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Found 6 results

  1. Here is a pretty simple ZombieAi Script i made to make use of Unitys NavMesh It should be pretty easy to set up ( your player should have be tagged as: "Player" and you might also want to change the line where damage is delt to fit ur project)
  2. What is wrong with this code? I'm using A* pathfinding from here Problem: NullReferenceException UnityEngine.CharacterController.SimpleMove (Vector3 speed) (at C:/BuildAgent/work/d3d49558e4d408f4/artifacts/EditorGenerated/NewDynamics.cs:2768) AstarAI.FixedUpdate () (at Assets/AstarAI.cs:54) Effects: Ai not moving. Script: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; //Note this line, if it is left out, the script won't know that the class 'Path' exists and it will throw compiler errors //This line should always be present at the top of scripts which use %Pathfinding using Pathfinding; using Pathfinding.RVO; public class AstarAI : MonoBehaviour { public Transform targetPosition; private CharacterController controller; //The calculated path public Path path; //The AI's speed per second public float speed = 3; //The max distance from the AI to a waypoint for it to continue to the next waypoint public float nextWaypointDistance = 3; //The waypoint we are currently moving towards private int currentWaypoint = 0; public void Start () { //Get a reference to the Seeker component we added earlier Seeker seeker = GetComponent<Seeker>(); //Start a new path to the targetPosition, return the result to the OnPathComplete function seeker.StartPath (transform.position,targetPosition.position, OnPathComplete); } public void OnPathComplete (Path p) { Debug.Log ("Yey, we got a path back. Did it have an error? "+p.error); if (!p.error) { path = p; //Reset the waypoint counter currentWaypoint = 0; } } public void FixedUpdate () { if (path == null) { //We have no path to move after yet return; } if (currentWaypoint >= path.vectorPath.Count) { Debug.Log ("End Of Path Reached"); return; } //Direction to the next waypoint Vector3 dir = (path.vectorPath[currentWaypoint]-transform.position).normalized; dir *= speed * Time.fixedDeltaTime; controller.SimpleMove(dir); //HERE IS THE PROBLEM //Check if we are close enough to the next waypoint //If we are, proceed to follow the next waypoint if (Vector3.Distance (transform.position,path.vectorPath[currentWaypoint]) < nextWaypointDistance) { currentWaypoint++; return; } } } (Yes, it's the one who Aron gives in the A* documentation)
  3. Hey guys, Could someone here help me with an AI, been having a lot of problems with it and its the last part of my School prodject. I am making a Horror game with ghosts and i have tryed to make an Pathfinder based on Nodes, but had very big problems with colition, as they are ghoses they should be able to pass walls, but only when they are not attacking you . if ( Attacking!=true) fly around like a sweet pie, if (Attacking == true) they shall have collition and things as doors should be able to stop them. I have also tryed to build it of cells, and added Doors in to the pathfinding, but even there i had problems wheni closed the door when the ghost was to close to the door, it got stuck and / or got shoot up in to the air. The thing with The Node pathfinding system was that is sometimes bugged so the ghosed bugged around a lot, even stayed at the same node. Ill admit that AI and Pathfinding is not my strong side, i am really bad at it. but what is a game without an AI? Would love any help that i could get from any of you with pathfinding / AI. Love Kanin.
  4. Im making a game using the fps kit 1.3.5 and I saw this thing called nav mesh for npc navigation in unity. Is there any way I can use this to make the zombie AI avoid obstacles? Thanks
  5. I want to set up path finding for the zombies in fps Kit 1.3.5 using Rain Indie but I cant figure out how to use Rain. Does anyone know how to use rain and set up path finding for the zombies?
  6. OK maybe rephrase this a little bit I supposed the question in turn was "why is there no attempts at creating and FPS Shooter and Only zombies" Not saying this is a bad thing but, I would be interested in seeing some actually enemy shooter type ai going on from anyone, most one the form are all using the same (Zombies) even on my IPAD Dead triggers is the top game in unity store or games like it. "I understand what the fps starter kit is for I just don't understand why people are using it all in the same way" I guess the bottom line is I need help developing a good quality SHOOTER TYPE enemy's and intelligent AI (OMA kit is good great even but the kit im talking will be different) taking the focus away from zombies and puts it on Soldier enemies and tactical systems, if anyone is interested and can help please feel free to message me and we can work together and create something beautiful (This project does not have to be completed within a certain time frame just sort of a spare time kinda deal because as in the comments below I do understand everyone is working on their own game, even myself)
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