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Found 2 results

  1. Looking for short paid Projects,no game end share please, I can create Props and weapons Contact me - kshubham331@gmail.com Skype - kshubham331 or PM me Few Screenshots
  2. - 2 programmers (It will be a multiplayer game) ( 39 % Of share each) - 1 2D artist (6.66 %) - 1 animator ( 6.66 %) - 1 3d artist for SIMPLE models with slight changes ( like hat shape) (6.66 %) Here il explain a bit on the idea the game will be multiplayer 1vs1 focused. Il explain more about the game. When you start, you choose your hero, and get a deck of simple cards. Lets say for instance 20. When you start the game the only things you have is youre hero, and youre HQ, which needs to be destroyed for the other player to win the game. When you start, 5 random cards from your'e deck, will be moved to your'e hand. Every card is a different type of solder, and some cards are just special effects such as arty. you can use a card from youre hand and it will spawn near the HQ. To get draw more cards to your'e hand you need to get a certain amount of kills.Every card has different skills, such as accuracy, speed etc.. The idea is that you can also trade the cards, and buy random card packs from a game shop. I also have a guy that can make music for the game for free Tell me if you want to hear more. Email: adami4.a.d@gmailcom the objective is to greenlight it on steam
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