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Found 26 results

  1. Next, I bought the FPS Kit 3.0 and the FPS Kit 2.0 When I will import it to the Unity 5.5.0 F3 it pops up this error in photon, can someone help me? I don't know what to do!!!
  2. Hi! It's been a while. I'm working now on a project, and in the making of the character, I've encountered a rig problem. I've attached the image with the problem. I've tried to use weight painting, but it has no effect, also tried to change de vertex group, but also had no effect. This is how it looks without movement
  3. Hi everyone ! I've recently purchased a new hosting plan on hostgator (hatchling plan) for a one year period and a domain name (pictacube.com). The problem is that I can't see it in the manage domains section and my domain is still available to register. I tried to use their live chat system to ask the staff why, but it seems that even the chat doesn't work because when I click on the Send Message button, it doesn't send my question ! So, I'm asking there if anyone has ever experienced that kind of problem (if you were on hostgator) and could help me ! It would be great ! Thanks in advance ! Here are some screenshot to have a better look on my problem :
  4. Hello, As you can see from the title I'm using the AU Fps kit 1.5 and I have a problem with aiming down sights. I've imported and animated a pistol to the unity and when I start the game aiming looks like this: http://postimg.org/image/87mashs0l/ and after i reload the gun it looks like this http://postimg.org/image/3jqr1c9yp/ I checked all the animations and they seems to be fine. I didn't add any scripts that may change the position of the gun.
  5. Could anybody tell me how to add new character, weapons, and add it to class customization and weapon costumization? or anybody could give me link tutorial
  6. please help me !! I have this problem how to fix
  7. Hey everyone, i'm new here but I've been using the FPS kit 2 for awhile. I upgraded to Unity5 and Now I get an error saying "Non-Convex meshcolliders with non-kinematic rigidbodies are no longer supported in Unity5" The Character can look around but he cannot move with the arrow keys etc. Help would be appreciated. Thanks Email: rulersonice@Hotmail.com
  8. Hi there, You may experience this not as a problem but I do. Since its necessary I really want to find a solution for this. Ok, so first: Using a headset and a microphone (only this can be heard by others) works fine. But what I am trying to do is; How do I let other people also hear my Sounds that are being received by the headset in this case? Instead of only the mic. being heard. I'm looking forward to your replies, because this is really important right now.
  9. hey guys i was wondering that i need really help.................. the help is i was trying to open a gun animation in blender but every time i open the animetion in unity to blender i dont see any thing exept the cube
  10. Hello there, The following problem I'm experiencing the last few days is a problem on the Asset Store of Unity. First I log on, and I should be able to download and import the assets I've bought. So. ...But in the newer version (4.6 or higher) I'm having an issue that hardly seems to be 'fixable'. It seems I can't download any bought assets on my account when I am logged on, on the newer versions of Unity3D. This is really frustating because some of them can only be imported in atleast Unity's 4.5 version or higher. Mostly of all I'm getting the following message in the Console. It appears about 3 times when pressing the Download-button at an Asset (model, scripts etc.) . What I've been trying to do, but having no positive results (these operations do not fix the problem) : - Re-installing Unity3D - Replace newest version of Unity3D with an older version - Delete Caches - Delete downloadCaches - Delete Editor.log files - Block/Unblock Unity3D in FireWall settings - Reset internetConnection So, now I'm asking if someone could be handy in fixing this problem.
  11. Hello there, I'm experiencing the following problem for years now and it keeps me annoying that I don't know how to solve this. Below I've made a video. http://www.mediafire.com/watch/?t6sgdtcbeduz6e3 Note: I will let you hear two different games, firing an assault rifle. My own game uses the Photon Cloud networking system. I still don't know how to fix this problem. Actually... The higher the ping, the more the gun-sync will decrease. Yes, as you can hear the gun-sync in my game is terribly bad even when playing over a LAN connection with only 2 players, and 2 ping! I'd like to solve this problem, so I need help. Another great example is that it is technically possible. Take OneManArmy's Modern FPS for example. It is based on Photon Cloud I think, or not? I'm not sure.
