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Found 30 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am Vadim. Do you not have the knowledge of C# or simply can't find the time to write scripts for your future game? Well, here I am offering to write any Unity C# script you need in no time for as low as 5$, and maximum 15$ for very complex scripts. If you are not be satisfied, you get all your money back guaranteed. So nothing to lose right. I am a Unity C# programmer with 2+ years of experience, very passionate about game development and have developed many different games 2D and 3D. SERVICE LINK: http://www.fiverr.com/technographicpc/write-you-a-unity3d-csharp-script You can also have a look at a small 2D game I have created alone a few months ago: http://gamejolt.com/games/haunted-rescue/221410 Thanks for reading!
  2. Hey guys I saw barkeys inventory system and it worked with the second fps kit. the only problem is that the fps kit the guy used was the one converted to C# and so it wouldn't work for the 1.3.5 kit so does any one know a good java script inventory script. Thank you for your time.
  3. So I just have a hard time with scripting Iv'e tried to learn several times but i have a hard time with it and feel overwhelmed! So for like 2.5 years i have tried to finish my own game but could never finish until recently i got a free fps. It does not give me everything I want. I wanted to make it that : my game to be a third person shooter that can switch to first ( like in Skyrim ) my game to have in game player customization like (skyrim ) an in game store trade things from inventory to get better weapons or unlock features like if the player gets 40$ they can open a door or buy a sentry gun ( like COD) or buy Armour( like skyrim) dialogue ( like Skyrim) A save feature .....again( like Skyrim) I want some levels to be rescuing citizens so like on trigger their AI elements/scripts activate the model for chains or ice de-activate and a 1/14 notification like thing pops up. I wanted it to have the customization , the dialogue but be like COD multiplayer and star wars battle front Do you think I'm trying for too much for my first game? Could you possibly help me with some of this ? (Scripting ) Do you know any kits I could use? Even if i found a kit for that (Which i won't because this isn't the great pixie land of fairy tales and dreams though maybe in my dreams i might get it...) I still want to learn scripting (no matter what ). Any suggestions ? - That guy in the corner with the stupid hat
  4. Hey everyone, iv'e been looking for this type of answer for a long time, but i never got it, i don't know if i'm going to get it here either but i'll try Okey, so my question is, can anyone however make a long series on youtube on Multiplayer Tutorials for Unity3D? in C# please I have some things i wan't to cover up Guns: -A list of guns with it's own fire rate, sight position, and so on -Somewhere where you can customize your weapon -Then save the gun with the attachments -Different categories with guns and melees Others -Sniper rifle sight like in Call Of Duty -Host server (choose map, max players, gamemode, server password, server name) -Different gamemodes like Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Demolition, Domination and so on -Game money, get 100 points for each kill. -Save game money, buy guns with game money -In-game store, where you can buy money -Run server untill host puts it down, not if he turns of he's computer, but when he clicks on Pause Server or Stop Server -Custom server plugins. -Chat -Leaderboards -Killfeed -Login/Register with a Mysql database -save all player prefs to players account, then to the dataabse -save player cash to database, and altså receive cash from the database -Grenades, flashbangs and bomb planting -claymore -bazooka auto lock -sell items/weapons and receive game cash -level up , save level to database, and receive level from the database -When you come into e certain level, then a weapon will get unlocked, then you can BUY the weapon, not get it for free. -Firend list, Join Friends game, delete friend, give friends cash, search for players and add. -kill streaks. -create a squad/team/crew -Invite, accept and kick players out from your team if your the leader. Yeah, there are some more things, but i think this is it for now ?
  5. When Scene load my reload animation is automatically play and while that moment inputs are disable.After finish reloading set the input enable. How Script it that function in javacript.please reply
  6. hey, ive been having trouble passing my coroutine function over the network...it works fine offline but i am not able to call the photonnetwork courotine function. it gives me compiation errors. where am i going wrong? GetComponent<PhotonView>().StartCoroutine("ChopItDown",(closestTreeIndex,terrain,closestTreePosition))); // this gives me errors StartCoroutine(ChopItDown(closestTreeIndex, terrain, closestTreePosition)); // this works just fine
