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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone ! I've recently purchased a new hosting plan on hostgator (hatchling plan) for a one year period and a domain name (pictacube.com). The problem is that I can't see it in the manage domains section and my domain is still available to register. I tried to use their live chat system to ask the staff why, but it seems that even the chat doesn't work because when I click on the Send Message button, it doesn't send my question ! So, I'm asking there if anyone has ever experienced that kind of problem (if you were on hostgator) and could help me ! It would be great ! Thanks in advance ! Here are some screenshot to have a better look on my problem :
  2. Yo guys, I've been working on this pretty generic wave-based cartoony shooter with models bought off of the asset store and subpar programming done while moderately intoxicated for the last couple weeks, but I cannot for the life of me come up with a name for it. SO I figured before I literally just write up a 3 minute script which chooses three random words from some arrays to completely drain any remaining creativity out of modern-day game development, I'd hold it up here for a discussion. So, obviously this game is sorta "unapologetically" cloning Team Fortress 2, or Overwatch, or Blitz Brigade, or Boom Beach, or Clash of Clans, or literally any somewhat non-realistic game made in the last decade, so a name sort of following that style (lighthearted, but uses some military jargon [team, brigade, squad, boom clans, blitz, platoon]) would be easiest, but if you guys have an idea or whatever I'd be happy to credit you somewhere in the game if I end up using it Anyway, enjoy a gallery of this mediocrity so I can start a new project and squeeze some money out of this train wreck to justify my irrational spendng in the asset store!! Screenshots:
  3. Taking request all you have to do is PM me with the weapon name (image references optional) you want me to model my prices are usual 10 bucks for all. It depends on the model. If its simple i might just price it for 3-5 dollars. this is a simple model but i dont have to rest of the guns rendered when i render that ill post : ) So i can show my work
  4. Gaze


    Hey guys! So today i decided to make the logo for my game-development (company), i an currently a one man crew, so i don't know how to call that haha History about the name, if you were wondering about the name, it's something a friend once said to troll a girl, because she always used to call us ''tjollers'', so the guy said with a funny robot voice up; ''i am Tjollerbot2000, i came here to destroy you''. And since then the name just kinda got stuck with us. we created a huge clan of tjollerbots on PS3, going from tjollerbot1000 to tjollerbot12000, and all of us were master prestige on black ops, so everytime we entered a lobby, everyone from the enemy team left So i was thinking about a name for my company for a LONG time, until i went on ps3, looked at my name, and realised it was the perfect name! So that's kinda how i started it. afterwards i was thinking of a logo, it had to be cool, old-school, a bit farcry 3 - Blood dragon retro style, you know, how everyone in the 90's used to make their album-covers. so when i was at work this morning, i tought of the perfect idea. it was old school, was robot-like, and awesome. IF YOU DIDN'T READ THE PART ABOVE; heres the logo: 1024x1024: 1920x1920: 5760x5670: i really hope you like it and reply what you think?
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had a AWESOME name for a Game Company, not that i have one, but i'm just looking for awesome names, followed by: ''games'', for example a weird and funny one: ''SewerHooker Games'', i don't care how weird or crazythe name is, because i am weird and crazy hahaha, so tear open your mind for one minute, and please post EVERYTHING bellow! THANKS!
  6. How can I use Objectlabel script over network (I'm using FPS Multiplayer kit) ?? Objectlabel Script: http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php?title=ObjectLabel
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