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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, Been struggling with animator set-up on one asset i recently bought and trying to convert it into unet system. The problem currently im facing is syncing the animations properly, the setup is built on child objects and the animator is the child of the main player object, by giving the child object proper network scripts like networkanimator etc will make another network identity which wont get spawned or perhaps there is much easier way to solve this problem to fix animation syncing for child object?
  2. Hi, I'm Kenny and I am working on an fps game called Refractured. I need help integrating multiplayer into the game with a lobby like Call of Duty MW3 and MW PC. We can discuss pay, just DM me and yu would sign a waver because the project files will be in your hands for a bit. Example down below
  3. Hey Guys, This is a project I have been working on for a while now, Here I will release progress of it. Youtube: OwnLogic Special Thanks To: OneManArmy [Parkour Controller and Weapons] Update 1 Update 2 PS: Also hoping find a modeller/animator/texturer to work on the project! IF interested in joining please add me on skype at Skyter88
  4. Hi everyone ! I've just finished the first version of Pictacube (which is a kind of 3D Social Network app). It is available on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). Here are the main features of Pictacube : --> Each of users are represented by a cube. On the six faces of the cube, you can post a photo on which your friends can comment. (Comments are per face and are deleted automatically when a new photo is set to the face). --> You can send "Picta" which are disappearing customizable photos. You can add Animated images on it (like a fish swimming across the screen, comics animated stuff : "pow", "zap",...), static images, text or just draw on the picture. When the user open a "Picta", if he exit from it, the picture is deleted forever (there is no time set like in Snapchat). --> Send private messages. --> The idea of the app is to be highly customizable (for now, you can change the cubes' color, the background image, the colors of your messages or your friends ones. More will be added later like re-positioning the buttons where you want, Change the buttons' color,...). --> Add a bio and edit your profile infos (you can add more infos about you like your job, studies, hobbies,...). That's it ! If you want to download it, just type "Pictacube" on the App Store or Google Play and download ! As it is a Social Network you need some friends to use it, so if you share the app it would be really helpful for me as it will extend the users of it ! The app is available in English and French for now, more languages will be added later ! Thanks for taking the time of reading this post and if you have any suggestions about the app, it will be really appreciated !
  5. Dardan

    C# Help

    Hello world. Im here to ask one question and hopefully people will write back and take their time to reed this. So my question to the programmers out there is, whats, where and how is the best way to learn Unity C# programming. When i say C# Programming i also mean Network Programming, it is completly okey and ill be really thankful if there isn't a really good unity3d network programming tutorial but only the other type of programming. Anything helps out! I have searched around a lot a lot of to learn programming networking, but don't find so much useful tutorials. I can program a little bit, i have made a basic FPS game by my self and it is really cool in my opinion, but it is boring to play a game where you can't do much but walk around and shoot Ai. So i really wanted to learn Network Programming. Then came this beautiful thing called Unet, or maybe it is old, i dont know, when i say Unet i mean all the new networking components. My experience with multiplayer : The only thing i have completed by using Unet, is making a player join by the NetworkManager / NetworkManagerHUD and walk around and look around in a FPS type of view. And it worked / works. That wasn't so advanced and hard to program, so i thought that it wouldn't be so hard to program in other things like shooting, switching weapons and so on. Oh God it was. So then i ran into this type of thing called [Command] //or Cmd This was new, and it will be new and never be understood by me. I am talking about a lot of other commands and words in Unet programming, but these are the first ones i ran into. So my question is, is there really any good and useful tutorials / streams / courses or whatever it can be, that will help you out in Unity3D C# Programming and Unity3D C# Network Programming ? Thanks in advance for reading all this, thank you for your time and i hope you have a good answer and i hope you have a wonderful day
  6. Hi, i want to ask you about some network solutions. That means that you need to give minuses or pluses of this platform, based on your own experience. The main aim is Photon Bolt, Photon Server, UNET, RakNet (old unity networking). Also you can say about other platforms. Thanks.
