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Found 2 results

  1. morten2808

    My inventory Script!

    Hello so i am still new at coding so i don`t say this is perfect or something stupid but yea i am abit proud of the script i have made. And all can use it to non commercial and commercial use!! PS Thanks to Jolo309 for helping me though learning C# Best person ever to help and the niceste guy ever !! Now here is the Inventory Code: Now here is the Item Code: Here is the PickUp script: Here is the Slot script: Here is the codes to use And again a big thanks to Jolo309 for learning me everything
  2. Hello Guys i have a really weird Error while trying to use Raycast to ´pick up Items. It gives the error only if the item is near by if it is like at the end of the raycast then it works fine. I cant spot any mistake? I didnt change the code since it worked yesterday The error happens in Aufheben() i think.. where i try to sendMessage to the hit transform. Heres the code? #pragma strict var distanz : int = 5;// Wie weit soll die linie gehen? var aufheben : int = 1; // Wie viele Items er immer aufheben soll! Sollte 1 Bleiben! var items : int[]; var aufnahmeSound : AudioClip; var invScript : InventarScript; var gshow :boolean = false; var aufScript : Aufhebbar; function Start () { invScript = GameObject.FindWithTag("Player").GetComponent(InventarScript); aufScript = GameObject.FindWithTag("Player").GetComponent(Aufhebbar); } function Update () { Aufheben(); } function Aufheben(){ var hit : RaycastHit; //hit speichert was er trifft zB hit.tag == ""? var ray : Ray = Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay(Vector3(Screen.width*0.5, Screen.height*0.5, 0)); //erzeugt die unsichtbare linie in der mitte des bildschirms if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.E)){ //Wenn E gedrückt wird.. if(Physics.Raycast(ray,hit,distanz)){ //Und der raycast etwas trifft bis zu der distanz hit.transform.SendMessage("Aufheben", aufheben, SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver); //soll er bei dem getroffenen die funktion "Aufheben" ausführen und die Zahl aufheben liefern } } } function Itemaufheben(itemID : int){ var i : int = 0; for(i=0; i<9;i++){ if(!invScript.inventarPlatzBelegt[i]){ invScript.inventarPlatzBelegt[i] = true; items[itemID] = items[itemID] + 1; GetComponent.<AudioSource>().PlayOneShot(aufnahmeSound); invScript.geld += 1; break; } if(invScript.inventarPlatzBelegt[8]){ gshow = true; yield WaitForSeconds(0.06f); gshow = false; } } } function OnGUI(){ if(gshow){ GUI.Box(Rect(Screen.width/2,Screen.height/2,300,20),"Kein Platz mehr in der Tasche."); } } I really need help because its for my "skilled work" in Informatic at school.