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Found 7 results

  1. Street Conference Games Hello! We are a small indie team of 2 developers as of now. To celebrate our release of the Android game "Smoke one." We would like to expand the team and be willing to teach beginners to work along side and develop our next game. What we would like to acquire: 1 3d Modeler 1 C# programmer 1 Apprentice in both I am very good in Blender and can program in C# and some javascript. The other member is our sound producer and idea/story writer. Skype: StreetConferenceGames We look forward to hearing from you. Check out our game on the Android Play Store! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SCGE.SO Thanks.
  2. Hey guys my names "Monsta" and im going to be making an Online Multiplayer iOS game for devices such as the iPhone and iPad. This game will be an open world zombie survival game, throughout the game you will have to find Food, Armor, and Weapons to survive. Players will be able to find other players and there will be cars for transportation. I want to create this game because I personally think it will be huge. There are no other 2D Zombie Multiplayer Open world games in the App store right now so I want to be the first to make it happen. I am looking for people that can work for free.(No-Pay) This is what ill be looking for: - Programmer - Audio Design (Music) - Audio Design(Effects) - 2D Design/GFX Design If you would like to help and you know how to do one of those in the list above you can add me on Skype or send me a PM. Skype: EsoMyEgo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. So, I came up with the idea to make a game about genetics, but not just that! You mix up body parts, different cells, ect. and create your own creature. It's kinda like spore, but more advanced. Anyway, I decided to put this idea into action! So, here is what i've got GAMEPLAY: First you start out with a single cell. You add traits and skills this creature will have later on. You can also pick its base which is what its looks and type will be. You then click start and the cell will start multiplying. Throughout each form, you will add more and more to your creature. Once the process is complete, you will be able to play with it, in a dynamic open world environment. The things you added will affect its behavior, mood, actions, abilities and more! At this point it's almost like the sims. Once you are done with this creature, you can make another one! I'm also planning on making multiplayer. WHAT I HAVE SO FAR: The insect base: An environmental prop: More to come soon! ABOUT ME: Hi, my name is Marshall! I'm a programmer from Canada and love working with Unity! I've been coding for about 4 years now and 3D modeling for about 3. I came up with this idea a little bit ago with inspiration from Spore and Sims and decided to recruit some people. I'm currently also working on an open world survival game called Sharpsteel which I can take a break from. I will be the lead programmer of the team and probably will do some models too. There really isn't much else to know about me, so here are the positions that are currently open. POSITIONS: Modellers 0/2 (Model parts, props, ext.) C# Programmers 0/2 (Helps me with scripts) Sound Artist 0/1 (Game Sounds) Music Artist 0/1 (In game music) Texture Artists 0/2 (Makes in game textures) Comment this if you want to help: Name: Age: Position: Experience: Email: Thanks!
  4. Hi there, I'm Jordan "Traslogan" Martin, Lead Developer of Infinitus Designs. We're a small dedicated indie team creating the indie MMO 'Yonder', a sandbox MMO. For more information, see our topic here: http://armedunity.com/topic/10680-yonder-a-sandbox-mmo-by-infinitus-designs At the moment, we are in Pre-Alpha stage, where we implement some core features and lay the groundwork of the game. At the moment, development is progressing well, but we are in need of another 3D artist to increase our visual content output. To which, we are now looking for a new 3D artist to join our team! If interested in applying for the role, certain things are expected: - We would like to know you have some experience in 3D artwork before applying to us. - Experience using Maya and Zbrush is a big plus. - You must submit a folio when applying so we can get an idea of what you are capable of. The project is, at the moment, a volunteer one. We have mid-to-long term goals to achieve a kickstarter project later down the line to help support the project, in the hope that we can achieve income and profit from the project. If interested in applying, please send an email to 'jim-g_101@hotmail.co.uk' , saying your name and that you are applying for the 3D artist position and attach a link to a folio as well please. We look forward to hearing from potential applicants!
  5. Hi everybody ! My team named Alpha StudioZ is recruiting ! We already have a modeller, level designer, scripter, etc... BUT We really need a scripter ! Because the scripter is the most important team member in ANY wip games. We know, we already have one, but he connects like really rarely. We also need a animator. I mean, a GOOD animator, who can make FPS ( first person shooter ) animations. We are making an online fps that is a bit like Battlefield, not too much, and a little bit more futuristic. ( not like Halo or something, just a little bit more futuristic. ) Maybe we can recrute another level designer, who can make big maps and stuff. We have skype, we are french but we can speak english.
  6. Hello Armed Unity Members, my project is look for some talented team members who are passionate about fighting games and work with in a team. Positions I need filled - Game Programmers - Anybody who has some experience in programming with unity game engine and can code in C# ; Modelers/Animators - Anybody who has experience modeling, rigging and animating in blender. If you are interested in learning about my project follow these directions. - go to showcase in the our forums. - look for RPG/Fighting Game Project (its in recent so it should be under page 1.) Some requirements - Must have a passion for fighting games and creating fighting games. Have moderate knowledge in the use of Blender and Unity. Must have Blender and Unity. Must have a account on Skype or a Armed Unity member. Must have some examples of your work. Must be 18 year or older, friendly and a team player. ( If we complete this project I'm to form a team and create a studio. So you must be eligible to work with in the US.) Thank you for your interest.
  7. Hello everyone, Im officially making Dead knight productions and creating a team! when the game gets launch were gonna share the profit just like the title says! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To See Picture Click Here Title: Surviving Instinct Genre: Survival, pvp, stranded, building, hunting. Description: The game that im trying to develop is a survival game that you have the chance to form a group and try to survive or to kill players and loot them. Prologue: you play as a stranded person which you can customize with time ether dying your clothes with barries and such will have to gather material and make a shelter and try to fed off your starvation. Walking around you see another shed, you see a guy making a fire and trying to cook his food. you are starved and pick up the wooden knife that you crafted and drive it in the other persons heart. after he died you eat the food and leave and you have a choice to burn and loot the house or leave it alone. a brief description of gameplay. HOW WILL IT AFFECT THE GAMEPLAY Well you make up your story, you ether kill other standed people that worked hard to build their tent or wooden house or to help them survive and live together. ABOUT ME Nickname: bobby Real name: Jordan Age: 17 Location: Texas APPLY (you don't need unity Pro) Name: What would you like to help in?: skype: unity?(Yes or no) questions: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you want to know more about gameplay please dont hesitate to send me a pm or a message, a comment or even a Skype message/call . Thank you, Jordan~ bobbykign82@yahoo.com ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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