  7. Hi there! I'm new to Unity and having trouble figuring out this issue, there is clearly a huge gap in my understanding. What I'm trying to do is to create "distance floats" by calculating the distance between the 6 game objects and my player object. I then want my PdDataHandler Script to print these to the console (and maybe send these values as OSC messages). If this seems silly or counter-intuitive to anyone, please push me in the right direction!! My googling revealed that the problem is related to attempting to call on things that are a part of a class instead of an object but I still don't really understand. Any help would be greatly appreciated. edit: I should also mention that the Player and WhitePetalFlower exist on their own object scripts (WhitePetalFlower's script only defines it as a class, nothing more) using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class PdDataHandler : MonoBehaviour { public float WhitePetalFlowerDist; public float BluePetalFlowerDist; public float RedPetalFlowerDist; public float WhiteRoundFlowerDist; public float YellowRoundFlowerDist; public float PinkRoundFlowerDist; void Start () { } void Update () { WhitePetalFlowerDist = Vector3.Distance (Player.transform.position, WhitePetalFlower.transform.position); print("Distance to WhitePetalFlower: " + WhitePetalFlowerDist); BluePetalFlowerDist = Vector3.Distance (Player.transform.position, BluePetalFlower.transform.position); print("Distance to BluePetalFlower: " + BluePetalFlowerDist); RedPetalFlowerDist = Vector3.Distance (Player.transform.position, RedPetalFlower.transform.position); print("Distance to RedPetalFlower: " + RedPetalFlowerDist); WhiteRoundFlowerDist = Vector3.Distance (Player.transform.position, WhiteRoundFlower.transform.position); print("Distance to WhiteRoundFlower: " + WhiteRoundFlowerDist); YellowRoundFlowerDist = Vector3.Distance (Player.transform.position, YellowRoundFlower.transform.position); print("Distance to YellowRoundFlower: " + YellowRoundFlowerDist); PinkRoundFlowerDist = Vector3.Distance (Player.transform.position, PinkRoundFlower.transform.position); print("Distance to PinkRoundFlower: " + PinkRoundFlowerDist); } }
  8. Hey guys. I have a little question, and frankly really bloody confused on. I have a 2D game created on IOS and Android. When the character die's it restarts (if I don't have menu active). But when the character dies, I want it to show a box saying the HighScore / Score that just happen. ScoreHandle.cs using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class scoreHandler : MonoBehaviour { private int _score = 0; private int _bestscore; // Use this for initialization void Start () { _bestscore = getHighScoreFromDb (); } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { } void OnGUI(){ GUI.color = Color.white; GUIStyle _style = GUI.skin.GetStyle("Label"); _style.alignment = TextAnchor.UpperLeft; _style.fontSize = 20; GUI.Label(new Rect (20,20,200,200), _score.ToString(),_style); _style.alignment = TextAnchor.UpperRight; GUI.Label(new Rect (Screen.width - 220,20,200,200), "Highscore: "+ _bestscore.ToString(),_style); } public int Points{ get{return _score;} set{_score = value;} } static string Md5Sum(string s){ s += GameObject.Find ("xxmd5").transform.GetChild (0).name; System.Security.Cryptography.MD5 h = System.Security.Cryptography.MD5.Create (); byte[] data = h.ComputeHash (System.Text.Encoding.Default.GetBytes(s)); System.Text.StringBuilder sb = new System.Text.StringBuilder (); for (int i =0; i<data.Length; i++) { sb.Append(data[i].ToString("x2")); } return sb.ToString (); } public void saveVal(int val){ string tmpV = Md5Sum (val.ToString ()); PlayerPrefs.SetString ("score_hash", tmpV); PlayerPrefs.SetInt ("score", val); } private int dec(string val){ int tmpV = 0; if (val == "") { saveVal(tmpV); }else{ if(val.Equals(Md5Sum(PlayerPrefs.GetInt("score").ToString()))){ tmpV = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("score"); }else{ saveVal(0); } } return tmpV; } private int getHighScoreFromDb(){ return dec (PlayerPrefs.GetString("score_hash")); } public void sendToHighScore(){ if (_score > _bestscore) { saveVal(_score); } } } I'm probably over looking this like usually, But thank you in advanced!
  9. Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone how to add your own weapons in the fps kit 2. The reason I'm asking is because I have some weapons I added but I want to be able to use them with the other one. Please write back.
  10. Hey guys, this is one of the assets I've been working on for some time. Its basically an attempt to mimic the unity editor at runtime for users to be able to create custom content as well as developers to provide dlcs and updates to their game without reuploading the whole game. Everything done here is saved in a custom file format with a customizable extension. For now you can do things such as import models, textures, sounds and use them in your level. Features like lights and physics for each object are already implemented. For testing the map with your game there is a simple integration interface (script to integrate with darkraze shown at the end) and finally my favorite thing of the editor is you can make C# scripts at runtime which will work with the map (to create a dynamic map). Edit: Now you can edit shaders! Working on a new gui system the will be published for free (Mainly to support dragging and very elaborate guis) Video of dragging with the new gui Pastebin of what the code looks like for the example video: http://pastebin.com/zEPGQ9vB
  11. Need a scripter who specializes in artificial intelligence and a modeler who can animate pm me for more info on the project. *PS: No pay sorry im broke. Your name will be shown in the credits.
  12. Guest

