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Found 15 results

  1. Title: Battle of Force Genre: Action, FPS Description: Shooting game Prologue: Nothing. In this you are a soldier. You are on Mission to kill all enemies and after killing all enemies you have to pick up a document. ABOUT ME Nickname: AshwinTheGammer Real name: Ashwin Age: Sixteen. Good at: Java, HTML, Gaming, Javascript(not of Unity). Location: India. DREAM: I wanna open my own Gaming Company and company which will compete with EA and Infinity Wards like companies. CURRENTLY PERSONS I NEED : PROGRAMER (C#) 0/1. Here is my first game video This is not too good but OK. DESCRIPTION FROM ME: Please be fair, and not let my age determine your choice and I`ll not pay you any money or anything for this work.
  2. Salutations forum goers. I’m Don, I’ve been a part of the forum for about 3 years now. I’ve worked with Zhavier on Bullet Blackout and few other projects that were never released Anywho I’m working on a fighting game. I’m going to call it Project Lexicon for the time being. In terms of progress a few character models are done and a few tracks of music are done. Right now I really need someone who’s good at C# and can work part time. This would be a paid job. I can pay per assignment, hourly, a combination of any of the two plus rev share, whatever works for you. If you’re interested, send me some of your prior work, or a link to it, and a little bit about yourself. My email: 3dindustriesincorperated@gmail.com
  3. Hello friends I need serious programmer who has free time and wants to make money. I have game idea, arts, assets which have already liked by many people. all I want is good, sociable programmer who can build 2D co-op multiplayer shooter game. I'll give you 30% of the revenue from project. if yo're interested in and have questions about project please contact me on my email : giogedianidze@gmail.com I'll only reply on email Good luck to everyone
  4. I Want to Hear About Your Project Hello, I am Gabriel Ribeiro, Unity Veteran, I started working on Unity when i was only 14 years old, My feeling in that moment was "I will do a game better than fallout", few years later i saw that early experience like a chance to work with the thing that i love. And here i am!.Work Experience I worked on three personal projects:, RPGs/FPS 4+ years, FPS 2 year, 3D Plataformer 6 months. File Serializations and Deserialization, (Game Saves). Data Management. Small prototypes and system clean for several companies. Others. Skills Unity C# GIMP Blender Audacity What i'm seeking Simple Projects Prototypes Bug Fixes Game Mechanics Procedural Systems UI Tools And More. Hardware Windows (Desktop) Gamepad (XBOX 360,XBOX ONE,PS4) Android Phone (Mobile) Portfolio http://jgabr.portfoliobox.net/Contact me JGabrib@outlook.com
  5. I am a psychotherapist and a former programmer and have designed a game to treat various aspects of mental illness. Our game is fantasy style role playing game. We have all artwork and assets and are well on our way. Everything is set up and ready to go including game design documents. We are a determined team and believe this product has real market viability. The main team will consist of myself, our existing programmer and you, meaning you will receive 1/3 of game profits. We also have 3d artists, a landscape designer, and a sound engineer.
  6. Hey there ! . Presenting myself First,let me present myself : My name Adnan and i am a french amateur 3D Artist and Leader of the Game Project Silva . I have been visiting Armed Unity since 2012 and i had to make a break in 2013 but now i'm back . FaceBook - IndieDB - OpenClassrooms (FR) - ProjectSilva.com Project SILVA ________________________________________________________________________ Project Silva is a First Person Infiltration game based on a sci-fi planet named Heaven.The game focus on the story to deliver a dynamic and consistent story with our home-made Unity plugin : Memories. We are creating the game with Unity,coding in C# and the artistic tools are :Maya,PS,nDo,dDo and Xnormal . Project Silva Scenario ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Project Silva takes place in a far coming future where earth has disappeared and left behind it death few humans who traveled to different planets in the universe.Some of them found a desert planet and installed their base on it,that planet was then named Heaven.But Heaven was already occupied by the Androïdes,and they never wanted nor gave the humans an authorization to stay on SILVA,the official name of the planet that was given by the androïdes .The two civilizations then started a cold war and humans sent many secret agents in the Androïdes camp to destroy their Nuclear weapons before they start using them. The battle has just started and as an ADN75 Infiltrator you will be sent to many important Androïdes territories where your missions will vary from destroying Nuclear bases,Infiltrating the Androïdes camp to steal or hack important data.All your missions will be pretty clear and simple until you will discover the truth about the humans and their real goals in Heaven ; you will have the choice to stay with