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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, Our new game "War of Heroes: 2D Multiplayer Online Batte" is available on App Store now! Do you like old style games? If yes, don't miss this 1vs1 role playing game! There are two different game modes which are "Multiplayer mode" with real players or "Single player mode" with enemy AI. Whatever you choose, you will able to play and fight against another opponent. App Store Link; https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1235805268 Thank you!
  2. Johannes

    My Portfolio

    Hi guys, I recently updated my portfolio and I just wanted to get some input from you guys on the website and its content. What do you think about the general look , the colors and such? Positive thoughts ,negative views, criticisms, constructive advice are all welcome. Its at : http://johannesnienaberdigitalartist.com/
  3. so i have a multiplayer game with about 4 players in each session, but A LOT of enemies. All enemies have a navmesh agent . Whats the best way to sync all the enemies positions with all the players without causing anylags? i am using photon network.
  4. War Heroes is a first person shooter that is still WIP. At this point I'm only making the basic things. But I hope I can add in the final game a new sort shooter. Last news update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR-72L2rEcc Last normal update: The trailer of Industrail Maze and the soundtrack: And if you want the see the whole process fast, here is the overview from updates 1-6:
  5. Rush Online You are a Survivor in a big unknown World if you survive or not but you are not alone, there are player´s and NPC´s they can be friendly but the also can be your enemy! Your Mission is to survive! Yes there is more you can build a house, build barikards, and other stuff You Start Gear is Simple on Hive(server that I rent for you guys) you will get 1xBandage 1xFlashlight What you can do to survive looking into buildings and looting anything that can be found on the floor, in chests, and other things! What u need? *Balls *Time to play I bet you're thinking now: Wow more of these fucking zombie games! There are no zombies there are only Human NPC´s and real players! Update 1 in Unity 5: Features: Inventory Player Status like bleeding/Unconscious Weapon System Combined with the Inventory! Hunger and Thirst rewriten! Update 2: Features: Inventory extended Cloths like Backbags added! Better FPS on low Rig PC´s Update 3: Features: Inventory extended New Cloth Slot Better FPS on low Rig PC´s Player Added! Update 4: Features: Player Extendet(Animations) Multiplayer First Steps Better FPS Pictures of Update #1 Pictures of Update #2 Pictures of Update #3 Link for Update #4 Webdemo
  6. Olá, todo mundo veio para mostrar o meu FPS Multiplayer espero que gostem Eu não dei um nome para o jogo como você pode me ajudar? Aguardo a sua opinião! ^ ^ VÍDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qr768-6ixnA Warning do not confuse this game with some kit, actually it seems more is not! Thanks. Sorry for publishing this topic in the wrong area!
  7. Version 1.01