  12. Hi guys, Clothes are intertwined. How can I solve this? I attract the video to better explain the problem. Video ; http://youtu.be/6NjxieGmJHE Picture ; http://upmatik.com/m/2014/08/02/1NSdRY.png http://upmatik.com/m/2014/08/02/2e3OIV.png Code ; using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class Kıyafet : MonoBehaviour { public GameObject orjCharacter; public GameObject orjDress; void OnGUI() { if (GUI.Button(new Rect(0, 0, 70, 20), "Render")) { AddLimb(orjDress, orjCharacter); } } void AddLimb(GameObject BonedObj, GameObject RootObj) { var BonedObjects = BonedObj.gameObject.GetComponentsInChildren<SkinnedMeshRenderer>(); foreach (SkinnedMeshRenderer SkinnedRenderer in BonedObjects) ProcessBonedObject(SkinnedRenderer, RootObj); } private void ProcessBonedObject(SkinnedMeshRenderer ThisRenderer, GameObject RootObj) { var NewObj = new GameObject(ThisRenderer.gameObject.name); NewObj.transform.parent = RootObj.transform; NewObj.AddComponent<SkinnedMeshRenderer>(); var NewRenderer = NewObj.GetComponent<SkinnedMeshRenderer>(); var MyBones = new Transform[ThisRenderer.bones.Length]; for (var i = 0; i < ThisRenderer.bones.Length; i++) MyBones[i] = FindChildByName(ThisRenderer.bones[i].name, RootObj.transform); NewRenderer.bones = MyBones; NewRenderer.sharedMesh = ThisRenderer.sharedMesh; NewRenderer.materials = ThisRenderer.materials; } private Transform FindChildByName(string ThisName, Transform ThisGObj) { Transform ReturnObj; if (ThisGObj.name == ThisName) return ThisGObj.transform; foreach (Transform child in ThisGObj) { ReturnObj = FindChildByName(ThisName, child); if (ReturnObj) return ReturnObj; } return null; } } I'm waiting for help.
  13. Hey guys , Plz i need help with my door/key scripts , the scripts works very well But when i pickup a key it can opens all the doors , a friend says that i need ints to multiple keys/doors but i dunno how to do it so plz help , there is the scripts : Key #pragma strict static var HaveKey : boolean = false; function Start () { } function Update () { } function OnTriggerStay (Player : Collider){ if(Input.GetKey(KeyCode.E)){ HaveKey = true; } } Door //Booleans: var IsOpen : boolean = false; var CanOpen : boolean = false; var NeedKey : boolean = true; var DoorInt : int; //Audios: var Locked : AudioClip; var Open : AudioClip; //Other: var Volume : float = 0.5; var KeyScript : GameObject; function Start () { audio.volume = Volume; } function Update () { if(Input.GetKeyUp(KeyCode.E) && !IsOpen && CanOpen && !NeedKey) { Opening(); IsOpen = true; audio.clip = Open; audio.Play(); } else if(Input.GetKeyUp(KeyCode.E) && IsOpen && CanOpen && !NeedKey) { Closing(); IsOpen = false; } else if(Input.GetKeyUp(KeyCode.E) && CanOpen && NeedKey) { audio.clip = Locked; audio.Play(); } if(KeyScript.GetComponent(Key).HaveKey == true) { NeedKey = false; } } function Opening() { for (var i = 0; i < 100; i++) { transform.Rotate(0,0.9,0); yield WaitForSeconds(0.01); } } function Closing() { for (var i = 0; i < 100; i++) { transform.Rotate(0,-0.9,0); yield WaitForSeconds(0.01); audio.clip = Open; audio.Play(); } } function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider) { if(other.gameObject.tag == "Player") { CanOpen = true; } } function OnTriggerExit (other : Collider) { if(other.gameObject.tag == "Player") { CanOpen = false; } } @script RequireComponent(AudioSource)
  14. I'm messing around with the photon kit and I noticed that the player's camera won't render if HDR is enabled. This is really annoying and I've tried bloody everything to try and fix it. Here's a screenshot with HDR disabled, as you can see in the game view everything is fine: Here's a screenshot of the exact same thing with HDR enabled, the game view just renders the scene camera. When you play the game, the screen renders black but the GUI still works fine: Here's my player settings: Here's my Quality settings, I've even made sure to turn off anti aliasing: If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it, this is really bugging me. Thank you in advance.
