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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everybody my friend and i are making a game and want to test some stuff and so on but we need a place to buy a server for hosting of Zeus(Bolt Master Server) so if you have any place and idea if we need to buy a VPS or Root server for the bolt server hosting please comment it as we really need help with it thanks What the master server needs: A Server somewhere, running either Linux or Windows. For optimal operation you need 4 unique WAN IP addresses for this server. You need to be able to bind a socket on the server to each of the 4 WAN IP addresses you are going to be using, this means the server can't be behind a NAT. Also, as far as we know, this rules out Microsoft Azure VMs, as you cannot bind to the public IP on the VM. Thanks for reading
  2. Hello all! I've been working on this for a while and I think it's time to release something.. TIN Networking Solution (alpha 5.1) "so", I hear you say, "what does TIN stand for and what does it do?" Well, that's a good question, and to that I answer: The Indie Network yup... But let me get into some more detail before you go. This is meant to be a cheap alternative to all the other networks out there, it's a pay once, receive files and all future updates, totally customizable network built for the indies, you guys. "oh", you say, "but how is this better than the others?" I can't exactly say it's better, that's a matter of opinion. But I'm still going to try and convince you it's better than the others Let's see some comparisons shall we? Comparisons: - Photon: Free and limited version, or pay $95USD once for a 100CCU "life-time" plan - uLink: The "Indie license" is $600USD, 'nuff said - SmartFox: Basic license, free but only 20CCU; Pro license with 100CCU, €500.00, once again I don't think I need to explain this (I would add UNet here but I haven't tried it or looked too much into its features) and now TIN's features! Still not convinced? You get FULL CONTROL over (almost) every aspect!! - Using the plugin system you can do virtually anything, even send and receive packets that only your plugin receives, send messages to other clients, say "hi" to the server, anything you wish - Want a matchmaking system? That's pretty easy since there's already a way to get any amount of servers with a certain category! - Got an old network kit but it uses Unity's legacy network? Give it a shot, shouldn't be too hard to convert to TIN TIN was made to be easy, fast and reliable; for you, for us, for the indies Some screenshots of TIN in action (links fixed) If you're interesting in purchasing TIN contact me either here on AU or via Skype (live:lcomstive) TIN is currently going for $30USD ($50USD for source code included) Documentation: http://www.tindocs.host.sk/
  3. I started developing custom server, the reasons you can read here. My main focus performance authorative approach Current features Database Login Various data transfer Tested demo which works on tcp Showcase Client and Server can talk - send messages. If they can send strings, they can any data type (floats, int, bytes).
  4. reaperkan

    Server List

    Hey, I was coding my server list the other day, and i did a stress test. The server list was made on the new UI and it instantiated a prefab for every room hosted on server. After about 100 games it started lagging like anything and the game crashed. Why did it happen? Is there another way to do it? If so what would you have done>
  5. Hi guys! I found on internet this script (C#) Called ServerV2 Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6L5Kfa0wQWQ Script: using UnityEngine; using System; using System.IO; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Runtime.Serialization; using System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary; public class ServerV2 : MonoBehaviour { public bool DisplayGUI = true; public string serverIp = ""; public int port = 2500; public string serverPass = ""; public int MaxPlayers = 2; public GameObject[] PlayerShips; public Vector3 playerSpawn; public bool enableImageTransfer = false; public enum ServerState { Offline, PreGame, InGame, PostGame}; public ServerState curState = ServerState.Offline; public static ServerV2 inst; public Texture2D DefaultIMG; //private private string curStatus = "Waiting for player input..."; private bool usePass = false; private NetworkPeerType peerType; private string PlayerName = "player"; private List<string> PlayerNames = new