    So thank you for clicking this link! So today i was a little lazy but i still wanted to create something simple and its one of my first scripts that read stuff from online! If you need help setting it up it has full instructions on the demo scene and thank you again for checking this out. Hope you enjoy!
  8. Hi Everybody :'D. I would like to know a networking system which offers you the posibility of running your own dedicated server, independent from the others ones. Thanks (- Im pretty noob at this area)
  9. Hello, I came to bring a Drone script for you hope you like it Credits: Higor-Klein Matheus-Henrique im sorry this correct name is Drone script for Photon Cloud using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; [RequireComponent(typeof(PhotonView))] public class Drone : Photon.MonoBehaviour { public float speed; private float Time; public GameObject[] Helice; public Camera camera; private bool FirstUpdate = false; private Vector3 correctPlayerPos = Vector3.zero; private Quaternion correctPlayerRot = Quaternion.identity; void Start() { if(!photonView.isMine)Destroy(camera); } void Update() { foreach(GameObject Helicee in Helice) { Helicee.transform.Rotate(0,Time.deltaTime*900,0); } if (!photonView.isMine) { if (!FirstUpdate) { FirstUpdate = true; transform.position = correctPlayerPos; transform.rotation = correctPlayerRot; } else { transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(this.transform.position, correctPlayerPos, Time.deltaTime * 5); transform.rotation = Quaternion.Lerp(transform.rotation, correctPlayerRot, Time.deltaTime * 5); } }else{ Time += Time.deltaTime; if(Time >2) { rigidbody.isKinematic = true; if(Time >2.2) { rigidbody.isKinematic = false; Time = 0; } } if(transform.rotation.z != 0 || transform.rotation.z != 0) { transform.Rotate(0,0,-Time.deltaTime*10); } transform.Rotate(Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y")*10,0,-Input.GetAxis("Mouse X")*10); if(Input.GetKey(KeyCode.W)) { if(Input.GetKey(KeyCode.LeftShift)) { transform.Translate(0,0,Time.deltaTime*speed); }else{ transform.Translate(0,0,Time.deltaTime); } } if(Input.GetKey(KeyCode.S)) { transform.Translate(0,0,0-Time.deltaTime); } if(Input.GetKey(KeyCode.A)) { transform.Translate(0-Time.deltaTime,0,0); } if(Input.GetKey(KeyCode.D)) { transform.Translate(0+Time.deltaTime,0,0); } } } public void OnPhotonSerializeView(PhotonStream stream, PhotonMessageInfo info) { if (stream.isWriting) { stream.SendNext(transform.position); stream.SendNext(transform.rotation); } else { correctPlayerPos = (Vector3)stream.ReceiveNext(); correctPlayerRot = (Quaternion)stream.ReceiveNext(); } } }
  10. Hello, my name is Jordan and i would like to make a team. My current goal is to make a stable game that can be on steam eventually. The game engine would be unity and would require some but nothing big as a AAA game. Nor... a AA game... simply a indie game. The game would be Minecraft style to reduce the time to create this game. Since block forms are easier than 3D objects. The game would be survival type game that's kinda like rust and dayz mix together in block form. Rust crafting system is amazing, and while I doubt it would be that great.. Some is better than none. If im missing information or want to know more just post and i will get back.. If your interested, shoot me a PM instead of a post. Thanks P.S sorry for the bland post XD
  11. MAKE IT EPIC Hello every one my name is Gabe and im 14 I would like to make a online fps game with fresh ideas but i'm a noob at game making but I would love a team that can help me make this game and also teach me as it develops. My fps game has fresh ideas its not a cod copy I also have all the ideas and everything organized. its will have things like - realistic voice chat (the farther you are the harder it is to hear (and a lot more things)) - items that affect your game (weight,health ex.) - auto leveling abilities (the more you sprint the faster you are) and a bunch of other things ---------- What I need to make this all a reality ------------------ - A coder (that knows multiplayer)(prefered to know java script) - A character modeler (That can model different body features ex. different faces , and that can model character equipment ex.gass mask, bullet proof vest that can also do texturing and uv maps for there models ) - weapons modeler (that can make hi poly and low poly guns, knives and vehicles that can also do texturing and uv maps for there models) - 2d artist ( that can make game art, huds, icons,buttons and minimaps) - animator - level designer (that can make terrains and building for full maps) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do -basic coding -basic modeling I need people that can communicate good If interested PM me here or add me on skype saying your from unity and what you do and if your interested skype:latinointheloft
  12. Hey guys, I encountered a problem : I got the M2H Networking project and converted the FPS Kit MP to the M2H one.. And when my friend joins me through hamachi etc. then he will spawn twice... He can only control one character and the other one is like it was another player but not doing anything. I haven't changed anything on the code. I tried reimporting the tutorial and ran the Example 4. It's the same there... Got any idea :/? Thanks in advance
  13. Introduction Hi there everyone, A friend and me have plans for a gigant MMORPG. We are making games for years and wanna start a big project called Cabbalero (Spanish for knight). But we can't do this alone. We need your help. So if you want to make with others a very big Online MMORPG and you're really good in your course please join us. MMORPG.. Impossible with unity I saw that a lot of people are saying that you can't make MMORPG's with unity. This is not true. With the right people and time you can do it. "but unity isn't able to run an mmorpg". Also this isn't true. Search on youtube "Unity mmorpg" and you find hunderds of mmorpgs made with unity. So do you want to join the team for the next brand new massive multiplayer online role playing game? What do we need? What we need is people with experience. It's not that we select 3 coders and 4 modellers. No, you are free to join our team. But first we want that you can prove you experience by showing some stuff you made earlier. What to expect We are 2 guys from holland with a passion for MMORPG. We love to make jokes and we don't want super siriues people. Have fun in your work and creations. We are not bosses of a game. Everyone who joins this team is a part of this game. We want to make a good team and this team made this game. All of us. We all decide what is going to happen. So this game is in our your hands. The Game The game is gonna be 3D and online. Like city of steam. You got 8 gigant worlds. You are a student of a magic school. Before the game you choose your element. You are traveling in the worlds and do quests. You earn experience and go levels up. By going levels up you get more powerfull spells to use. In the end you make world peace. How can I join the team? Simply go to my profile and click on PM. Wasn't that easy. Tell us about what you want to do in our team and send us some stuff you earlier made. We send you as fast as possible an pm back. Some stuff https://soundcloud.com/gmmusicservice/caballero-online-themeCaballero Online theme (part of it and not EQt) The team at the moment 1x Music Composer 2x C# programmer 1x Animator Are you ready for this gigant project? Friendly greetz Team Caballero
  14. Blood Bash I am currently developing a game called Blood Bash. It will be an online multiplayer third person game where you go around killing people! You can choose from different classes to be when you spawn. I would go into further detail with people who would like to help me with my game. I am mostly in need of some who can help with multiplayer, but I would certainly like anyone who can contribute. If you would like to join, please state what you do (modelling, textures, music, coding etc.). Here is a video of the game so far... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tCc7gsCJQg There will be lots of blood!
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