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Found 6 results

  1. I wanna change the gun position and play running anim[In running anim the gun is swinging left and right] when Player press Right Shift key then the gun should goto running position and running rotation and when player release it then gun should come to its default position. I'm using Lerp and Quaternion in my script. I've added this script in my Parent of Gun[I hope you know what I mean See Screenshot]( Issue I have )When I press shift key then player's gun go to running position very slowly and when I release the key then gun is not coming to its initial position. So this is also causing me issue. Here is script. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class Holder : MonoBehaviour { public Animation animation; public AnimationClip walk; public AnimationClip idle; public Vector3 runningPos; public Vector3 runningRot; public float lerpSpeed = 1.5f; public AnimationClip runninAnim; public Vector3 defaultPosition; void Update () { if (Input.GetAxis("Vertical") > 0.2) animation.CrossFade (walk.name); else animation.CrossFade (idle.name); if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.RightShift)) { animation.CrossFade(runningAnim.name); this.transform.localRotation = Quaternion.Lerp(this.transform.localRotation, Quaternion.Euler(runningRot), lerpSpeed * Time.deltaTime); this.transform.localPosition = Vector3.Lerp(this.transform.localPosition, runningPos, lerpSpeed * Time.deltaTime); } else { this.transform.localPosition = Vector3.Lerp(this.transform.localPosition, defaultPosition, Time.deltaTime * lerpSpeed); } } } Thanks this is causing issue plz tell me about working script. Any help is appreciated here!
  2. shubham kumar

    fps kit

    how do add ready or ready to run animation in fps kit free version because in fps kit from Idle Animation directly Run animation plays how do i add ready to run in between those
  3. Hi guys , i tried to create a simple AI for my animals in my project and i failed for many reasons, so what i need is : An AI that : Playing an idle animation and walking randomly around playing [("idle") , ("walkAnim")] When the player go near the animal it runs away playing the run animation [("runAnim")] and after getting a safe distance it turns again to previous state. can someone write this for me , C# or JS what ever you like, thanks in advance , and of course you will be added to credits.
  4. Hey, I'm using FPS Kit And I want to BLOCK the option of fire and shoot while i'm running, that looks wierd :\ How Can I Block It?
  5. Hello thank you for reading my post to show off my small game it in really small stages as i do not have lot of time due to my health but what will say is that i wanting to turn this in to a real game on ios android mac pc Xbox i wish but why not all down to is cost game is base of cyber space what happens in your pc and networks all round the world as i cant say much on this as it is most in my head due lack of time but i have 2 weeks that by the end i should have done first 3 level and then building this in to a game not just level full game but i cant say much all in my head but i can give you all go try the link below for game Not lot more to add Email me at andrewmartin1995@live.co.uk with any idea or any thing or comment/pm what ever is easy for you Thanks Andrew.M https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49927025/Cyberspace/Cyberspace.html
  6. well cloud jumper is NOT fps shooter as such (no bad guy maybe ) it just small platform game for android PC i no this site called armed unity but some people should make other games THE Game idea i got idea for lighting rounds and timers i am wanting to add comedy side to it if i can i will be soon upload demo on this page and don't for get to follow for update sorry this is not much i try to work on game so domo will be out to day with luck as i wanting this game to be part of my portfllow thankls fro reading wait bit info will do whos working on it : me what type of game is it base jumper/platform (Help needed) main menu level pick/if you done level one level 2 unlocks any funny chactors you can find in cloud lol
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