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Found 6 results

  1. An extremely versatile and affordable playground set. Simple set but detailed enough for 1st person view projects! Asset store: http://u3d.as/tgV This plug'n'play playground set is one step answer for your game. Build small park or big one, it's up to you - this asset has all essential stuff your playground. Building playground is extremely easy! Just drag & drop an asset into your scene. We will be adding more content to this pack and the price will go up, but everyone who already owns the package will of course get all updates for free. All items has albedo, metallic and normal maps, some items include also AO map ITEMS IN PACKAGE: Swingset Sandbox Small castle Slide Bench Train Fence Example screenshots contains Unity Standard Assets (sky and grass)
  2. Hello guys, with release of Unity 5 I started thinking about new game project and I would like to ask you about your opinion. I have two concepts in works, can't really say which one is more appealing and viable but I would like to choose the easier one so I don't set any unrealistic goals to myself since I am alone. So basically, both are a survival games (yes I know, too many of them lately) and the major difference apart of story and theme is environment and it's systems. What do you guys see as bigger challenge, what is harder to create, open world with a huge map and places to visit or corridor bunker like map where the whole game is under ground.... Both are quite hard to make but not sure what will be worse, enormous map or closer look.
  3. What is Yonder? 'Yonder' is a Sandbox MMO being developed my a small indie team called Infinitus Designs. The aim is to create a player-managed environment in which players can sculpt the world and build it as their own, with PvP and PvE areas alike. Set in the 17th century, with a skill-oriented design leading to further technology up to the 19th century, the game aims to allow players to craft a diverse and ever-changing gameworld. How players will interact with Yonder Players will play their characters in Yonder via an isometric-like camera, with a reasonable gap between the player and their view point. It won't necessarily be locked to a single rotation, in case of viewpoint obstructions. Players can move around the game-world via the left-mouse button being used to point to where they want their character to go (Similar to isometric RPG games). The player will also interact with many game-world objects via right-clicking to open radial menus with appropriate options. How Yonder Will Look Yonder's graphical style is what a mix of the solid flat look that you may expect from 2D or 3D cel-shaded games, but with enough complexity and detail that it adds a small layer of realism to the existence of the game-world. However, the exception to this is that we've approached the game with a Stylized Terrain. In short, we wanted to go for a Tile-system, and decided to stylize it as 3D Columns, as shown in an early example here: The Infinitus Designs Team The Infinitus Designs team consists of: Jordan "Traslogan" Martin - Lead Developer Ivan Kuzev - Lead Programmer Salem - 3D Artist Game Updates The game is currently in its Pre-Alpha state, where we are assembling some core mechanics / features, and we will be offering public downloads when we progress into Alpha. We will post changelogs here along with some extra images as the game develops further.
  4. Estou procurando modeladores para um projeto de fps sandbox Os modeladores precisaram fazer Props, Personagem, Construções, Armas Skype:joaolucas103
  5. Desolation An open world experiance Details : Desolation is and open world (sandbox) survival game i'm developing about a month, but due to a unity bug i had to re-install Windows in order to fix my project. Even though the project was corrupted and it just delayed me to restart the project(files was saved though). Update #1 Video Already implemented features All Items List Update #2 Video Details : On this update i focused on performance.FPS has been increased dramatically with the use of LOD and Occlusion Culling system. Also on the video you can see a small part of an area of the main world. Trailer 2 Note : I do not use any kit / premade project
  6. An open world experiance Hi guys , i'm searching for for animator to make some simple animations for my project. The project would be free so i'm not willing to pay. For more information about my project go here http://armedunity.com/topic/7719-desolation-sandbox-survival/ If someone interest PM me, and i will send you the rigged hands and the models , as well as what animation i want. Of course you will be credited! Thanks in advanced!
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