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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone! I am working on a graphics / performance update for my simulator and I would like to achieve realistic looking natural landscapes with high density of vegetation. Stable 60fps and least lag is very important to have for fluid simulation even when running it on non high-end computers. By using Unity's terrain system I couldn't make realistic vegetation density with playable FPS on a middle spec computer only when I used manually placed / painted objects with a custom editor script and marked them as Static for batching. I have included 2 screenshots of what I could achieve with custom painted objects with LOD system and Static Batching. It is now running at 60fps mainly with some minor fps drops when SpeedTrees are in LOD0 on an older i7 2600k cpu / Radeon RX460 based pc. There are some assets which can combine objects or do a much faster instancing to have various type of plants in realistic density without any serious performance impacts. I am curious about how it is possible to optimise foliage like that. I even read somewhere that a forest of a single tree prefab can be optimised to have the same performance costs like using that tree only once in the scene. If so then how? Can you please help me to find a working solution or give any advices? Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi ! I'm currently creating some kind of social networking app for mlobile. Everything is working fine except when loading something from the database (using WWW). When I load something from it I'm getting some kind of spike of CPU... The problem is that for this kind of app, I really need to load a lot from the database. Does anyone have any tips to optimize the way I could get infos from the database ? I'm currently doing something like this to get infos from the database : WWWForm theWWWForm = new WWWForm(); theWWWForm.AddField ("friend", friendName); theWWWForm.AddField ("me", myUsername); WWW data = new WWW (System.Uri.EscapeUriString("https://MyWebsite/FolderPath/ScriptToInteractWith.php"), theWWWForm); yield return data; Here's the profiler ScreenShot (for example when I load photos) :
  3. Unity Coder Unity Optimization Tips (multiple links) Intel Developer Zone How To Plan Optimizations with Unity* Unity Docs Optimizing Graphics Performance Optimizing Physics Performance Performance Optimization Code Project Unity and C# : Performance Optimization tips Paladin Studios 4 Ways To Increase Performance of your Unity Game Techgalaxy 5 Basic Ways to Improve Performance in C# Jacksondunstan GetComponent by type versus string test & benchmarks Databases MYSQL 10 Tips for Optimizing MySQL Queries Other Java Performance comparison of different ways to iterate over HashMap I'd you'd like to add content, please, notify me first.
  4. I am finishing up what I would consider the core gameplay elements of a game I've been working on, and am debating making another pass through the code to optimize before it becomes too daunting. On that note I a/some questions about unity and optimization. 1. Calling public variables from other scripts: for example my crosshair script calls for a weaponsaccuracy variable from my weaponinfo script to control the spread of the crosshairs. this is done in the update() function so it's happening all the time. My question is how much of a performance difference there is between calling a public variable cross-script over using a local variable. I had debated putting a conditional statement in update() and only calling in the weaponaccuracy on weapon change, converting it to a local variable for use on every Update() call, but this would only be worthwhile if there is a significant performance different between local variable usage and public cross-script variable usage. *** I realize that small scale this will not make a difference, this is both for my own education / best practices and in consideration of possible futures for this project being a multiplayer 3rd person shooter where there would be much more going. I'm at work again right now, but after I get back and have a chance to look over some more code I'm sure I'll have a couple other little questions about optimization, Thanks ahead of time for any input.
  5. I'm having a problem when I die in my game where my framerate drops from 60+ frames per second down to about 6 to 8 frames per second. When the player's health drops to 0, I activate a ragdoll with a camera attached to the head, I know this isn't the problem as I've been using this method in the game for months. The performance profiler says it's overhead and I don't really understand what that means, does anybody know what's happening? I've included some images of the functions that are called when the player dies and the profiler Image of the performance profiler:
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