    Mobile Development.

    Hey fella's. I'll probably be asking for a lot of help in the following few days. But just wondering. should I do IF statements like how you would on a PC for Android/IOS/Mobile ??
  13. ogike


    Hi! I want to detect if the player is grounded, there's something above his head and if it's colliding with walls from sides in one script. I have a basic movement script, what detects if the player is standing, but I want it to detect if there's something above his head, so when im crouching, i won't get into objects. How can I get the two collison info seperated? Here's the code that I'm using: function OnCollisionStay (collision : Collision) { for (var contact : ContactPoint in collision.contacts) { if (Vector3.Angle(contact.normal, Vector3.up) < maxSlope) grounded = true; } } function OnCollisionExit () { grounded = false; } Also how can I simply describe the two sides in one for wall-jumping (so (Vector3.Angle((contact.normal,/ Vector3.left AND right/)? Any help would be appreciated.)
  14. Hi everyone, does someone know or have a script where if you look at a object it gets highlighted (change color, get a border or something). thanks
  15. Hi everyone, I have a script that play randomly audio and now i want a delay after every sound. I tried using waitforseconds function but i cant get it to work. this is the script: var sounds: AudioClip[]; InvokeRepeating("PlayRandom", 0, 1); function PlayRandom(){ if (audio.isPlaying) return; audio.clip = sounds[Random.Range(0,sounds.length)]; audio.Play(); } Thanks
  16. Hi everyone, I have a problem with making a door. I know how to create a animation for it (I made an empty gameobject and used it as a rotation point). But It never works correctly, I tried so many diffrent scripts an tutorials but it never works. So, does someone know a easy script for open and closing a door? Thanks
  17. Hi everyone, so I bought candela SSRR yesterday and its awesome. But in front of my camera is a white line. Does anyone have an idea why this line is there ?
  18. So what I was wondering was how exactly would you be able to make the score add up, by a certain number in the fps kit. I mean once you kill the zombie/beast or something it adds to your score. If someone help me with this, it'd be appreciated.
  19. Hi everyone, Im sorry if i ask to many questions but im a noob at unity . So I have this script: function Awake () { DontDestroyOnLoad (transform.gameObject); } And its working perfect but now : this script is on a object in the scene 1 now i load scene 2 and its still there but now if I die in the scene 2 and press replay so it loads the scene again the object is gone. How can I fix that? Im thinking about a loop or something will work so i tried this: function Awake () { DontDestroyOnLoad (transform.gameObject); } function Update () { while() { Awake(); yield; } } but i dont know what to write in the condition of the while.
  20. Hi everyone , I have a script that should make a object with the tag Player the parent of the game object with the script on. Now the object with the tag Player is in a other scene, and that game object that should get the child of the Player have a script with a DontDestroyOnLoad function so it does not get deleted if the game loads the new scene. Now I tried it with it with this script: var bird : GameObject; function Start () { bird = GameObject.FindWithTag("Player"); bird.transform.parent = transform; } But this only works if the game object with the tag Player is in the same scene. Now I think it should work with something like this: var bird : GameObject; if (Application.LoadLevel) { bird = GameObject.FindWithTag("Player"); bird.transform.parent = transform; } But it doesnt work.
  21. Hi everyone, I have a cube that have a script with a DontDestroyOnLoad function. Now if the new scene loadet i want to make the cube a child of a other game object. How can I do this? Thanks
  22. Hi everyone, I need a little help by something that i cant get work. Im totally a beginner in scripting and unity and want to do a small android game. So i have a cube in a scene that can be moved and rotated by the touchscreen, now in a other scene I have the same cube and I want that if the cube in the first scene gets moved the other cube goes to the exact same lovation. I hope anyone can help me. thanks
  23. shubham kumar

    sea storm

    hi guys. i have a problem i want to know how do i create a dramatic sea storm and a stuck ship with rolling player inside it..
  24. AHHH.... this script.. http://pastie.org/8319152 when i use it, the animation with the gun doesnt play properly.. .. it just plays the first frame for a sec and thats it.. (line 35 ) kindly help
  25. OK so I am currently working on multiplayer of my game. I have added a multiplayer 'gun' and would like to set this prefab a child of the player parent WITHOUT ACTUALLY SETTING IT AS A PARENT. So what I'd need to do is somehow 'simulate' the child-parent relationship without setting the parent. I've tried setting the position & eulerAngles to the parent counterpart, but of course the child-parent relationship is way more complicated. For instance, in my script where I just set the position & eulerAngles = the parent, the position will move with the parent and so does the rotation, but since my weapon 'sticks' out a bit, the rotation is messed up. It is hard to explain, but I will provide a few images for the sake of explanation. So here is an image of before turning with the parent-child simulation, the smaller gun is the example here. The larger weapon with the arms are just there for a reference. Here is an image of after I turn slightly to the right: So as you can see, the weapon turns accordingly to its parent, but it doesn't REALLY simulate the parent-child relation. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance, william9518
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