  15. WHAT THE HECK? Well, i was adding some new quality settings for my options menu in the game. But, when I enable to the player to change the anisotropic filtering state (enabled, disabled), the graphics are lower, even if i change to higher, lower, it's the same quality! The code: var antialiasing : int = 0; //actual antialiasing level var vsynclevel : int = 0; //vSync counts var anisotropic : boolean = false; //anisotropic is enabled? var blendweights : int = 1;//blendweights settings function Start(){ blendweights = QualitySettings.blendWeights; vsynclevel = QualitySettings.vSyncCount; antialiasing = QualitySettings.antiAliasing; graphicsQuality = QualitySettings.GetQualityLevel (); } function Update(){ if(antialiasing == 1){ antialiasing = 2; } if(antialiasing == 3){ antialiasing = 4; } if(antialiasing == 5){ antialiasing = 8; } if(antialiasing == 6){ antialiasing = 8; } if(antialiasing == 7){ antialiasing = 8; } if(blendweights == 3){ blendweights = 4; } } function OnGUI(){ if (GUI.Button (Rect (256,halfheight-120,512,60), "Multiplayer")) { //start searching a multiplayer match } if (GUI.Button (Rect (256,halfheight-55,512,60), "Options")) { optionsOn = !optionsOn; //set options to the inverse (if it's in true, set to false, if it's in false set to true) } if (GUI.Button (Rect (256,halfheight+10,512,60), "Credits")) { //show the credits } if (!optionsOn){ return; //nothing happens } else{ GUI.Box(Rect(818, halfheight-256, 500, 400), "Options"); //show options if(GUI.Button(Rect(830, halfheight-235, 160, 40), "Graphics")){ graphics = true; //show the graphics menu controls = false; //hide the controls menu } if(GUI.Button(Rect(1000, halfheight-235, 160, 40), "Controls")){ graphics = false; //show the graphics menu controls = true; //hide the controls menu } if (!graphics){ return; //nothing happens } else{ //General Quality settings GUI.BeginGroup(Rect(830, halfheight-170, 380, 20)); GUI.Box(Rect(0,0,380, 20),""); graphicsQuality = GUI.HorizontalSlider(Rect(190,5,180, 60), graphicsQuality, 1, 6);//here, the user sets quality GUI.Label(Rect(10,0, 180, 60),"Actual graphics settings: " + graphicsQuality); //the label that says what is the actual quality setting GUI.EndGroup (); //125 blendweitgh settings GUI.BeginGroup(Rect(830, halfheight-125, 380, 20)); GUI.Box(Rect(0,0, 380, 20),""); blendweights = GUI.HorizontalSlider(Rect(190,5,180,60), blendweights, 1,4); GUI.Label(Rect(10, 0, 180, 60), "Actual blend weigths: "+ blendweights); GUI.EndGroup(); //antialiasing settings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GUI.BeginGroup(Rect(830, halfheight-80, 385, 20)); GUI.Box(Rect(0,0,385,20),""); antialiasing = GUI.HorizontalSlider(Rect(195, 5, 180, 60), antialiasing, 0, 8); GUI.Label(Rect(5, 0, 180, 60),"Actual antialiasing level: " + antialiasing + "x"); //the label that says what is the actual quality setting GUI.EndGroup (); //vSync settings GUI.BeginGroup(Rect(830, halfheight-35, 385, 20)); GUI.Box(Rect(0,0,385,20),""); vsynclevel = GUI.HorizontalSlider(Rect(195, 5, 180, 60), vsynclevel, 0, 2); GUI.Label(Rect(5, 0, 180, 60),"Actual vSync counts: " + vsynclevel); //the label that says what is the actual quality setting GUI.EndGroup (); //anisotropic filetring settings GUI.BeginGroup(Rect(830, halfheight+10, 385, 60)); GUI.Box(Rect(0,0,385,60),""); if(anisotropic == false){ if(GUI.Button(Rect(195, 10, 180, 40), "enable")){ anisotropic = true; } } else{ if(GUI.Button(Rect(195, 10, 180, 40), "disable")){ anisotropic = false; } } GUI.Label(Rect(5, 20, 180, 60),"Anisotropic filetring: "); //the label that says what is the actual quality setting GUI.EndGroup (); //this is for aply changes if(GUI.Button(Rect(840,halfheight+80, 180, 60), "Save Changes")){ if(graphicsQuality != QualityLevel){ QualitySettings.SetQualityLevel(graphicsQuality, true); } if(antialiasing != QualitySettings.antiAliasing){ QualitySettings.antiAliasing = antialiasing; } if(vsynclevel != QualitySettings.vSyncCount){ QualitySettings.vSyncCount = vsynclevel; } if(anisotropic == true){ //HERE IS THE PROBLEM QualitySettings.anisotropicFiltering = AnisotropicFiltering.Enable; } else{ QualitySettings.anisotropicFiltering = AnisotropicFiltering.Disable; } //HERE ENDS THE PROBLEM if(blendweights != QualitySettings.blendWeights){ QualitySettings.blendWeights = blendweights; } } } } } Screenshots: Also, any tip works!
