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Found 10 results

  1. Pre-alpha tech demo of our new science fiction game. You are the best Confederation pilot. You must save the human race !!! Windows standalone and linux demos available. https://www.indiedb.com/games/xxv-century-red-baron Demo available in the windows store
  2. ARMAGEDDON - Future combat arena is DROPPED. HERE the playlist: HERE the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FutureCombatArena HERE the Twitter page: https://twitter.com/AFC82com Site: https://www.afc82.com/FutureCombatArena/ Project page (demo download) https://www.afc82.com/OnePage/demo/onepage/article/armageddon-future-combat-arena New version of the demo (0.0.63), available zips: Real Time + Baked Global Illumination - Best looking Real Time Global Illumination - Faster Baked Global Illumination - Faster NO Global Illumination - Fastest Now you can configure the mission. New version (0.0.65): new textures for terrain and new water asset (AQUAS). https://www.afc82.com/OnePage/demo/onepage/armageddon-future-combat-arena-pre-alpha-demo If you try the demo, please post here your impressions. TNX ! Unity connect:https://connect.unity.com/p/588297e232b30600180c477f IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/armageddon-futurecombatarena http://www.indiedb.com/games/armageddon-futurecombatarena/news/pre-alpha-demo-island12 Windows 10 - Outside the alien base DEMO: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9NBLGGH4P211 Comments are welcome !
  3. Welcome to the topic of TheDarkAge, Intro: TheDarkAge has been founded by Max and started at the eight of october 2018. Before that the idea has been making for a long time but hasn’t been anything serious. Thats has changed and now we’re looking for people to help! We’re looking for people who wants to give their hearts to the project and don’t look for money but to build something up! We don’t have a big budget at this moment but we’re looking for money options and making our budget bigger! Concept: It is the year 2213 and we are in the futuristic era. There are already many different colonies in many solar systems. There are no more countries and there is a world order called Troq. The Troq dominate the whole universe since 2200 2190 but since there is a large civil war rages. The civil war between rebels and the Troq. You are an commander, and must take care of your own space station. You can extend the ever more out and examines more technology and makes your own army. You have in the meantime also ensure the many people and can adopt and lay off people to make sure it's running well. In the meantime, you can also play together with friends to four friends. You can give permissions and who can help you. The rebels can attack you or your bases. In the meantime, you can also get missions of the Troq and you have to take care that your station has enough resources and your citizens can stay alive. With your army, you can attack, conquer or destroy bases. What are we looking for: We’re looking for many people, but most for people who can handle unity. What do you get: As you have read at the intro we can’t spend too much at our workers, but we give money when we can and reward you sometimes! Also we have sometimes a break where we just have fun with the team. We want to make a big and fun team where we can enjoy and make a great game! Last word: We hope we have inform you enough and you want to join our team! You can join our discord server if you want to know more or want to keep up to date! Links: Website: www.thedarkage.eu Discord server: https://discord.gg/WceCN2Y Apply: https://goo.gl/forms/hpvXFuXJ3zDZ3m0e2 Greetings, Max
  4. Greeting! We (TIV Games) are currently in early stages of development of an original Steampunk FPS game demo. The setting is early 19th century London and realistic graphical theme. Our team is 90% complete, we just need a few more concept artists for the environment. The demo will be free to play so there isn't any financial compensation, unless we decide to crowdfund it, then all members will get a percentage from it. The estimated release date for the short demo is 10th August this year (2017), making it a total of 3 month long development. The story is written and levels designed. Here you can see a 2D game I (programmer/founder) have published previously: https://gamejolt.com/games/haunted-rescue/221410 And here you can see a portfolio of our 3D Artist/co-founder: https://twitter.com/IgorCGDesign/media Let me know here or by email if you are interested, (email: tivgamesofficial@gmail.com), -Vadim T.
  5. My name is Jett Spaulding, and I am the team leader of Team Psikic. My team is developing a game, and we are in need of experienced developers who are looking for pay (Maybe) and something fun to do! (Developing a game of course) Let's get down to it. Current development is just starting, we are in need of team members to fill out positions. The concept of the project is to have an open world Sci-Fi game, where humanity is on the verge of collapse and an unknown species has taken Earth as their own. There will also be some horror elements mixed in with the game for immersion, but all features will be discussed with the team and when we have a solid idea of what the future product is going to be we will go ahead with it. The final product of this game is going to be paid unless the team decides to make it free. All members will receive a portion of the money that the game makes, (If it is payed) We currently have seven members on our team and looking for more people who are willing to join and have something unique to offer to the table. Most of us aren't fully experienced with certain fields, which is why we need more people to join who are experienced and are passionate and willing to work. This doesn't imply we are all forced to work the whole day, and it also doesn't imply that all of us are experts. This is a team effort in making a massive game and also a learning trip for some. -We are currently looking for -Programmer - Good with C# and or JS on Unity [The more the better, but will need to find a way to keep all scripts cooperative so we don't have any bugs] -3D Modeler/Texture - People who are good with using CAD Applications that can make game assets, world props, vehicles, weapons and also rig them properly! [4 Open Spots] -Music Related - If you can make good Sci-Fi-y music then you should apply for this role! [Depends on skill level, we already have two great people] -Sound actors (Anyone can really be this role, and we aren't going to need one during the start of development. So applying for only this role isn't going to be practical.) [The more the better] -2D/UI Elements designer - Person who designs sprites 2d textures, 2d ui elements etc... [2 Open Spots] -AI Programmer - Good with programming AI [2 Open Spots] -Animation - A person who is good at animating with the unity engine, and can animate cutscenes etc... [4 Open Spots. (2 for animating objects like weapons and vehicles. 