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Found 10 results

  1. Hello Peeps Today i will make a texture based on your request Conditions : -Don't expect its good cause i am using a free software -You can use it for any kind of project (even commercial) -Credits are not required but i will appreciate it -Do not resell the texture -You may distribute it (Credits me) -Stay Patients -I am still learning so please stay patient -Do not claim it as your work Here some of my work
  2. Abys966

    Horror map

    i can pay for a good and big map horror genere
  3. Hello everyone ! I have ready2play Indie project and need some help. Right now there's a lot of stuff that already done, so big map, deathmacth mode (for testing), character customisation and much more. Making my game like a clone of "Battleground: playersunknown" but F2P (cosmetics will cost money) Need an idea with "prewarm system" and "inventory system" so i can integrate it into project.
  4. Hi guys how is it going? I know this is a long stretch but I am in need of some decent gun and arms rigs that are animated with the following animations: > Idle > Reload > Fire > Draw If anyone has some animated guns with arms on their PC or wherever, and are willing to share with the community for place holders only, NON COMMERCIAL use....then please help me. All the best, HairySeal
  5. Taking request all you have to do is PM me with the weapon name (image references optional) you want me to model my prices are usual 10 bucks for all. It depends on the model. If its simple i might just price it for 3-5 dollars. this is a simple model but i dont have to rest of the guns rendered when i render that ill post : ) So i can show my work
  6. Anyone needing a new logo, banner or avatar contact me on deviantart: http://deuxichthys.deviantart.com/
  7. Anyone looking for low poly game props (Non animated like trees, swords etc) in my art style Contact me here, and mention that you were from armedunity http://deuxichthys.deviantart.com/
  8. Hey, I have a C# inventory script that is integrated with the Realistic FPS Prefab, I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to make some modifications for me. Job will be paid of course. The hierarchy is: Player Parent --->Camera Parent (with cameras as children) --->Effects --->Player --->Weapons ------>AK47 ------>Sniper etc. An item is "picked up", and the PICKUP prefab (different to the weapons under "Weapons", is placed as a child of the player and its mesh renderer hidden. It is then used to display the icon in the inventory screen. Player Parent --->Camera Parent (with cameras as children) --->Effects --->Player ------>pickup_AK47 --->Weapons ----------------------------- This is providing some problems when it comes to using a weapon spawner script, as the pickup is never actually destroyed, just moved onto the player, so it won't respawn the pickup. So what I need is for it, perhaps, to destroy the pickup and place a new one on the player rather than just move it. A second issue is with consumable items. The way it is supposed to work, is that if you "consume" an item, it will add whatever effect it's supposed to (apple add's a defined amount to hunger, ammo to a weapon, etc) and destroys the pickup object under Player. If your hunger or weapon is full, it won't consume the item. What actually happens is, if your hunger is full, it will remove the item icon from the inventory, but will not remove it from the player (because it hasn't actually been used). So what I need here is for it to check that the item is still on the player and keep the icon displayed in the inventory. If anyone is interested, let me know. Thank you.
  9. I'm having trouble finding a good explanation on how to use an array(yes I've searched google). I'm trying to make an NPC find all game objects in a scene with a tag, store all these gameobjects in an array and only target the closest gameobject to the NPC. Also is there a better way of doing this? An array explanation would still be good just in case I ever want to use it if this is the case
  10. Hi! Im looking for an NPC Talking Script, like the ones used in the modern Fallout games? Any help would be really appreciated -TheNorthridge
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