  16. Hey guys, Could someone here help me with an AI, been having a lot of problems with it and its the last part of my School prodject. I am making a Horror game with ghosts and i have tryed to make an Pathfinder based on Nodes, but had very big problems with colition, as they are ghoses they should be able to pass walls, but only when they are not attacking you . if ( Attacking!=true) fly around like a sweet pie, if (Attacking == true) they shall have collition and things as doors should be able to stop them. I have also tryed to build it of cells, and added Doors in to the pathfinding, but even there i had problems wheni closed the door when the ghost was to close to the door, it got stuck and / or got shoot up in to the air. The thing with The Node pathfinding system was that is sometimes bugged so the ghosed bugged around a lot, even stayed at the same node. Ill admit that AI and Pathfinding is not my strong side, i am really bad at it. but what is a game without an AI? Would love any help that i could get from any of you with pathfinding / AI. Love Kanin.
  17. jag9980

    enum problem

    i am new to enums and i think i have messed it up at my first try... the state doesnt seem to change and the animation doesnt play. enum p_state { walk_F, walk_L, walk_R, walk_B, run_F, bm, bm_run, bm_L, bm_R, bm_A1, bm_A2, bm_A3, jump, takedmg, idle, } var cancontrol = true; var state : p_state; function Update () {if (cancontrol){ if(p_state == "idle"){ animation.Play("idle"); } if (p_state == "walk_F"){ animation.Play("walk"); } } }
  18. jag9980

    mecanim problems

    ok , so i have just began using mecanim and have started to face wierd problems.. 1. gravity - no gravity seems to work on my animations , even though i have attached any one of these - charactercontroller,capsulecollider,rigidbody or even a ragdoll . 2. collision - if i add a ragdoll or a capsule collider and a rigidbody, no collision takes place. however, if i disable the "animator" component, everything works ...
  19. Hi, Im making a multiplayer FPS and have just recently added a Sniper rifle with a scope on it. This all works great, but if I spawn myself far away from any buildings/gameObjects and look at them through the sniper scope they bug out and don't render properly. I have attached an image to show what I mean. Any ideas why? NOTE: This image was cropped to fit the filesize limit for Unity Answers, but their website doesn't work for me. :/
  20. Hi, I have made a suspension bridge for my game in blender but when I want to import it into Unity, the arcs of the bridge are flat instead to have the arc shape. Here are some screenshots : In Blender : In Object Mode : In Edit Mode : Render : In Unity : Thanks for any help !!!
  21. Hello Armed Unity members! These days Youtube was loading videos too slowly even with a high speed internet connection. The problem is not your connection it's just a problem in Youtube database where they load videos to all people around the world. So to fix this problem you must follow those easy steps below to load videos directly from Youtube servers (if you have a low speed connection or you're not on Windows then you may ignore this topic) 1) Open CMD 2) Run it as administrator 3) In CMD type this command netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="YouTubePerformanceHack" dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes 4) Press Enter If everything went okay then you'll see "OK" in the last line. But if something went wrong and you didn't get "OK" then you should go back to the normal settings by typing this command netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name="YouTubePerformanceHack" This is not a real hack or cheat it's just a way to boost speed and it's not prohibited by law Best Regards, B13story.
  22. Hey, i have a problem with Yield in my "Page collection" script (like slender) in JavaScript. When you click if you're into a trigger, the page disappear and put for ex. "1/6" in the Guitext and, with the yield the guitext.text = "" The problem is: Yield doesn't work #pragma strict var GuiText : GUIText; var Page: GameObject; var TriggerZone : GameObject; var Activate : boolean = true; function Start () { } function Update () { } function OnTriggerStay () { if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Mouse0) && Activate == true) { var script : PageCount = GetComponent(PageCount); script.x += 1; GuiText.text = script.x.ToString() + "/8"; Destroy(Page); yield WaitForSeconds (3); GuiText.text = ""; Activate = false; } } 2nd script (PageCount) : #pragma strict static var x : int; function Start () { } function Update () { }
  23. Everytime i open unity and build game, he import all assets in 1hr and i cant stop it. This happened when i change player options in build game settings. I try for fun to build in Flashplayer my game and this happened. Can anyone help me? Im exploding.
  24. I have a problem with triggers. when the object touch the trigger the script doesn't work. Trigger = Cube with Mesh Collider and TriggerMode = on Object to collide = My .fbx model with normal Mesh Collider Script: function OnTriggerEnter () { Application.LoadLevel(2); } --------------------------------------- I'm sure i did something wrong on Colliders but not in the script.
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