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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone! I've created another package inside Unity called Vaijk Inventory System. This is an amazingly dynamic and flexible inventory system, it can be adpated to be used in any game you imagine an inventory system fit for. The Vaijk Inventory System comes with a set of utilities that can be used by beginners to get their project going or can be custumized to a whole new level, you determine how the inventory behaves and looks like. Feature Spotlight: - 8 clean and commented scripts; - Basic player system (movement, camera-rotation, health); - Interactable objects; - Item dropping; - Item stacking, crafting, swapping, seperating, usability, etc; - 100% custumizable inventory system; - And many other features... Price for the package: only $7.99 Feel like taking a better look at it? Check it out at Sellfy: https://sellfy.com/p/s23u/ Note: A showcase/tutorial video will be coming out as soon as time is available. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys! I've been working on a project for the few past weeks, I've made it into a Unity Package (Sort of like an Asset). It's part of my freelancing work. Here's a showcase video on the my project: If you're interested in checking the full list of features the project has OR want to support my freelancing you can go to: https://sellfy.com/p/F2VH Any comments are welcome. Thanks for stopping by.
  3. Hello everyone! Wave Survival Multiplayer is for whoever wants to kickstart their project as fast as possible, but without poor quality gameplay or lack of features. Spend less time on the burdensome technical requirements of making your game and dive into the fun stuff, let me take care of the boring parts for you! With Wave Survival Multiplayer you get the complete package: from zombies that will try to eat you and your friends brains to a nicely custom designed multiplayer lobby. Stop worrying about the hard part about making games, and jump straight to implementing your ideas. Let creativity be your only barrier! Price for the package: only $11.99 Feel like taking a better look at it? Check it out at Sellfy: https://sellfy.com/p/F2VH/ Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone! I've created another package inside Unity called Vaijk Network Chat. This package includes many features such as: - Simple network framework; - Chat scrollbar; - Custom text wrapping; - Random player name colors; - Adapted for both the legacy GUI and the new Unity UI system; - Adapted for both the legacy Network system and the new UNET system; - 2 straight-forward scripts. Price for the package: only $2.99 Feel like taking a better look at it? Check it out at Sellfy: https://sellfy.com/p/wz7v Thanks! Especial note: A massive thank you to everyone who has purchased my other package (the Wave Survival Multiplayer package), I just wanted to let you guys know that the motivation and self-improvement that this has proportionated to me is beyond words. Again, thank you very much. Sometimes I think that I'm not selling assets, but instead receiving donations and giving something back in gratitude!
  5. Hello (this is my first ever post) I have been scanning the Unity Forums and have found a free package called Virtual Painter. http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/virtual-painter-3d-mesh-painting-tool-for-within-unity3d.165657/ I have been using blender for UV mapping for all of my models, but not any more! I still unwrap the UV's in blender but this tool is very useful. I expect it could be useful for other beginners.
  6. All set with your rigged character and weapon? Ready to start making the best FPS in all of mankind? Well you need a map. Making a map is a pretty complex job with all the modeling, setting things up, rating how they look, fixing things, lightmapping and so on.. Last thing you need is to make all the buildings and stuff one by one, especially if you’re a programmer. So I’ve decided to upload this awesome building pack I made before. Fully textured and low poly. Free for commercial and non – commercial usage! No credits required! Download Package Details: Verts : 2804 Faces : 2791 Formats Included – DAE, 3DS, FBX, OBJ. Native Format – .Blend The original post here at this site : BlendControl
  7. NEW PACKAGE! This time, it's a grenade, smoke grenade that is! It's the M18 Smoke Grenade, which is suitable for ANY FPS game you're developing! Use it in a deadly arsenal to put up smoke while you go in for the kill/go in for a heist. Best of all, it's LOW POLY! Won't put a high number on your drawcalls count or lag your testing even a bit! ENJOY! _____________________________________________________________ Download! IMAGE:
  8. Hello Everyone. This package contains metal barrel + 5 Different textures. Verts : 928 per barrel (i know its high for this sort of model but i wanted to bring some great graphics inside unity engine) For 3D view go to : http://sketchfab.com/nkhf1d0b To Download go to : http://ugsify.blogspot.in/2013/09/free-metal-marrels-package.html If you have any suggestion,question or feedback comment below. Enjoy!
  9. Hi Guys, Just wanted to tell you we just released a beta version of the Scringo Unity Plugin for Android, I'd be happy if you could take a look. Don't know if you know Scringo, it's an SDK that doubles (at least!) your user retention. It lets you add tons of features (Inbox, Activity feed, Radar, Feedback, Login to Facebook/Twitter/Email, and lots of others), and now it supports Unity. Just download the unitypackage, import it to your IDE and then you can launch all kinds of cool screens from your C# (Scringo.openInbox(), Scringo.openFeedback() etc). We're launching the beta so we would really like some top-notch, hands-on devs to take a look and tell us if that's what you'd want, what else would you like to see there and whatever... You need to register in order to get an App ID, but it's free of course... Register here: http://www.scringo.com/signup.php and then download this: https://dev.scringo.com/resources.php?resource=downloads⊂=Unity Feel free to email me directly for questions at ofer@scringo.com Thanks!
  10. Yes! A new package! After a long time too, well this is it, the Ak - 47 Tactical, probably our best gun yet, filled with specular maps, normal maps, and diffuse maps! The deadly AK! Download Verts : 4539 Faces : 2500
  11. A map cannot just be buildings, it needs some flair too. Some stuff on it that makes it look real, because in the real world, there are uncountable stuff in a single scene. So to add some realism to your map, here are some game-ready props which will enhance your scene and the gameplay of your FPS, RPG, TPG or whatever you’re developing! Download Package Details : Total Verts : 852 Total Faces : 806 Formats Included – DAE, 3DS, FBX, OBJ. Native Format – .Blend The original post here at this site : BlendControl
  12. It is not up to the mark, but somehow i did it. It was my first attempt at Nature Assets. Hope You like Programs Used : Blender Gimp TO DOWNLOAD PLEASE VISIT : http://pixel4d.blogspot.in/2013/04/nature-assets-release.html
  13. I have two projects, one of them is OMA's FPS kit and the other is my project with an animated horse with locomotion. The problem is when I try to make a package out of my horse project, some things in the package become really big when imported into the FPS project. I don't know why this is happening so can anyone please help me?
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