List<string>(); private List<NetworkPlayer> NetPlayers = new List<NetworkPlayer>(); private List<string> ServerLog = new List<string>(); private bool isJoining = false; private bool isHosting = false; private bool showIP = false; private string curChatMsg = ""; private Vector2 scroll = Vector2.zero; private bool hasSpawned = false; private bool noResponce = true; private GameObject player = null; private bool CheckPlayer = false; private bool showIMGTransferWindow = false; private Texture2D IMG; private bool loadImage = false; private string ImagePath = "C:/"; private bool imageRecieved = false; private string IMGSender = "none"; void Start() { Application.runInBackground = true; //Make sure there is a networkview component attached if(!GetComponent<NetworkView>()) { gameObject.AddComponent<NetworkView>(); } IMG = DefaultIMG; //save the current network peer type eg. server/client peerType = Network.peerType; inst = this; } void Update() { peerType = Network.peerType; //Check if the player has responded with the correct information before allowing movement if(CheckPlayer) { if(noResponce) { player.SendMessage("Information", PlayerName); } if(!noResponce) { player.SendMessage("AllowMovement"); } } //manages the server chat log if(ServerLog.Count > 50) ServerLog.RemoveAt(0); //spawns the player if(!hasSpawned) { if(curState == ServerState.InGame && peerType == NetworkPeerType.Client) { SpawnPlayer(); } } //Debug.Log(hasSpawned + " : " + curState + " : " + peerType); } //Report the player's death info to the server public void ReportPlayerDeath(string reason, string killer) { if(reason == "Fall") { AddChatMSG(PlayerName + " fell off the track."); } else if(reason =="Killed" && killer != "-none-") { if(killer != PlayerName) AddChatMSG(PlayerName + " was killed by " + killer); else AddChatMSG(PlayerName + " made a mistake."); }else { AddChatMSG(PlayerName + " died somehow."); } } void OnGUI() { //displays the server GUI if(DisplayGUI) { GUILayout.Label("Server State: " + curState); if(peerType == NetworkPeerType.Disconnected) GUILayout.Label("Currently: " + curStatus +", " + peerType); if(peerType != NetworkPeerType.Disconnected && peerType != NetworkPeerType.Connecting) { GUILayout.Label("Currently: " + curStatus +", " + peerType); if(showIP) GUILayout.Label("Server IP:" + Network.player.ipAddress +" | " + Network.player.externalIP); } //Disconnected host/join if(peerType == NetworkPeerType.Disconnected) { //Choose to host or join a server if(!isJoining && !isHosting) { if(GUILayout.Button("Join a Server")) { isJoining = true; } if(GUILayout.Button("Host a Server")) { isHosting = true; } } //toggle wether to show the server's ip or not. showIP = GUILayout.Toggle(showIP, "Show IP"); //Display the Join Server GUI if(isJoining) { GUILayout.Label("Player name:"); PlayerName = GUILayout.TextField(PlayerName);//Player Name GUILayout.Label("Server IP:"); serverIp = GUILayout.TextField(serverIp);//Server to Connect to GUILayout.Label("Server Port:"); port = Convert.ToInt32(GUILayout.TextField(port.ToString()));//Server port GUILayout.Label("Server Password: (leave blank if none)"); serverPass = GUILayout.PasswordField(serverPass, '*');//Server password if any GUI.enabled = CheckInfo(); if(GUILayout.Button("Connect")) { if(serverPass.Length > 0) JoinServer(serverIp, port, serverPass); else JoinServer(serverIp, port); } GUI.enabled = true; if(GUILayout.Button("Cancel"))//return to host/join screen { isJoining = false; } } if(isHosting)//display host server screen { GUILayout.Label("Server Port:"); port = Convert.ToInt32(GUILayout.TextField(port.ToString()));//Server port to host GUILayout.Label("Max Players: " + MaxPlayers);//Maximum number of connections to server MaxPlayers = (int)GUILayout.HorizontalSlider(MaxPlayers, 1, 20); usePass = GUILayout.Toggle(usePass, "Password");//password for server if(usePass) { GUILayout.Label("Server Password:"); serverPass = GUILayout.PasswordField(serverPass, '*'); } GUI.enabled = CheckInfo();//Checks the valilidity of the info entered if(GUILayout.Button("Start Server"))//Host the server { if(usePass) StartServer(port, MaxPlayers, serverPass); else StartServer(port, MaxPlayers); } GUI.enabled = true; if(GUILayout.Button("Cancel"))//Returnt to host/join screen { isHosting = false; } } } if(peerType == NetworkPeerType.Server)//Has connected and is the server { GUILayout.Label("Send Rate: " + Network.sendRate); Network.sendRate = GUILayout.HorizontalSlider( Network.sendRate, 10, 500); GUILayout.Label("Current Players: " + NetPlayers.Count); foreach(string