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Found 2 results

  1. My name is Justin Smith, I'm 16 years old and an ex developer from the fan-game "Installation 01". While I was on the team, I learned a lot about the way a functional team should work, and the proper foundations of game development. I also learned a bit of 3d modelling due to my role in the team (designing layouts and blocking out maps). I recently departed from the project, and decided to start working on my own fan game. I was able to gather together some developers and we are currently working on a project titled "Project Cartographer". "Project Cartographer" aspires to become something Halo has yet to try, an open-world exploration game. Our current concept is for Project Cartographer to be based around an open-world "Firefight" mode, where you can unlock secrets and easter eggs, side with factions, and embark on side missions to upgrade your character and progress the story. Forge and Multiplayer are an eventual possibility, although that is not our focus and no work is currently being devoted to that. I plan to do monthly updates on the project, and screenshots will be shown when possible. We're definitely looking for developers in just about every field, and if you think you have what it takes, shoot me an email at: solaris.osiris.i01@gmail.com
  2. So to make everything pretty much clear, here's a few helpful links with more info about the game Unity forums: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/the-revelations-post-apocalyptic-survival-mmorpg-game.336512/ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheRevelationsOfficial Steam page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=476964467 Youtube teaser/trailer & quick overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNI5RS2pp8A Website: (Domain will be bought later) What the game basically is, is a hard-core roleplaying game in an post-apocalyptic environment with co-op, mmo/rpg style elements. There are singleplayer story mode for the 2 default characters and multiple online modes. All the data is held on the master-server. When the game is released most of the models will be replaced with the ones that are bought or made from scratch and the level also. Any comments, suggestions, ideas, concepts and criticism welcome. Thank you Most of media on the facebook page & steam page. Many thanks to UnityGamesRoland from this community, who made well done models which i used for game base so there would be atleast few buildings. As told on steam page a bigger description: What is The Revelations? The Revelations is based on many post-apocalyptic zombie survival games but with several different and unseen features. The game grabs many genres into it, for example rpg elements, hard-core roleplaying experience with simulations. The game has a variaty of singleplayer story, and multiplayer online (mmorpg) modes which you can take part in. Main features: Totally new and fresh, started from scratch multiplayer framework. New Animations system. Networking and multiplayer framework build from scratch, which is complete right now. Enemy Artifical Intelligence and their actions. (Enemy detects you within eye range, sound and other factors) State machine based actions, Energy, Running, Walking and hunger. Smart and very advanced artifical intelligence path finding to player. (No wall clipping or various bugs) Graphics and player views enhancments (Graphics has been highly optimized and running stable on 70fps) Player friendly third person movement and viewport to walk and look around the huge open-world First world region in the open-world. (Sand,Winter,Rainy and other region type ares will come) Dynamic weather and timing system (Includes raining, snowing and wind storms in different regions) Day and night cycles Dynamic and advanced enemy Skills (Cooking,Fishing,Farming,Crafting,Medicine,Construction) Survival elements (Hunger,Hydration,Injuries,Energy[Running & sleep]) Environment elements (All of the buildings will be enterable,Animals,Diseases,Traps) Item and object elements (Gathering, can pickup items such as weapons, food and more) Character elements (Items,Clothings,Actions) Actions (Making campfire, putting up a tent, sleeping, eating, drinking, gathering water and more) Crafting elements (Craft medicine by combining several gathered items or build by comining to items together) Enemy AI Some enemys may be slow, for example zombies who seem dumb and wonder around without a clue but dont mistake them as fools, because they can smell you and hear you from certain distance. Also they may be slow but they are very sneaky and may find you randomly in a camping house or a tent in the middle of the night while wondering around the blind black forest. Environment All of the buildings in this game are enterable and you can use its features, barricade the doors, windows, make a good base for your team or just combine your forces with your mate and play the game as co-op in the online mode and defend yourself from hordes and natural disasters. The game will be open-world and have many regions such as sandy areas, snow areas. Actions Actions are one of the main user interface feature for the players. Few example actions: * Make a campfire * Put up a tent * Cook raw fish * Put down sleeping bag * Barricade the door Survival elements Game already has a few survival elements, such as: * Hunger * Thirst * Energy (For running) * Radiation * Sleep Few elements that may come later on: * Temperature * This list may get bigger in the future... Items and objects There are several type of items and objects in this game. Some objects/items can be placed in the world and stay there when not picking it up (stays on the server) Some items can be used for cooking,making certain powders, brews and many more. There are tool genre items in this game which you can upgrade and combine with other objects or items. Crafting Game will have an crafting element later in the future, where players can craft a lot of items together or gather few necessary items for crafting and craft then. Skills Cooking Fishing Farming Crafting Medicine Construction Herbalism Scavenging Skills that may come later on Shooting Accuracy Stamina Most of the info and updates will be released on : * Steam page * Website * Facebook page Summary & info Current version: 9.2.5 Team size: 2 (active developers, modeler and me) A lot of game features will be decided from the community, we will publish polls/votes on the website, where each user can vote on and give their opinion about that. I am wishing that after the main features the game would develope with the developers and with the community together. Disclaimer/Copyright I'am the creator of the project and programmer, most of the models/textures/icons/sound assets have been downloaded from the web, some eeven from this armedunity community which have been under free for commercial use license.
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