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Found 9 results

  1. Hey, My name is Peta. I have ALOT of weapons 20+ that I need animated ( fire, reload, sprint, walk, idle, aim). I have a couple types of arms that will accompany these animations as well. I will pay per item ( half at start, and half on completion). The price is negotiable. I also need a graphics designer who can create an FPS uGUI template that mimics the GUI of my site https://nitrolabstudios.com/ especially the skewed boxes please email me at at PetaAyeni@nitrolabstudios.com / text me at +17706099352 / or DM me on twitter @programmrz thanks! current project snippit https://gyazo.com/205dba1621af00e254bdaf59d9e0348c
  2. This is a script I found on the Unity3D forums, slightly modified by me to work for my stuff, I did NOT create these but I thought some others might need this so, here you go. ~Have a great day Money.js EnemyHealth.js
  3. Huge GamersCoin Giveaway ~84 Million Total GamersCoins Only - Scrypt - KWG - ~30 sec Block Time - Wallet: Download The Gamerscoin Wallet Here. or compile your self : https://github.com/gamers-coin/gamers-coinv3 Gamerscoin is the 1st Free Open Source Digital Gaming Currency sent through the internet. A new currency made by Gamers for Gamers and GameDevs are you prepared? Visit the Official Website GamersCoin to discover the details! http://gamers-coin.org/ to claim your reward: Task 1: Download your Gamerscoin Wallet. Task 2: Post your GamersCoin wallet here.. This is a special giveaway for #Gamers #GameDevs! Base rewards is 100.00 GMC and it is open to everyone. Gamers/Gamedevs with a twitter account and following Gamerscoin will get an extra bonus of 100 Gamerscoin. @GamersCoins *** Special Giveaway just for armedunity community *** Best Jenny
  4. Hello I need some 3d models for unity. Houses would suffice and like a small market would be great. the houses dont really need to be AAA type quality. I just need Houses with a room and a kitchen and whatever just switch it up. the insides would have nothing just rooms to enter.. no doors or anything like that. for windows just leave it open.. i dont want any glass on it. and it should be open to where a person can walk inside and loot. Pm me if your interested and about pay and also just post here for more questions.
  5. Hey, i have made this great working Muzzle Flash + Sparks; Snap Shots: http://oi61.tinypic.com/2ypjfjb.jpg http://oi59.tinypic.com/2agp91t.jpg http://oi57.tinypic.com/2j2uazq.jpg I Want To Sell This Because It Was Really Easy ! Its Only 5$ + Sparks(1$) How do we make deal, you add me on skype (giorgi.yavrelishvili), in 24 hours or more i accept your request. Then i give you link in where you shall Donate me 6$. After i get email that you have donated me i instantly send you Rar file where the Muzzle Flash Particle is, and explane you how to use it. For Proof That I am The Creator Muzzle Flash Particle i will send you Some Pictures ! Please, just please, after successful purchase and other, find a minute to say that everything is Ok or something else.
  6. Hello AU ! I have to upload this scripts because project i was working on it has canceled so it is a Rar file and has 9 scripts in it ! Scripts by Killerkip.rar
  7. Hi at all, my name is Claudio, i'm the founder of twingames http://www.twingames.it we developed more games in this year, and i now seeking new programmer to make some new games. Ios: https://itunes.apple.com/it/app/top-soccer/id808664264?mt=8 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Twin+Group+srl.&hl=it We are serious company, i'm interested in particular in racing game and fps games for ios/android... We can pay you with profit-share and minimun guaranteed price. If you are interested contact us at info@twingames.it Regards
  8. jake1012


    Hello, Armedunity members i was wondering if you could be so kind as in to invest 1$ or more. Reasoning: I am needing funds to continue my work in unity. Not to buy assets but to pay Pay Role for my workers. Contributions: Forever 20$ i make i will give to OMA $5 meaning i will only get $15, But i love this site and the people in it so i want to make sure the cycle continues. Project: Ever Lasting - TPS - Survival. ETA time left in build 2-3 years(in no rush and making it look good) Thank you - Jake Giddens
  9. Hello I want to work with a group of over dedicated people who will make my life easy The game I would love to develop is a fallout 3 style game no real details on it the game may be sold depending on the qaultiy and the revenue will be split evenly I do not care how good you are or how much experience you have as long as you want to work with on this game key things which will be part of the game are textures guns with animations city with buildings many fully interactible quest script dialog script music urban assets To join just ask and tell me what you can contribute to the game I really want the whole community a part of this game also you can just help out once if you want no real commitment required Check in with me I'll have more info
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