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Found 3 results

  1. Johannes


    A Throwback to the roots of classic first person shooting Think back to a time when military shooters were so dominant and important in your gaming schedule, what made them so good? It's simple, They were fun! No boats, tanks or jets to do your work for you - keep those boots on the ground! You are a soldier, you have your guns, your body and most vitally your mettle! Head out, Grunt! With a distinctly historical arsenal made available to you, you can choose to play any way you want. A selection of the weaponry also contains attachments that were either in use on the field or being tested at the time, giving you lots of options! Unlock more guns as you progress through the ranks to become the ultimate foot-soldier! Come sun, rain or snow in darkness or light, war will rage on! What's the forecast? You choose! You can play in clear, rainy or snowy settings in Grunt1914. These selections have a distinct effect on the maps you choose to fight on, as the visibility and controls adapt to the weather cycle at play! As the fog fills the air and the snow piles will you be able to hold your nerve and take that perfect shot? Time will tell! The Axis vs the Allies, blood will flow! It's the classic story as we've heard it told many times before, the story of brutality and fear, yet also victory and brave hearts! You can play as either a soldier from the Axis alignment, or the Allies confederation. Take up arms in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Gun-Game modes as you rush to be proclaimed the victor above all others! Bordered arenas with tons of tricks and turns Do not desert the battle soldier! Grunt1914 features eight distinct and robust maps to explore and seek triumph in! These are all based on real life locations from novel and peculiar theaters of war of that historical time. Each map features certain unique traits and areas to uncover and unravel, as you make your way through deserts, forests, tombs, military bases, underground hospitals, towns and many more rare areas! Skill above all else There are no power-ups or buffs to help you here, no powers or special treatments to be had. Only one thing matters in Grunt1914, your tactics! How you react and the way you play will decide your fate! There are no vehicles or mounts to save you! Your skill is all you have here! Are you a sniper that favorites long range kills, are you a run and gun heavy grunt or are you sneaky silencer type? You can be any class you want, as long as you can survive! The nostalgia of a classic interface Brave the harsh battlefields and arenas with a compass and map in hand, use those senses to locate enemies on the field! All of these are neatly laid out and visible to you at all times, exactly when and where you will need them! Use these tools to your advantage to turn the tide and become the victor when all seems lost! About the developer Aligned Games© was started by me, Johannes Christiaan Nienaber in 2013 as a video-game development studio. At that time I focused on the creation of smaller scale games, but have since moved into developing bigger and better games. I run the studio myself and as such all of its associated video-game are my sole creations. Grunt1914 is my first foray into the PC gaming market. Please contact me through the studio's website if you have any queries or questions, you can do so at - https://alignedgames.com/ Other social links : Steam : https://store.steampowered.com/app/1059040 Discord : https://discord.gg/Tc5b7D9 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Grunt1914/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/grunt1914 IndieDB : https://www.indiedb.com/games/grunt1914 Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKfm34iEuHrFCduvV4OZpag Concept art : Screenshots :
  2. I know I uploaded this before, but I needed to change the title and I didn't know how :S Hola, so I've been developing a small, simple game with NSDesign's FPS Kit v2 called Block Squad. For some reason, it took off on Newgrounds, and in around 5-6 days, has over 10,300 views, and has people playing it almost all of the time. It's even on the Front Page of Newgrounds. You can check it out Here: http://www.newground...tal/view/643239 Anyway, it seems I've bitten off more than I can chew, and people are hungry for a few more features. I'm looking for someone who can write me a few scripts. The first one I need is for classes. This one shouldn't be very hard. I need the user to click on the team they want, and then choose the Class they want (similar to TF2, Battlefield, COD, etc.) I just need a GUI to pop up, which shows a few options. In the inspector all I want to do is type in the Class name and choose the prefab I want. The other ones, which are less important (and less do-able) is- -simple Zombie ai which is fully compatible with the FPS kit 2.0 single player prefab (health, damage, simple pathfinding etc -help with implementing character customization (this one is verryyy complicated, and will probably not be able to be accomplished. -Networked vehicles with Photon Edit: I also would like to be able to let the user to choose with spawn point they want to spawn at. This again, should be simple. I just name it and drag the spawn prefabs into the Inspector and the player spawns there. Thanks I only have $30 to offer, but I will put you in the game's description, and credits. Thanks
  3. Hey there! im using the Pokeyoshi3 multiplayer kit for the fps kit 1.2. I imported all the scripts and needed stuff for the multiplayer into my project with the Augmented Fps Kit 4, from Deadrocker. Now, everything works, except for the respawn script, when i die it sends the ''respawnplease'' message to the spawnMGR. but it gives the error that it cant find anything with ''respawnplease'' in the spawnMGR. So i wondered if anyone could help me with this, so i CAN respawn. Here's the Respawn Script: // script was made by pokeyoshi3 // this is attached to the deadplayer and sends a respawn request to the spawnmgr. #pragma strict private var spawnmgr : GameObject; function Awake () { SendRespawn(); } function Update () { } function SendRespawn() { yield WaitForSeconds(4.5); var spawnmgr = GameObject.Find("spawnMGR").GetComponent(NetworkView); spawnmgr.networkView.RPC("respawnplease", RPCMode.All); } and here's the spawnMGR script: #pragma strict DontDestroyOnLoad(this.gameObject); var playerPrefab : GameObject; private var myPlayer : GameObject; private var isConnected = false; var cam : Camera; function Start(){ cam.enabled = false; } function OnGUI() { if(!myPlayer) { cam.enabled = true; Screen.lockCursor = false; if(GUI.Button(Rect(Screen.width/2 - 100, Screen.height/2 - 37.5, 200, 75), "Spawn")) { Spawn(); Screen.lockCursor = true; } } else if(myPlayer) { cam.enabled = false; } } function Spawn() { myPlayer = Network.Instantiate(playerPrefab, transform.position, transform.rotation, 0); } function OnPlayerDisconnected(player: NetworkPlayer) { Debug.Log("Clean up after player " + player); Network.RemoveRPCs(player); Network.DestroyPlayerObjects(player); } please help! Greetings, StraatBaas
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