  7. Hello all! I've been working on this for a while and I think it's time to release something.. TIN Networking Solution (alpha 5.1) "so", I hear you say, "what does TIN stand for and what does it do?" Well, that's a good question, and to that I answer: The Indie Network yup... But let me get into some more detail before you go. This is meant to be a cheap alternative to all the other networks out there, it's a pay once, receive files and all future updates, totally customizable network built for the indies, you guys. "oh", you say, "but how is this better than the others?" I can't exactly say it's better, that's a matter of opinion. But I'm still going to try and convince you it's better than the others Let's see some comparisons shall we? Comparisons: - Photon: Free and limited version, or pay $95USD once for a 100CCU "life-time" plan - uLink: The "Indie license" is $600USD, 'nuff said - SmartFox: Basic license, free but only 20CCU; Pro license with 100CCU, €500.00, once again I don't think I need to explain this (I would add UNet here but I haven't tried it or looked too much into its features) and now TIN's features! Still not convinced? You get FULL CONTROL over (almost) every aspect!! - Using the plugin system you can do virtually anything, even send and receive packets that only your plugin receives, send messages to other clients, say "hi" to the server, anything you wish - Want a matchmaking system? That's pretty easy since there's already a way to get any amount of servers with a certain category! - Got an old network kit but it uses Unity's legacy network? Give it a shot, shouldn't be too hard to convert to TIN TIN was made to be easy, fast and reliable; for you, for us, for the indies Some screenshots of TIN in action (links fixed) If you're interesting in purchasing TIN contact me either here on AU or via Skype (live:lcomstive) TIN is currently going for $30USD ($50USD for source code included) Documentation: http://www.tindocs.host.sk/
  8. Hello everyone! I've created another package inside Unity called Vaijk Network Chat. This package includes many features such as: - Simple network framework; - Chat scrollbar; - Custom text wrapping; - Random player name colors; - Adapted for both the legacy GUI and the new Unity UI system; - Adapted for both the legacy Network system and the new UNET system; - 2 straight-forward scripts. Price for the package: only $2.99 Feel like taking a better look at it? Check it out at Sellfy: https://sellfy.com/p/wz7v Thanks! Especial note: A massive thank you to everyone who has purchased my other package (the Wave Survival Multiplayer package), I just wanted to let you guys know that the motivation and self-improvement that this has proportionated to me is beyond words. Again, thank you very much. Sometimes I think that I'm not selling assets, but instead receiving donations and giving something back in gratitude!
  9. I am trying to develop multiplayer games with Unity3D and I use a plugin "MultiLAN V3.0" and I must add the functionality of team and character choose , it is for my study project and I am very a hurry by time, I would be very grateful for your help .
  10. Hello friends. I am looking for roms in unity built in network. Any Ideas from you are wellcome. Using ulink is very expensive . I ned authoritative server.
  11. Hey, I'm using FPS Kit And I want to know how to sync my playr's plash lights That when I will turn my flashlight on, other players will be able to see the light, AND even see the flare that comes from the flashlight. How can I do that? This is something that I have: var light : Light; private var lightOn : boolean = false; function Update () { if(networkView.isMine){ if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.F)){ if(!lightOn){ networkView.RPC("TurnLightOn", RPCMode.All, true); //Turn on } else{ networkView.RPC("TurnLightOn", RPCMode.All, true); //Turn off } lightOn = !lightOn; } } } @RPC function TurnLightOn (on : boolean) { lightOn = on; if(on){ light.intensity = 1; } else{ light.intensity = 0; } } And I'm getting this error: Assets/Resources/OldScripts/Misc/FlashLight.js(25,9): BCE0004: Ambiguous reference 'light': FlashLight.light, UnityEngine.Component.light.
  12. Now I'm working with a multiplayer fps game,and Network synchronization is a big problem.I use unity network system rather than any network framework to make it.In the game,the synchronization information includes character transform,2 parameters for animator controller(blend tree parameter),and I set the sendrate at 60.But,when runing the game,the fps is only about 30(I run server in unity editor and a client at the same time),and the movement of the character seems to be really rigid.Would you please give me some suggestion?
  13. Hello Everyone! I'm making a social network for developers/artists/programmers etc. where you can easly share your all projects/tutorials to people for free! It is the best social network to advertising yourself, where you can connect all your social profiles in one place. I'll update there a lot of my tutorials and kits to Unity (ArmedUnity is my fav forum, well maybe we can cooperate Site: http://www.quest-log.net Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hT0qXLMCre0&feature=youtu.be @McGameStudios - QuestLog Team Please do not mark this as spam or advertisement, it is only for you, and maybe can help (Delete if you don't want it).
  14. I haven't contributed much to this community so I think I'll start with a script I made for my current game, it's a multiplayer lobby using only Unity's Default Networking. You choose a username then choose either to start or connect to a server, the screenshots show inside the lobby using a custom GUISkin (WIP) The script is C# but I can convert to JS if anyone needs it. And some screenshots: any problems just reply to this or pm me NOTE!!! I have not tested it online, it works localhost but should work over the net if you have the right network configuration (static IP + ports forwarded) Link to webplayer version: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/156070912/Unity/Webplayer/Webplayer.html
  15. hello i made a simple netowkr code using socket now i want to spawn the player how can i use Network.instantiate with socket? is there a difrent way of doing it? thanks
  16. Hey there, so i'm getting ready to add multiplayer to my game and am finally going to ask a question that has been confusing me for a while... How exactly does Photon work? I know, I know, this is one of the stupidest questions you've probably heard on this forum but I'm still confused; I know that photon is to help add multiplayer to your game but how does it work? Does it set up the multiplayer for me? Do I need to set up the servers themselves? I know I could just watch the tutorials but i'd figure I'd just ask the question so I could get a quick answer. So what exactly does it do? When I add it is the multiplayer all ready? I'm just confused on how i'll be setting it up. Thanks.
