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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I'm trying to make enemy character who is in idle animation and when i shoot him, his body will be replace with ragdoll. Im using AU fps kit by the way. Can anyone help me please?
  2. Version v1.0


    This model is from unity Bootcamp demo. If you use this model in your game and you have problems to create and configure ragdoll, here you can download it. All joints are already adjusted. Password: armedunity
  3. Before we get started here are a few things that you will need - A GameObject to receive damage (Soldier) [You can use the Bootcamp soldier] - A Ragdoll of said GameObject [There is a free Bootcamp soldier ragdoll on this site] If you have seen this script here http://armedunity.com/topic/5598-player-falls-and-turns-to-rag-doll-effect-js/?hl=ragdoll And are some form of a newbie and don't know how to input this into a damage script, I did it for you guys. It works perfectly, just fill in the appropriate slots in the inspector with what the script tells you, set up the max health and everything should work just fine for you. It also doubles as just a normal damage script if you don't own or know how to create a ragdoll. I am experimenting on using rigidbodies on the objects that will be destroyed as it looks better, so in the future the script may be changed to also set the ragdoll to a rigidbody to show force better. Of course half of the credit goes out to yellowflashxd for creating the actual ragdoll script. Also a thanks goes out to lego for helping with some bug fixing. It works best if there is a rigidbody on the ragdoll and a collider on the actual soldier player. Code: var MaxHealth : int = 100; var CurrentHealth : int; var MinHealth : int = 0; var currentSpeed : float; var lastPosition : Vector3 = Vector3.zero; var Soldier : GameObject; var Ragdoll : GameObject; //var Other : GameObject; function Start () { CurrentHealth = MaxHealth; } function Update () { if (CurrentHealth == 0) { currentSpeed = transform.position.y - lastPosition.y; lastPosition.y = transform.position.y; if(currentSpeed < -0.3) { var Ragdoll = Instantiate(Ragdoll, transform.position, transform.rotation); //Instantiate(Ragdoll,Ragdoll.transform.position,Soldier.transform.rotation); Destroy(Soldier); } } } function ApplyDamage (Damage : float) { if(CurrentHealth < 0) { CurrentHealth = MinHealth; //return; } CurrentHealth -= Damage; }
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