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Found 7 results

  1. In order to understand how networking works, and how communicating between computers, it is useful to learn the sequence of connecting to a server. It is convenient to use one server version of each scene in a Unity project and one client version of each scene. This is useful for when you want to separate the server and client applications from each other. Connecting client and server Network Views RPC Details State Synchronization Details Authoritative Server Leave a like if you found this useful!
  2. Report The Russian Guy

    A guy on the official Unity Asset Store is clearly selling illegal stuff. Here's a clear proof: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/36166 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePOvPC0YLDs I have played Counter Strike Source, and this is clearly the default MP5 Navy model. Besides, he's also selling a lot of other weapons for atleast 5 bucks, which are taken from other games but just slightly modified; by adding attachements, retextures or re-animated. A link to his publisher/account on the Asset Store can be found here: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/publisher/1994 Have fun reporting!
  3. Game Script Help (Unity Free) Noob

    Ok so as the title says my group needs help for the game we are making in class and we only have unity free. so im just gonna post any issues or questions we have here and ask for help. right now we need a lot of help with scripting, the ones we need now are: - A one time use button that will activate an elevator - A script to help make the game start and end
  4. request boat script

    hi, im a bit of an idiot when it comes to programming and need some help. can someone help me make a simple boat script? I found some online but for some reason they all have errors im only using this for practise as I understand programming
  5. UNITY3D NOOB TO PRO SERIES COLLECTION So I'm starting this new forum "series" to allow the community to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and (some of my own) in the most simple terms; for comprehensiveness sake. SHORTCUTS: What is a Shader? Best Answer What is a Prefab? Best Answer What is RayCast? Best Answer What is a RigidBody? Best Answer What is a GameObject? Best Answer What is an .FBX file & How is it different to other formats? Best Answer What is Lightmapping & How do you apply it? Best Answer What is NavMesh? Best Answer What is Occlusion Culling? Best Answer What is a Light Probe? Best Answer How do you create & implement a script, so that, when you collect a gameobject a message appears? ANSWER NOW! RULES: 1) Please, do NOT use this post for general discussion, provide quick, clear and in-depth answers. 2) Please, do NOT answer by telling us to look at the manual or watch a video. Each thread is supposed to answer their question and fill that gap in their knowledge and not to be insulted by their fellow community. 3) To win; you must provide a fully featured, helpful answer. 4) Good Luck & Have Fun! PRIZE: The winner shall get +1 rep and their answer shall be chosen as best answer. So today's NOOB to PRO question is: Today's question has closed. See who won and come back in a few minutes for the new question! ----- Meanwhile, give our thread a +1 if you enjoy it! -----
  6. Hello ;)

    Hi guys, i'll just start off by saying, i'm 14 and I want to learn how to use unity and java script, and c#. I also want to make a open world survival game like dayz, however i am using the Indie version, does anyone know how bad this will affect how I make my games? And if there are anytips to improve, or where I can learn javascript ( No programming experience), if you do, tell me please thanks!
  7. Hey guys! I would've liked to tell me looong boring story of how I stumbled upon this forum, but long story short, it was all because of my fascination of videogames since childhood. Anyway, Hi, I'm Alec Markarian and i'm a young, ambitious unity 3d Game developer, still in my early stages in the video game industry. I have a youtube channel primarily for tutorials and gaming so be sure to check that out! I try to provide simplicity in my tutorials for my audience, and i always provide you with free stuff! (I just copied and pasted this from my site, and OH, DID I MENTION that I could be lazy at times? Anyways, with all seriousness, I really have a passion for videogames, and game developing mainly FPS games if i were to choose a genre of game. I dont really 'Specialize" In 1 main thing, I tend to do lots of 3d Modelling, and a fair amount of scripting (I'm still in learning process) and I thought that joining this community might help with my learning process.. I am also pretty good in editing/ art/ video editing and commercializing. Anyway, BlackStorm introduced me to this forum, as he is working on a COD style FPS kit, and generously sent me some tests of his kit so I could pub vids on my YT channel, and hopefully help in selling his awesome kit. OH! BEFORE YOU LEAVE CHECK THESE LINKS OUT! My Youtube Channel- http://www.youtube.com/user/misterninjaboy Mah Web Site -http://misterninjaboy.webs.com/ And yea, thanks for reading this, I look forward to meting everyone and someday in the near future make an awesome FPS game that will kick COD's little ass (lol i ain't a bf fanboy, but I think BF4 will outsell COD Ghosts.. just my opinion