertices-12511 Uv-2048*2048
  21. Completed it today only. Programs used : Blender, Gimp It will be used in FPS Shooter game being developed by Sour Monkey Games. Please give some feedback. For more pics : http://unitegamersify.blogspot.in/2013/06/ruined-store-house-showcase-1-day-work.html
  22. Here i will post all my weapons i will use in my project [spoiler=Handgun 1911] Reload Animation : Fire Animation : Draw Animation : Credits : DarkStudio : Animations FreeFall : Model/UV/Bake r0tzbua : Normalmap edits/Texture
  23. Here is my main menu for The Last Survivor Project!
  24. This is the first update of my fps game in development.
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