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Found 7 results

  1. Part 1 or Episode 1 of converting au fps kit into Call of duty Ghosts Please Subscribe my youtube channel and also a big thanks to OneManArmy3d Episode 2: Working on UI
  2. Hello everyone! I am desperately looking for a build system for my game Age of Medieval: League of Delphi, I already looked all over forums but did not think, I hope you answer me as fast as possible. I'm a simple Brazilian player who likes to play games, do not know JavaScrip let alone C #. I was face to face with the incredible projects that DaBossTMR, OneManArmy and OcularCash did. Hope some of you can help me. Waiting, hugs
  3. Hey guys. With the current ArmedUnity contest that is running i just had an idea. We can have a game of the year contest every year here on ArmedUnity. The winner(s) should have a special place on the ArmedUnity homepage (just like an Advertisement box) and be there for the whole year. (So that's the prize of the winners, free advertising). We could just continue what TheMars2011 started, i mean the next contest to start 25 of December, the day that the current will finish. Let me know what you think about it, and any suggestions to make it more interesting. [A moderator might add a vote poll here [1) Yes, i found it interesting,2) No way, that sucks,3)Don't care]
  4. Here is the case concept I did for my game design assignment at College, don't expect to end up making it, wish I could. Soon ill do a thread on the whole thing, all the designing/planning has been done, might be interesting for some of you to read my concept/design. Like the idea? free jpeg images
  5. Hey everyone! I know what your thinking, Sam! Why are you introducing yourself? We already know you! Well its because i never really introduced myself, and I kinda just feel like introducing myself properly So my real name is Sam and I'm 13 years old (Turning 14 on October the 12 this year) and I have been using unity for 2-3 years but only this year I have decided to really get into coding in c#! Ps: thanks to DaBossTMR for getting me into c#! I am the lead dev for my teams upcoming fps survival game, which we have been working really hard on and we just released an update #2 video! Our team name is Le Royal Games... So hows that for an introduction? Wait there's more! I was born originally in Coventry, England. And shortly after living in England for only 3-4 years of my life we moved to the small and most beautiful country ever... New Zealand, we moved to New Zealand in style! On a BBC tv show called get a new life! It was an tough journey leaving my grandparents, nana ect... But it was worth it! I want be to a game designer and I will keep on trying my hardest to succeed in my dream/goal! And that's all you really need to know about me! -Sam AKA RedBaron
  6. So, As title: What do you think will be this years Game of the year? Is it breathtaking Battlefield? Or is it The Last of Us? Or will it be the most awaited game : The Elder Scrolls Online? Vote, and post a comment why if there is a why
  7. End Of All Days: Hello everyone! My team is looking for: Coders and Map Makers. Our game we are making is called: End Of All Days It's an open world zombie game which is set in modern times and its also going to be a simulator so very realistic. It will take a long time to make this game so you have to be committed and not slack off though if you are busy at some point that is fine If your interested comment below or add me on Skype: samuel21103 Our team so far: Sam-Animator and CEO Sebastian-Modeler/Coder Henry-Head Coder We Need You! ~Sam Our website: http://www.unitybox.omgforum.net/ is also a forum kinda like armed unity but will never be as good as armed unity. Though feel free to register and submit ur kits scripts ect if you want! But you don't have to... The team on the forum Me: Admin TheMars: Moderator Jmaster: Staff Our new Lee Enfield by our modeller Sebastian: http://gyazo.com/70a...0c278462000bdd2 Screen shots of guns! (Most arnt done or placeholder textures!) Here are some of the screnshoots of the guns we will be using for the game, we plan to feature over 50 gun models, so here are some. All models are done by me, and i own all the copyrights for the guns. Copyright sebacod3 © 2012-2013 AUG A1: http://gyazo.com/7c6...89428db55152fe2 Desert Eagle: http://gyazo.com/dbb...df77453d14edd75 Crowbar: http://gyazo.com/d14...d7c357542990624 Machete: http://gyazo.com/b5e...6150221b0a3fbc1 And a loooooooot more weapons... Edit: screenshots don't work... Ideas Setting: Somewhere on an Island Year: 2013 Game Engine: Unity3D 4.x Pro Plot: A zombie virus has spread throughout the world because rabies and mad cow disease mutated into the zombie pandemic that we are surviving in, and you are a survivor trying to survive it. Humanity has tried to make a cure but has failed to find patient zero... But you still can carry on! Zombies can be fast or slow and quiet/loud... But your main threat isn't the zombies... It's the other survivors! With built on voice chat you won't get killed on the spot but be wary... Can you find patient zero? And save humanity? Game feature ideas: Inventory (Using backpacks) Multiplayer co-op (Using Photon Unity Networking) Drivable Vehicles Customizable Player Characters (Clothes, appearance) Faction Groups Buildable Group bases (with faction raiding) Buildable and upgradeable Houses Large open world Random Item spawns Radiation zones Local Voice Chat Faction group voice chat Raiding against factions (group vs. group) PVP (player vs. player) and PVE (player vs. Environment) Crafting (fixing broken vehicles, taking wood from trees, killing animal AI and taking meat, etc) Realistic Day/Night Cycle Realistic as possible (especially the terrain and shaders) Smart zombie AI using AI path finding Player starts with small rations of food, a flashlight, and a backpack Dead players turn to Zombies after some Time Hunger/Thirst system Blood system (Blood can be contaminated with radiation if player is bleeding or has a cut) More ideas are wanted! NEW IDEA: .Parkour! News: For some reason screenshots messed up so downloads are here
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