them and keep ignoring the reality or help the Androïdes and search more about the humans and the reason of their presence on Heaven.The Memories system will be used in this manner and every choice you make in any moment of the campaign will impact the rest of the game. Memories are texts (newspaper,e-mail,documentation,etc...) that can be found in the game environment during the campaign.There are many Memories in each Level and they are all dynamic,which means the informations they carry are based the Memories you've previously found. As there are two civilizations,you will only be able to follow one of them in certain chapters of the game,and the Memories of the civilization you are fighting against will note be available,but you can grab them on the game website by changing your chapters with those of someone else ! Introducing our team ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our goal is to deliver a unique Infiltration experience with a colored Artistic direction . The game will be available on Windows,Linux and Mac . Currently we are a small team of young amateur developers and we work on the game on our spare time : -Chaumette « Fansub » Adnan :Project Leader,Art Director,Level Designer and 3D Environment Artist . -Baidhir « Mayaaz » Hidair : Weapon and Props Artist . -Mathis « Artemisart » Chenuet : Technical Director and Gameplay Programmer . -Pierre "Minéos" Gervais : Game design Programmer, UI Programmer and External Tools Developer . - François-Xavier « FX » Guillois : Scriptwriter . - Fanny « Jelly » Husson : Concept Artist . We are Recruiting ! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ We are currently looking for some team members to help us in the development process of Project Silva . Here are the post we are seeking at : - 1 Level Designer : Experienced with the Unity Engine,modeling skills are a big + -3D Artists :Experienced with any modeling software,Character or Environment Artist . -1 Programmer : Experienced with the Unity Engine and the C# programming language . PS :The jobs are unpaid . If you're interested in one of the jobs bellow please contact me on my Skype : chaumette.adnan or fill the Contact Form on our website . ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ VIDEOS IMAGES Thanks !
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking forward to recruit a guy/ partner to do the programming of things in unity and web. I have found a few who are willing to but I need to make sure that they know what there doing. the biggest trouble is I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT PROGRAMMING!! Eg: fixing a door open script is easy but when i give a totally new objective they should b e able to grasp the idea, learn and get on with a solution. so is there any script i can ask them to make, or any quick test i can give them to see if it works?? I know javascript can work on a browser. so can i ask them to code a small thing and show it on computer?? what is your input on this?? can any of you write me a set of general javascript code with errors etc. so that i can show it to them and get their feedback!! Please
  8. Hi at all, my name is Claudio, i'm the founder of twingames http://www.twingames.it we developed more games in this year, and i now seeking new programmer to make some new games. Ios: https://itunes.apple.com/it/app/top-soccer/id808664264?mt=8 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Twin+Group+srl.&hl=it We are serious company, i'm interested in particular in racing game and fps games for ios/android... We can pay you with profit-share and minimun guaranteed price. If you are interested contact us at info@twingames.it Regards
  9. Hello guys I am looking for a programmer (C# or Js, it doesn't matter) for a small horror game called Stages of Horror. The game is really simple. You are a person trapped in a labyrinth with diffrent levels. Each level has his own atmosphere. The main quest is to escape of the labyrinth by completing all 10-20 (or maybe later some more) levels. The game will be in a cubic style (cause I love that). I don't mean minecraft style (no voxel). But the players will exist from cubes so are the enemies. Your job will be: -Creating AI -Trigger jumpscares,players,traps,audio,.... -Main menu script -player movement -GUI -... Fill in this if you want to join an pm me ( or send me a mail at: delaeyb@gmail.com) -Name -Age -Country -Work experience (required! Just the basic stuff. This project will be small and for free. So dont expect payments. I will take the modeling on me. See my portofolio on my site (note: portofolio isnt complete cause my harddrive crashed a week ago by a lightning bold) http://bramscrum.weebly.com/ I already got a sound designer. Hoping for a quick answer! Cheers
  10. Duxducis404

    Need a script?

    Hey, I started developing 7 years ago and started with unity 3 years ago. I know a lot of languages including C#, JS (Unity and browser), PHP, C++, Java, and C. I consider myself very skilled with the unity engine and C# in general, if you need a script comment here or PM me. Minimum price is $10 via paypal, paid after the script is done and the consumer satisfied.