2 for the creatures and people)] We don't have much to show on the game, as we are starting out very simple, creating assets only to test with. Assets are very basic, but will be redone in the future. We have much to show about our talent as individuals. All work will be shown below. ---------Music---------- https://soundcloud.com/user-861485626 https://soundcloud.com/travis-w-hendrix/sets/sci-fi/s-HDSAz ------------------------ I am a scene designer/level designer and one of the placeholder 3D modelers right now, as the assets are basic enough for me to model. (No, our game is not a Halo ripoff, I just use Halo to show off my skill in scene work) Here are some of the test assets we are using to test code. Here is one of our 2d artist's work. It is irrelevant to the game, but it is a showoff of his talent. And here is some work of our other 2d artist's work. (This is actually our logo) We hope developers out there take interest in this project!!!! Comment any questions or anything regarding your interest to help and I'll pm you!!!!
  6. My name is Justin Smith, I'm 16 years old and an ex developer from the fan-game "Installation 01". While I was on the team, I learned a lot about the way a functional team should work, and the proper foundations of game development. I also learned a bit of 3d modelling due to my role in the team (designing layouts and blocking out maps). I recently departed from the project, and decided to start working on my own fan game. I was able to gather together some developers and we are currently working on a project titled "Project Cartographer". "Project Cartographer" aspires to become something Halo has yet to try, an open-world exploration game. Our current concept is for Project Cartographer to be based around an open-world "Firefight" mode, where you can unlock secrets and easter eggs, side with factions, and embark on side missions to upgrade your character and progress the story. Forge and Multiplayer are an eventual possibility, although that is not our focus and no work is currently being devoted to that. I plan to do monthly updates on the project, and screenshots will be shown when possible. We're definitely looking for developers in just about every field, and if you think you have what it takes, shoot me an email at: solaris.osiris.i01@gmail.com
  7. Hello, My name is Brad. I am 15 years old, yes, but dont let that put you off. I have created one or two simple games in the past, so there is no need to be untrustworthy of me. Now, to the point. Leap is a First person Sci-Fi multiplayer shooter, with heavily parkour and gadget based combat, you may use tons of abilities and weapons to navigate dangerous maps and destroy the enemy. Leap was inspired by many games like Quake, Unreal Tournament and Halo. I feel that this is game idea that might just profit, and, after asking and gaining feedback, 7/10 people would play this game. Here is a more detailed game concept- In Leap you will be able to perform awesome parkour moves and tricks, while the while the whole time integrating it into combat, you will be able to perform combos for cooler, longer, and more damaging moves, but the normal combat should not be lacking. The goal is for the game to have 3 main multiplayer gamemodes, DM, TDM, and a sort of juggernaut gamemode, but instead having more HP and faster/better Parkour-ing. Skillsets we need- We need an Animator/Modeler, Familiar with Blender, and Unity Animation. We also need someone good with Unity Networking/Pun, also with good knowledge of C# or JavaScript. And also a good modeler for level design. as for me? I want to use this a learning experience, and learn from the whole team. I will be doing a little bit of everything from Basic modelling, very basic programming and networking, and a bit of level design here and there. For some Worksamples, See these links: Worksamples Website: http://gorumdev.6te.net/ Thank You much for your consideration. -Gorum
  8. Hi All i'm the founder of the V.A.G. Team(An italian indie team), in our team we have (2 Programmers, 2 Level Designers, 1 Concept Artist, 2 Animators, 3 3D Modellers). Now i wanna just explain our idea. We want to revolution the conception of FPS, because now it means (shoot and run with no sense and no why), we want to insert a Psicological part, with some input for the Player mind, that will costrict him to think and chose the best way to resolve critical situations. Plot : This game will talk about a Scientist Team that discovered a math error in Einstein's Relativity theory. So they invented an engine that can curve the light and go with a major velocity of it. But in their "Jump" they arrived too much near to an unkown planet. Its gravity Attracted Them to the planet ground. They used a capsule to escape from the MotherShip but landing in a very far area from it. Unfortunately in the mothership they had the main radio with the minimal power to talk with the earth. Their Trip for the radio will be Hampered by the local population that will defend their lands by the Human attack. We want to insert multiple Endings Allowing the greater experience and PlayingStyle of the players. To compleate our team we need : 1 2D Artist/Texturer ; 1 Programmer(C#) ; 1 Sound Designer We're using Unity of course. The project is just Begun so we haven't got any screen But i will insert them in a next update. Sorry, if i made mistakes See you soon
  9. Hello and Greetings im here today to see if anyone wants to contact me BungieDayFan@gmail.com,i am makinng note that i will be making or we will be making a sci-fi fps multiplayer game.......BUT NEED A TEAM! If i want to make the game i will make 3 games though the other two projects are a Realistic Multiplayer Call of duty type i guess shooter, and the other one a Multiplayer Horror Survival Game but set in a sci-fi dimension.But the one i am worrying about is a sci-fi shooter bu i dont want it to encounter or try to beat OneManArmy3D Project Futuristic Fps .So not know what to do here but for sure will make it.But please again i need a Team contact me. Thanks -Tristan Gomez sorry for bad typing i type to fast!
  10. Andy

    First 3D game

    Hi guys, this is my first 3D project to do for college and its also my end of year project. I am working with a tree man team. Dave = project manger/Audio. Moe = scripts and myself = 3D modeler/texture artist/ level designer. Our game in basic terms is ......you must escape from the office. You are a mechanic and your office is in the basement. You over work one night and go to leave but oh look you cant you must then go threw puzzles and stuff to get out of the office block. Its a work in progress, once it is complete i will put it online for you all to play (if you want ) I will love any advice, everything is welcome good and bad. Hope you like what you see
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