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Found 11 results

  1. NEW PACKAGE! This one is a bit late but sure was worth the wait I guess. It's a new pair of FPS Arms which you can use without crediting anyone from this site! It was made by me, and can be used ROYALTY FREE! Feel free to use it in whatever project you like! Please read the text file in the package before proceeding after download! Thanks! Download! Image: ___________________________________________________________________________ Original Post here at my website: 7XFGAMES
  2. Well, if you liked our G36C package, you’ll like this even more! We have animated it, now you can just import this into your game-engine and start scripting! THAT EASY! Animations Included: Reload Animation w/ Arms Download Animation Preview Original Post here: BlendControl
  3. Don't feel like using that rigged character I posted earlier? Well here are some arms that will definitely blow your socks off. You can use this in any project absolutely royalty free! Do anything with it! Download Package Details: Verts: 1964 Faces: 1960 Formats Included – DAE, 3DS, FBX, OBJ. Native Format – .Blend The original post here at this site : BlendControl
  4. shubham kumar

    fps kit

    how do add ready or ready to run animation in fps kit free version because in fps kit from Idle Animation directly Run animation plays how do i add ready to run in between those
  5. First of all, sorry for being inactive! Here is a package! Well another package is finally here, the long awaited MP7. Packed with Specular, Normals, and Diffuse Maps, looks sick in any game engine, try it out for yourself and I tell you, you will defo not be disappointed. I've recored a Time lapse for this one, here you go _- Download
  6. Well here is a new low poly package, a gun with awesome extremities. The UMP-45, with Diffuse, Specular and Normal maps. The Spec maps are placed into the alpha channels of the diffuse map for use in Game Engines like Unity3D! Just set it a specular or bumped specular shader and wala! The awesome UMP-45, used for shooting baddies around the world. Totally worth a download! Download
  7. Well, here is another package. A handgun that will definitely blow your opponents "hands" off. The awesome Glock 17, used by the pope everywhere. Get it now fast! Download Package Details: Verts : 933 Faces : 865 The Original Post at : BlendControl
  8. Liked the previous Map Props v.1 package? Well then you're gonna like this too. It is the v.2 of the props package. It has a few more props (3) which you can use to decorate your game map and make it look totally awesome combined with the v.1 package! Well Good Luck! Download Package Details: Verts: 1423 Faces: 1152
  9. Need some more guns? Well here comes another one. Introducing the MP5K. An awesome automatic gun that is guaranteed to make your opponents pants “sweat”. Find. Target. Kill. The MP5K. Download Package Details: Verts : 1475 Faces : 1343 The Original Post at: BlendControl
  10. SameenIbne


    This is our best gun yet, filled with awesome details and textures. You will definitely love this upload! Go kill some baddies or AI and prove your worth, with the new and awesome G36C! Download Package Details: Verts: 3011 Faces: 2744 Original post at : BlendControl
  11. Please Ignore this post, I accidently posted the same post 2 times. And I do not know how to delete this post.
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