  11. Hello folks A short introduction: I am Bram, a student from Belgium (that small country between the Netherlands and France) and I am looking for (a) teammate(s) to help me with a gameproject. The project is untitled but the concept is already on paper. I made already some projects (like a marble game with level unlocking and saving function, upload maybe --> reason? see later in thus topic) So what's the game about? Maybe a few of you guys still know the oldschool third/first person shooter B.R.E.E.D. That was an amazing game! But it was pretty bugged and never had a sequel due to some problems between the developers. I hear you already thinking "He want to make a sequel of the game, so lame". No I don't want to make a sequel of it but I want to use this game as a reference for my new project. I am a 3d artist/animator (still learning) and I have some concept art and an early model for the game but my exams are coming close and I am not on my pc right now so no pictures today. I am searching for a free programmer for the game (texture artists are also welcome). You need to have experience with unity and js, c#,... The scripts are mostly driving, shooting, health, (flying), missions... scripts. About the game (really short cause this topic is already way to long) - Humans travel to other planet for fuels -They found planet mostly made of sand and dirt but with a rich layer of coal deep under the sand. -Natives need to move --> aren't happy--> resistance-->litlle war -You = basic soldier -tasks= Sabotage, scouting, rescue missions, convoi protection, kill resistance...Gam Gameplay - Drive/walk/(fly) in open world -everything in first person view (also driving-----> high detaild cockpit (using render layers for less memory usage)) -not a Cod style shooting but less ammo, guns and overkill - realistic health (3 or 4 bullets are deadly) -Mission based with cinematic in game cutscenes -In game HUD (like the speed of the car is showed on a speedmeter in the car, not projected on the screen.) - Player uses resources (water and fuel) -multiplayer???? Concept art and 3d models will be uploaded soon. More info? Mail me: delaeyb@gmail.com Using Macbook pro 13" Unity Indie 4.3 Cheers Sorry for long topic and typos.
  12. Hi guys my name is Isaak Eriksson and I am a programmer in Backbone Games. We have released our alpha called Humanity Falling! We have happily been ably to use the fps kit. We would like to thank you for giving the fps kit to the community. We have modified the fps kit since we only use it as a small template for what's in store. We are going to add parkour, level creation, multiplayer, and much more. I originally started programming watching youtube tutorials like a year ago. Then I read the Unity's Essential Guide book and then I knew I was capable of much more. As I continue to develop my skills in unity game development, I am hoping to go study programming at a University! Here is the link to our game : http://www.mediafire.com/?1ojmra2dnmg1a3l
  13. I don't work in a team very well.... Now that's out of the way, Name: Alex I'm OK at modelling, but scripting and animating are my thing. I'm 15% done an unnamed game. It's a first-person magic/alien thing game I'm developing. Set in the near future of 2030, you can play 3 roles of choice. Soldier - Standard first person shooter. A few strange features such as using advanced nanorobotic parts that can stretch, change shapes and perform other actions, such as your cyborg eyes that scope out and target enemies. Alien - You start off as a black quad-legged creature with claws and a large pincer mouth. You first take out a military base, and explore the continent (Absolutely massive map is being modelled!) to find labs. You take out scientists and guards in unique ways that effect the storyline. You take down opponents and take character upgrades from them, being able to modify your character head-to-toe. Agent: You work for the aliens as a shape-shifting secret agent. Your job is to infiltrate military bases and silently kill opposing forces. You are skilled in black magic, giving you the ability to crush your enemies and shoot flames. But be warned - every time you use magic, the environment around you is corrupted with dark energies that create dimensional rifts, allowing for all different types of enemies to appear. The rifts can be helpful, because you can jump through and absorb the energy for more power, but at the cost of teleportation to a random area. The engine is being worked on. I'd estimate I need another week to finish the engine, and the game is still being written. The storyline is that aliens have been surviving on their planet for a long time, but a small dimensional rip formed and acted as a portal between worlds. As the soldiers flooded into the alien planet, the aliens got to Earth. The aliens spread a disease that infects the entire world. If the alien planet is destroyed or heavily damaged, we all go cold turkey. If the aliens win, we all become aliens, and the Earth is enslaved. That's not it, I'm still working on it. It has different endings, 10 per 3 characters, so 30 endings all depending on who you kill, how you kill them, where you hide, when you run, how many times you are shot, and how many living people spot you without dying. If you play the game peacefully, for example, as an alien, people will like you. If you play aggressively as an alien and don't get seen a lot, people will be scared, in hiding and even commit suicide (You can explore houses, in the end you can see people hanging or on the ground with slit necks.). Those are just small examples. I'm thinking 2033: The Invaders (Note = the game is an open-world first person action adventure game with dark comedy here and there. With mild cursing, intense violence, blood and gore, drug use, alchohol use, and strong adult themes this game is targeted at mature audiences) Yeah. What should I name it? Also, I hope to learn a lot here, it's my first game. It's only 4 percent finished, seeing as what I've written of the actual full storyline and missions should take a few days to weeks to play through. So far the soldier is playable, to the point of walking around in a box and shooting cubes that shoot back at you and run. Luckily, the AI is quite nice. There is no current screenshot yet. Also, I've written my own physics, cameras etc. because I don't like relying on unknown code.
  14. Hello everybody, teamlight need a programmer for an Horror game like Slender but with another cool creepy monster The game since 10 month ago work every single day at today. This is the product for now: \//////////////////////////////////////////////////////// \/////// //////////\///////////////////////////////////////////////////// If you're a programmer and you like the project, we need you to continue this cool horror game, we need really simple script now. My skype: leonecaramanica or Facebook (GamePage): https://www.facebook.com/LUltimoBuccaggio Work = 95%
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