p in PlayerNames)//Display the player list { GUILayout.BeginHorizontal(); if(showIP) GUILayout.Label(p + " " + NetPlayers[PlayerNames.IndexOf(p)].ipAddress+":"+NetPlayers[PlayerNames.IndexOf(p)].port); else GUILayout.Label(p); GUILayout.Label(" Ping: " + Network.GetAveragePing(NetPlayers[PlayerNames.IndexOf(p)])); if(GUILayout.Button("Kick")) { KickPlayer(p); } GUILayout.EndHorizontal(); } //Server State if(curState == ServerState.PreGame) { if(GUILayout.Button("Start Game")) { NextState(); } } if(curState == ServerState.InGame) { if(GUILayout.Button("End Game")) { NextState(); } } if(curState == ServerState.PostGame) { if(GUILayout.Button("Restart Game")) { NextState(); } } if(GUILayout.Button("Close Server")) { Network.Disconnect(); CleanUp(); } } if(peerType == NetworkPeerType.Client)//is connected and is client { GUILayout.Label("Current Players: " + PlayerNames.Count); foreach(string p in PlayerNames)//player list { GUILayout.BeginHorizontal(); GUILayout.Label(p); GUILayout.EndHorizontal(); } if(GUILayout.Button("Disconnect")) { Network.Disconnect(); } } if(peerType == NetworkPeerType.Client || peerType == NetworkPeerType.Server)//is connect and is server or client { if(enableImageTransfer)//image transfer stuff { if(GUILayout.Button("Send Image")) { showIMGTransferWindow = !showIMGTransferWindow; } if(showIMGTransferWindow) { DisplayImageTranferDialog(new Rect(Screen.width/2 - 250, Screen.height/2 - 200, 500, 400)); } } DisplayChat(new Rect(0, Screen.height-210, 500, 200));//display chat area } } } public void DisplayImageTranferDialog(Rect rect) { GUI.Window(0, rect, TransferWindow, "Image Transfer"); } void TransferWindow(int windowID)//Image Transfer window { if(!imageRecieved) { GUI.DrawTexture(new Rect(500/2-128, 20, 256, 256), IMG, ScaleMode.ScaleToFit); if(GUI.Button(new Rect(500/2-130, 286, 120, 20), "Take ScreenShot")) { CaptureScreen(); } if(loadImage) { ImagePath = GUI.TextField(new Rect(500/2-128, 316, 256, 20), ImagePath); if(GUI.Button(new Rect(500/2-128, 346, 256, 20), "Load")) { LoadImageFile(); Debug.Log("Clicked"); loadImage = false; } } if(GUI.Button(new Rect(500/2-60+70, 286, 120, 20), "Load Image")) { loadImage = !loadImage; } if(!loadImage) { if(GUI.Button(new Rect(500/2-128, 346, 256, 20), "Send")) { networkView.RPC("RecieveIMG", RPCMode.Others, IMG.EncodeToPNG(), PlayerName);//Send image to all others } } }else { GUI.Label(new Rect(500/2-128, 20, 256, 20), "The Following Image Was Recieved from: " + IMGSender); GUI.DrawTexture(new Rect(500/2-128, 50, 256, 256), IMG, ScaleMode.ScaleToFit); if(GUI.Button(new Rect(500/2-128, 346, 256, 20), "Back")) { imageRecieved = false; IMG = DefaultIMG; } } if(GUI.Button(new Rect(500/2-128, 376, 256, 20), "Close")) { showIMGTransferWindow = false; } } [RPC] public void RecieveIMG(Byte[] img, string sender)//recives image and displays it { IMG.LoadImage(img); IMGSender = sender; showIMGTransferWindow = true; imageRecieved = true; } IEnumerator LoadImageFile()//Load an image, doesn't work { Debug.Log("Loading Image"); //ImagePath = "file:///" + ImagePath; WWW image = new WWW(ImagePath); yield return image; IMG = image.texture; } IEnumerator CaptureScreen()//Takes a screenshot, sortof works { yield return new WaitForEndOfFrame(); Texture2D screenCap = new Texture2D(Screen.height, Screen.width, TextureFormat.RGB24, false); screenCap.ReadPixels(new Rect(0, 0, Screen.width, Screen.height), 1, 1); screenCap.Apply(); IMG = screenCap; } public void DisplayChat(Rect pos)//displays the chat area { GUILayout.BeginArea(pos); GUILayout.BeginHorizontal(); GUILayout.Space( 5.0F ); GUILayout.BeginVertical(); GUILayout.Space( 5.0F ); scroll = GUILayout.BeginScrollView(scroll); foreach(string l in ServerLog)//All the chat items { GUILayout.Label(l); } GUILayout.EndScrollView(); GUILayout.Space( 10.0f); GUILayout.EndVertical(); GUILayout.Space( 0.0f); GUILayout.EndHorizontal(); if(curState != ServerState.InGame || peerType == NetworkPeerType.Server) { curChatMsg = GUILayout.TextField(curChatMsg); if(Event.current.type == EventType.keyDown && Event.current.character == '\n' && curChatMsg.Length > 0 ) { AddServerChat(PlayerName + ": " + curChatMsg);//sends messages curChatMsg = ""; scroll.y = 100000; } } GUILayout.EndArea(); } public void JoinServer(string serverIp, int port)//Joins server without password { curStatus = "connecting to " + serverIp+":"+port; Network.Connect(serverIp, port); } public void JoinServer(string serverIp, int port, string password)//Joins server with password { curStatus = "connecting