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Found 3 results

  1. Johannes


    Grunt1914 is a World War 1 themed multiplayer shooter set in various stages across the war torn world. It is based on the conflicts between the Allies and the Central Powers. Game-play and content wise the experience is somewhere between hardcore and casual. The game-play is fast and flowing. The game has options for alternating weather for each round, which the match host can select. You can choose between snow, rain or clear conditions for each outdoor map. There are 8 maps each in a different region around the world. There are three game modes - Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Gungame. With more to come. The game features a massive arsenal of true to life guns and weapons to slay your foes with! The game also features bots to play against. You can upgrade your level and unlock more guns. Most importantly, its really fun! Follow this page for all the news regarding this title. Social : Discord : https://discord.gg/Tc5b7D9 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Grunt1914/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/grunt1914 IndieDB : https://www.indiedb.com/games/grunt1914 Website : https://aligned-games.myfreesites.net/ Concept Art : Screenshots :
  2. I know I uploaded this before, but I needed to change the title and I didn't know how :S Hola, so I've been developing a small, simple game with NSDesign's FPS Kit v2 called Block Squad. For some reason, it took off on Newgrounds, and in around 5-6 days, has over 10,300 views, and has people playing it almost all of the time. It's even on the Front Page of Newgrounds. You can check it out Here: http://www.newground...tal/view/643239 Anyway, it seems I've bitten off more than I can chew, and people are hungry for a few more features. I'm looking for someone who can write me a few scripts. The first one I need is for classes. This one shouldn't be very hard. I need the user to click on the team they want, and then choose the Class they want (similar to TF2, Battlefield, COD, etc.) I just need a GUI to pop up, which shows a few options. In the inspector all I want to do is type in the Class name and choose the prefab I want. The other ones, which are less important (and less do-able) is- -simple Zombie ai which is fully compatible with the FPS kit 2.0 single player prefab (health, damage, simple pathfinding etc -help with implementing character customization (this one is verryyy complicated, and will probably not be able to be accomplished. -Networked vehicles with Photon Edit: I also would like to be able to let the user to choose with spawn point they want to spawn at. This again, should be simple. I just name it and drag the spawn prefabs into the Inspector and the player spawns there. Thanks I only have $30 to offer, but I will put you in the game's description, and credits. Thanks
  3. Hey there! im using the Pokeyoshi3 multiplayer kit for the fps kit 1.2. I imported all the scripts and needed stuff for the multiplayer into my project with the Augmented Fps Kit 4, from Deadrocker. Now, everything works, except for the respawn script, when i die it sends the ''respawnplease'' message to the spawnMGR. but it gives the error that it cant find anything with ''respawnplease'' in the spawnMGR. So i wondered if anyone could help me with this, so i CAN respawn. Here's the Respawn Script: // script was made by pokeyoshi3 // this is attached to the deadplayer and sends a respawn request to the spawnmgr. #pragma strict private var spawnmgr : GameObject; function Awake () { SendRespawn(); } function Update () { } function SendRespawn() { yield WaitForSeconds(4.5); var spawnmgr = GameObject.Find("spawnMGR").GetComponent(NetworkView); spawnmgr.networkView.RPC("respawnplease", RPCMode.All); } and here's the spawnMGR script: #pragma strict DontDestroyOnLoad(this.gameObject); var playerPrefab : GameObject; private var myPlayer : GameObject; private var isConnected = false; var cam : Camera; function Start(){ cam.enabled = false; } function OnGUI() { if(!myPlayer) { cam.enabled = true; Screen.lockCursor = false; if(GUI.Button(Rect(Screen.width/2 - 100, Screen.height/2 - 37.5, 200, 75), "Spawn")) { Spawn(); Screen.lockCursor = true; } } else if(myPlayer) { cam.enabled = false; } } function Spawn() { myPlayer = Network.Instantiate(playerPrefab, transform.position, transform.rotation, 0); } function OnPlayerDisconnected(player: NetworkPlayer) { Debug.Log("Clean up after player " + player); Network.RemoveRPCs(player); Network.DestroyPlayerObjects(player); } please help! Greetings, StraatBaas
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