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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone i want to tell you that if you need 3d models like weapons, attachments, .etc i think i can help you. I have an account on TurboSquid where i upload my 3d Models some of them are paid but i have free ones too. Also if you need any model for your game or project i will be glad to help you with my current models and i can make you specific models if you need. (only for serius games and projects that have future) The basic models (lowpoly) are free, the only paid models i do are complex ones, but most of them are free. Here is the link for Turbosquid : http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/AndrijaAlp And down you can see some free models that i'm offering.
  2. Hey Since i have been developing my game for a while and sometimes in need of resources, i thought i could give some lecture or course a try on 3d modeling & design topic. I know that there's a lot of 3d artists on this community, so i would like to ask your feedback, how did you get started and what kind of methods of learning did you use. For example, did you self teach yourself, then how? by watching youtubes videos, trying mess around in the 3d application or any other ways. Would it be better to focus on a single application and look up courses on that or find a general 3d course, which gives the basic understanding, if it's possible between different applications to teach like that. Anyway, interested to hear your opinions and experience.
  3. Hi community, Just in case anyone would like any low poly models made or animated(I try to keep models under or around 1000 tri), I am available for small project work or single models. My workflow consists of 3dsmax/photoshop/unity. Prices are always negotiable. So feel free to message me here or at pogwitch@gmail.com. I attached a few examples of my work. Regards Pogwitch.
  4. Anry3D

    SG 553 texturing

    SG 553 texturing Hey guys, first time posting here. I wanted to share with you some shizz I'm currently working on. I've already modeled, uved ad baked this weapons, and I am currently texturing it. I hope you like it ! Note: this isn't for a public release, just showcasing my work. HIGH POLY MODEL LOW POLY BAKE: TEXTURES WIP 1: The magazine and the black rubber part still need to be worked on.
  5. Hey guys, I'm Marshall, I'm really into game development. Nuff said lets get right into it, I am a 3d modeler and have some(not an extreme amount) of programming knowledge in C#. I am up for doing some modeling for your game, just send me a message I am 13(don't let that age fool ya, just because I'm 13 doesn't mean I can't do this stuff) and a hard worker I have been 3d modeling in Blender since I was 10 and made my first m4a1 model at the age of 10 and 1/2 I'm a quick learner and will work with just about anyone! Alright enough info said, so ima start making a shotgun, BYE!
  6. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen I'm a 3D modeler, that is still currently learning. i'm willing to join a team. i have been in a team before but it was a really small one! i'm looking forward to work on a decent project not something too hard i don't require pay since i'm just doing this to learn myself Thanks!!!!!!
  7. Hey guys , today im asking for your tops free softwares that any game developer use , im searching a good Animating software , a 3D modeling software , an easy texturing method and pease focus on animating softwares i really need this ... HELP ME PLEASE IM LOST
  8. Once again putting myself up for work, 4 years of experience with general modeling, specializing in game development props/weapons. Can do commercial renders AND/OR Low poly optimized props. Prices are always lower than 10$, will deliver within 1-2 days as I have no social life and this is pretty much it. Thanks! Looking forward to working with some of you. Some of my work I've done below:
  9. Hey All... I'm starting to learn some more modeling... Went straight in and received this as a result. This is only my second Model.. My First Was. The Poll is for the first picture "my second model" I think its coming along nicely and it still needs a few tweaks here and there, I also need to learn to UV Wrap so i can texture it once completed... Let me know what you think! Thanks!
  10. How would I add a weapon model to the fps kit hand models I have 3dsmax and I don't fully understand this could someone please help me.
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