to " + serverIp+":"+port; Network.Connect(serverIp, port, password); } public void StartServer(int serverPort, int maxPlayers)//Starts server without password { curStatus = "Starting server"; Network.incomingPassword = "pass"; Network.InitializeServer(MaxPlayers, port, !Network.HavePublicAddress()); } public void StartServer(int serverPort, int maxPlayers, string password)//Starts server with password { curStatus = "Starting server"; Network.incomingPassword = password; Network.InitializeServer(MaxPlayers, port, !Network.HavePublicAddress()); } public void KickPlayer(string name)//Kicks a specified player { AddServerLog(name + " was kicked from the game."); Network.CloseConnection(NetPlayers[PlayerNames.IndexOf(name)], true); } public void NextState()//Changes the server state { switch(curState) { case ServerState.PreGame: { curState = ServerState.InGame; networkView.RPC("UpdateServerState", RPCMode.AllBuffered, (int)curState); AddServerLog("Game starting..."); break; } case ServerState.InGame: { curState = ServerState.PostGame; networkView.RPC("UpdateServerState", RPCMode.AllBuffered, (int)curState); AddServerLog("Game ending..."); break; } case ServerState.PostGame: { curState = ServerState.PreGame; networkView.RPC("UpdateServerState", RPCMode.AllBuffered, (int)curState); AddServerLog("Returning to lobby..."); break; } } } void OnPlayerConnected( NetworkPlayer player)//Handles the connecting player { networkView.RPC("UpdateServerState", RPCMode.AllBuffered, (int)curState);//sends the currect server state to the player if(peerType == NetworkPeerType.Client) { PlayerNames.Clear();//Clear player list } } void OnDisconnectedFromServer( NetworkDisconnection error)//Handles players losing connection to the server { curStatus = "Lost connection: "+ error;//displays error if any camera.enabled = true; gameObject.GetComponent<AudioListener>().enabled = true; CleanUp();//cleanup } void CleanUp() { curState = ServerState.Offline; PlayerNames.Clear(); ServerLog.Clear(); NetPlayers.Clear(); curStatus = "waiting for input..."; hasSpawned = false; isHosting = false; isJoining = false; camera.tag = null; noResponce = true; player = null; foreach(NetworkPlayer np in NetPlayers) { Network.RemoveRPCs(np); } } void OnFailedToConnect( NetworkConnectionError error)//handles connection failure { curStatus = "Failed to connect: " + error; } void OnPlayerDisconnected(NetworkPlayer player)//Handles players leaving the server { if(peerType == NetworkPeerType.Server && NetPlayers.Contains(player)) { AddServerLog(PlayerNames[NetPlayers.IndexOf(player)] + " left the game.");//logs player leaving in chat PlayerNames.RemoveAt(NetPlayers.IndexOf(player));//removes player from list NetPlayers.Remove(player);//removes player's net info Network.DestroyPlayerObjects(player);//destroys everything that belongs to this player Network.RemoveRPCs(player);//remove this player's RPC calls } if(peerType == NetworkPeerType.Server) SendPlayerList();//sends new player list to clients } void OnConnectedToServer()//Sucessfully connected to the server { foreach(GameObject go in FindObjectsOfType(typeof(GameObject))) { go.SendMessage("OnNetworkLoadedLevel", SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver); } networkView.RPC("PlayerInfo", RPCMode.Server, PlayerName, Network.player);//Sends player info to the server if(showIP) curStatus = "Connected to: " + Network.player.ipAddress+":"+Network.player.port; else curStatus = "Connected to server"; } void OnServerInitialized()//Server started successfully { foreach(GameObject go in FindObjectsOfType(typeof(GameObject))) { go.SendMessage("OnNetworkLoadedLevel", SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver); } camera.tag = "MainCamera"; PlayerName = "SERVER"; curState = ServerState.PreGame; curStatus = "Server started, Waiting for connections..."; } bool CheckInfo()//Checks the player info validity { if(PlayerName.Contains(" ") || PlayerName == "player" && isJoining) return false; else if(serverIp.Contains(" ") || port <= 0 || serverPass.Contains(" ")) { return false; }else return true; } void SendPlayerList()//Sends player list to all connected users { networkView.RPC("UpdatePlayerList", RPCMode.AllBuffered, BinarySerialize(PlayerNames)); } string BinarySerialize(List<string> list)//conversion of List<> to a string to be send via RPC { MemoryStream stream = new MemoryStream(); BinaryFormatter bFormat = new BinaryFormatter(); bFormat.Serialize(stream, list); string ListData = Convert.ToBase64String(stream.GetBuffer()); return