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Found 6 results

  1. Hey, My name is Peta. I have ALOT of weapons 20+ that I need animated ( fire, reload, sprint, walk, idle, aim). I have a couple types of arms that will accompany these animations as well. I will pay per item ( half at start, and half on completion). The price is negotiable. I also need a graphics designer who can create an FPS uGUI template that mimics the GUI of my site https://nitrolabstudios.com/ especially the skewed boxes please email me at at PetaAyeni@nitrolabstudios.com / text me at +17706099352 / or DM me on twitter @programmrz thanks! current project snippit https://gyazo.com/205dba1621af00e254bdaf59d9e0348c
  2. Hey comminuty, Just to keep this brief and succinct, I am looking for team members, who can work well in a group and preform their selected task with expertise. I normally pay per item completion ( you get once you finish a specified task ), but since these are 2 big games ( I hope ) I plan to let you choose on how you want to get paid. I'm looking for 1 Modeler Can create FPS maps and destructuble map props Can create HQ FPS characters and arm rigs/Weapons Can create interiors and exteriors of military vehicles Should be able to take an idea, and turn it into a final product 1 Animator Animate FPS characters ( includes hands as well as full body moments, such as opening doors, or sliding) Animate map environments ( an earthquake for instance? ) 1 Graphics/Video/Audio Designer Can create images, logos, trailers, from idea to final concept.These people will help with 2 games, DeltaOne ( a free to play multiplayer FPS for all devices ) , and GrandTrackRacing ( a free world-esque racing game for mobile devices) If you are interested, send me a PM on here or on twitter @ NitroLabStudios
  3. Hey Community, I've made a multiplayer addon to Hardworker Studio's AirStrike Starter Kit. Currently, my kit supports Deathmatch, TeamDeathmatch, and Quarry ( everyone against on player ). I plan on releasing more game modes and updates in a bi-weekly schedule. View the demo video below, and if you're interested in the kit, click here to buy the kit for $25. I will submit the kit soon to UAS, when I polish my code more. Please, leave your comments and suggestions below. I would love to update this kit to your liking. nitrolabstudios.com
  4. Hey guys. I wanted this to be a topic for DeltaOne, and the progress I make, so I wont be flooding the ShoutBox with my PrintScr's. DeltaOne is an upcoming FPS that you will be able to play on your Android or iOS device, (later coming on Web). It is multiplayer, and I hope I can push the game from Photon Networking to GPG and GameCenter networking, respectively. So far, I have the game in beta on Google Play, and I am working on a GUI revamp, as well as a whole new FPS system based off of the kits by OMA. You'll see my most recent Screenshots below. Feel free to comment and suggest anything on your mind. I'm [sT6]Peta in the game! DeltaOne is now on ArmedUnity Games Now that DeltaOne is on the ArmedUnity Games page, I plan to put alot of features that have been inspired by this site. I plan to add .. Chat ( In Progress ) 75% Leveling System Friends ( in Progress ) 50% More Maps and Weapons Character Customization ( in Progress ) 10% < Please, let me know what you want to see in the game ! > More updates are coming throughout the coming weeks. Demo APK( For Android Devices) GUI DEMO In Game Menu: Inspired by games past, I created a GUI that focuses on resources and achievements. To enter the pause menu, you just tap on the Menu Info Tap at the top center. When you kill or become killed, a notification card displays ( where the pickup card is located) and the camera follows the player, in the event of the death. Tap the weapon icon in the top right to swap between the primary and secondary loadouts. When a player is within striking distance, the fire button turns into a knife, and you will be given the opportunity to stab the player. PreGame Menu: Clicking on a players profile picture brings a friends icon that you can then click to add them as a friend. There exists no functionality to deny a player request. The Buy Menu: basically, you purchase a weapon here. In the future, you will be able to tap the gear and change weapon skins, and fire rates.
  5. Quite some time ago ( A year ) introduced my game, DeltaOne to your guys( via the demo page). I didnt really modify the kit I started from in any way. I soon abandoned the project for GTR ( also now abandoned) . A few weeks, however, I found my project files an old USB, and I had an epiphany. DeltaOne...on Android. So for the past week, I've been looking on my previous posts and puting them into consideration for my game, and have been working on it, and now I am glad to say, DeltaOne for Android is finished ( pushing weekly updates for new features, though. ) However, I need a small team to help me on this mission. I want to do away with the kits models, add new maps, weapons, and gamemodes. I want to take this app to high heights. So please, contact me through the contact page on my website, if you're interested on working together. Other than that, have a great day, check out my game on the Play store, leave me suggestions, and happy CODING!
  6. Hey ArmedUnity community. Please understand that this is not a full game showcase. I have many things to work on, and implement. This topic, however, will expand as i push more updates, and when I am done, you will see the fruits of my labor. You can play the game, which is in an Alpha stage, in the DemoZone. For Now: Weapon Shop( Based on DaBossTMR menu ) UPDATE: 0.4.8 WEB> I have ported the GameFinder and the CreateRoom Wizardto 3D GUI Text and textures ( VERY HARD WORK! ). In my opinion, it looks far better than the regular GUILayout code. I will finalize a few things, such as textures, GUI, and gameplay for the GRAND 0.5 BUild. Remember to look for this app on Google Play this fall. UPDATE: 0.4.9 ADRD / WEB > I have ported the game to android, and yes, you can play cross platform. I have also editted a few scripts, but there is no visible difference. Please, stay tuned for Update 0.5, where all hell may just break loose! You can download the Control Test here: Control Test Download You can download the Android Beta here: DeltaOne Demo Download
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