  17. Hey there! I have started a new Indie FPS Multiplayer game called Societatem. Updates can be found on my channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/RedCrusaderGames All game devs who want to join are welcome xD - RedCrusaderGames
  18. I am focusing on a network based game... and I have a few areas that I want to clarify before entering into the models. A networked multiplayer, unlike a single shooter has to see other players in action. so what aproach do I take ?? 1. animate arms and weapon for FPS view and animate full charachter for network view ?? 2. animate full charachter and place the FPS camera closer to head??
  19. There are not that many candidates when question comes to choosing which unity networking platform to choose. There are only couple serious candidates, and me to it looks like smartfox and photon are the only serious choices. I took a look at smartfox page and to me it seems that smartfox is used by a lot more professional an multimillion corporations. http://smartfoxserver.com/showcase/customers Also there are a lot of more commercial games which use smartfox then photon. http://smartfoxserver.com/showcase/projects?platform=All&server=All But still not sure what programming language can be used for smartfox, c# ? When it comes to photon, https://www.exitgames.com/en/PUN not sure what to think, a lot of developers have been using photon, but i have seen many finished examples, if you know such page, please post it. I'd like to hear developers opinions on this, and by developers i mean persons who actually understand something, who have read information or interesting articles. Not the ones who have watched a tutorial on youtube and feel like they know everything. I really don't want anyone to mess the air with false information. Edit: http://www.burtonsmediagroup.com/blog/2012/06/5-middleware-tools-for-creating-mmo-games/
  20. Hello guys i want this How Can i make this ? i want to religion select
  21. How can I use Objectlabel script over network (I'm using FPS Multiplayer kit) ?? Objectlabel Script: http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php?title=ObjectLabel
  22. avengerxp

    FPS kit question

    I see about 3 FPS kits available to download here in armed unity. I did download one and I want to know is there any FPS kit available with networking. So that i can experiment around and build a test game to play on our office LAN. thanks.
  23. Hi guys , I have test the " enter exit vehicle " on network, (JS code) I have a probleme with the name of networkplayer. name is "NetworkPlayer+photon.owner" var car : Transform; var player : Transform; private var Player : GameObject; var exitPoint : Transform; var doorTriggerLeft : Transform; private var PlayerCamera : GameObject; var CarCamera : Camera; var isPlayerVisible : boolean; var Car : GameObject; //var MainCam : GameObject; //var WeaponCam : GameObject; var photonView : String = "PhotonView"; var CarScript : String = "ScriptName"; function Start (){ Car.GetComponent(CarScript).enabled=false; Player = GameObject.FindWithTag("Player"); //player = Transform.FindWithTag("Player"); } function Update(){ if (Input.GetButtonUp("Use")&& isPlayerVisible){ // make player invisible and still standing // player.gameObject.SetActiveRecursively(false); //player.gameObject.active = false; // GameObject.FindWithTag("Player").active=false; GameObject.Find("NetworkPlayer(Clone)"+ photonView.owner).active=true; // parent player to Exit Point // player.parent = exitPoint.transform; player.transform.localPosition = Vector3(-1.5,0,0); // parent PlayerParent to car exitPoint.parent = car.transform; // exitPoint.transform.localPosition = Vector3(-0.5,0,0); // Enable Car as controllabe object Car.GetComponent(CarScript).enabled=true; // MainCam.GetComponent("Camera").enabled=false; // WeaponCam.GetComponent("Camera").enabled=false; CarCamera.enabled = true; } else { if (Input.GetKeyUp("r")){ // make character visible again // player.gameObject.SetActiveRecursively(true); // player.gameObject.active = true; GameObject.Find("NetworkPlayer(Clone)"+ photonView.owner).active=false; // unparent player from everything // player.transform.parent = null; // parent Exit Point to door Trigger // exitPoint.parent = doorTriggerLeft.transform; // disable car as controllable GameObject.Find("Car").GetComponent("Car").enabled=false; // MainCam.GetComponent("Camera").enabled=true; //WeaponCam.GetComponent("Camera").enabled=true; CarCamera.enabled = false; } } } function OnTriggerEnter(Player : Collider) { isPlayerVisible = true; } function OnTriggerExit(Player : Collider) { isPlayerVisible = false; } My wrong line : "GameObject.Find("NetworkPlayer(Clone)"+ photonView.owner).active=true;" Have you a solution ?
  24. Hey guys, I encountered a problem : I got the M2H Networking project and converted the FPS Kit MP to the M2H one.. And when my friend joins me through hamachi etc. then he will spawn twice... He can only control one character and the other one is like it was another player but not doing anything. I haven't changed anything on the code. I tried reimporting the tutorial and ran the Example 4. It's the same there... Got any idea :/? Thanks in advance
  25. So my question is, where is calculating the weapon position and rotation better? Client or Server? I mean weaponsway, recoil and so on.
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