ListData; } List<string> BinaryDeserialize(string listdata)//converting the string recieved back to a List<> { BinaryFormatter bFormat = new BinaryFormatter(); MemoryStream ListData = new MemoryStream(Convert.FromBase64String(listdata)); return (List<string>)bFormat.Deserialize(ListData); } void AddServerChat(string msg)//Adds a message to the chat log as player chat { msg = msg.Replace("\n", ""); networkView.RPC("AddChatMSG", RPCMode.All, msg);//sends the message } void AddServerLog(string log)//Adds a message to the chat los as server log { ServerLog.Add("> " + log); scroll.y = 100000; } void SpawnPlayer() { //SpawnPlayers Debug.Log("Spawning Player"); camera.enabled = false; gameObject.GetComponent<AudioListener>().enabled = false; player = Network.Instantiate(PlayerShips[UnityEngine.Random.Range(0, PlayerShips.Length)], new Vector3(playerSpawn.x + UnityEngine.Random.Range(-3, 3), playerSpawn.y, playerSpawn.z) , Quaternion.identity, 1) as GameObject; player.SendMessage("Information", PlayerName); CheckPlayer = true; AddServerChat(PlayerName + " has spawned"); hasSpawned = true; } public List<string> GetPlayers()//returns player list { return PlayerNames; } public void Respond()//Respond to the server { noResponce = false; } [RPC] void AddChatMSG(string msg)//RPC adds the recieved chat message to chat log { ServerLog.Add("> " + msg); scroll.y = 100000; } [RPC] void PlayerInfo( string name, NetworkPlayer player)//Recives player info { if(curState == ServerState.PreGame)//allow player to join if preGame { PlayerNames.Add(name); NetPlayers.Add(player); SendPlayerList(); AddChatMSG(name + " joined the game."); networkView.RPC("UpdateServerState", RPCMode.AllBuffered, (int)curState); }else { Network.CloseConnection(player, true); } } [RPC] void UpdatePlayerList( string list)//RPC update player list gets called be the network { if(peerType == NetworkPeerType.Client) { PlayerNames = BinaryDeserialize(list); } } [RPC] void UpdateServerState(int state)//RPC update server state { if(peerType == NetworkPeerType.Client) { curState = (ServerState)state; if((ServerState)state != ServerState.InGame) camera.enabled = true; } } // [RPC] // void UpdateServerLog(string log) // { // if(peerType == NetworkPeerType.Client) // { // ServerLog = BinaryDeserialize(log); // scroll.y = 100000; // } // } }
  6. There are not that many candidates when question comes to choosing which unity networking platform to choose. There are only couple serious candidates, and me to it looks like smartfox and photon are the only serious choices. I took a look at smartfox page and to me it seems that smartfox is used by a lot more professional an multimillion corporations. http://smartfoxserver.com/showcase/customers Also there are a lot of more commercial games which use smartfox then photon. http://smartfoxserver.com/showcase/projects?platform=All&server=All But still not sure what programming language can be used for smartfox, c# ? When it comes to photon, https://www.exitgames.com/en/PUN not sure what to think, a lot of developers have been using photon, but i have seen many finished examples, if you know such page, please post it. I'd like to hear developers opinions on this, and by developers i mean persons who actually understand something, who have read information or interesting articles. Not the ones who have watched a tutorial on youtube and feel like they know everything. I really don't want anyone to mess the air with false information. Edit: http://www.burtonsmediagroup.com/blog/2012/06/5-middleware-tools-for-creating-mmo-games/
  7. Hello guys i want this How Can i make this ? i want to religion select
  8. So I'm making multiplayer fps, and when a player wants to join he cant because i need to portforward. But with master server I don't need to portforward?
  9. so i'm trying to make friendly fire option, that the hoster of the server can choose between 2 buttons "Enable","Disable". if he chose enable - friendlyfire = true; if he chose disable - friendlyfire = false; but i need to send the Choice of the hoster to every player who connect to the server (as client). i mean .... if the "friendlyfire" variable in the hoster set to true, then the "friendlyfire" variable of every player who connect to the server, will set to true too. and if if the "friendlyfire" variable in the hoster set to false, then the "friendlyfire" variable of every player who connect to the server, will set to false too. i triend but without any success, and i need your help.
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