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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone! We (Luton Studios) are interested in search for new 3D artists to assist us with the development of Paxitium, a multiplayer survival game set in the late 19th century. Our latest update video of the game can be found here: Here are some more up-to-date screenshots of the game: Who we are searching for (prioritized from top to bottom): Environmental Artist (foliage, buildings, other props, etc) [up to $100 per asset] Also accepting other 3D artists (items, animals) [up to $100 per asset] We are willing to pay for a reasonable price based on a per-model basis. However, since we are extremely tight on budget as we are high school/college students, we are unable to surpass $100 in payment. We do not need AAA perfection, but it should be pleasing enough to the eye (probably about 8-10 hours spent on it). Prices will be negotiated to a reasonable amount. Payment will be issued upon completion of each model. Models are expected to come with at least diffuse, normal and specular maps at 2K/4K resolution. We also accept new members interested in joining the development team, however we do not pay team members. If the game is publicized, all team members will obtain equal revenue share. Steam Greenlight of the game is planned for summer of this year. If you are interested, please contact us by email. In the email, please include images of previous work and the price range you intend to have for your work. Email: lutonstudios@gmail.com Thanks for reading, Kevin and William, Luton Studios
  2. Hello. Me and my team are working on a si-fi adventure game (The name has not been decided). We need some team members to speed up the development. Currently the team consists of me(I do the 3D modeling, scripting, etc.), A lead storyline artist, some other storyline artists, a texture guy and a concept artist. However we need more people, so here are the open slots! 3D modeler: 0/3 Texture Guy: 0/1 Secondary Coder: 0/2 Sound/Music Artist: 0/2 THE STORY ---------------- Currently, my boss has said I can only say that it's going to be a SI-FI adventure game, however we will interview you. After the interview if you get the part, we will give out some information about the game. This doesn't mean you can spread the information we give you! Why the secrecy? You may ask. We are trying to keep this whole project secret and only team members will know how the game works and what the game is. We do not wan't to give out any Information yet, because we are very early in development and have no intention to start a fan-base yet. However, as development continues, we will release a teaser trailer to get people interested. CONTACT -------------- You can contact me via email at marshalljune18@gmail.com, thanks!
  3. Hello, [Quick Story] long time ago I started a project named TimeWalker. It's a first person shooter where you can control the motion speed of your actions. What makes it cool is that it has some awsome slow motion features. Seeing the bullets go past your head and watching your enemies die in slow motion is really awsome in my opinion. I had no help at all in this project, everything was made by me and me only. The reason why I stopped this project was the fact that I had no help on any aspect of the game, I had(and still have) no experience on designing or modeling, you can see in the video that the models look awful, that's because I made them using tutorials and following youtube videos. Now I wanna continue working on this project as many people I showed the game to really liked it, they actualy loved it and wanted more. I thought that if I continue the project I would need some help and get stuff more organised then how they used to be. Now that I got waaaaaaaaaaay better at programming and using unity this will be easier ,I think. [/Quick Story] Im currently looking for a 3d modeler/designer to help me in this project, I already got one but he's busy and needs some help as it's really hard to do everything on your own. Requirements: 1.Age: Age doesn't matter, as long as you're patient, understantable and comfort to work with. 2.English knowledge - As long as you can communicate with the rest of the "team" then you're okay to join us. 3.Modeling/Designing knowledge - You MUST have experience/knowledge on modeling/designing and using a software(your choice) to contribute to the game/team. 4.Must have at least some experience on using the Unity engine. 5.Must be able to work at least several hours a week. Now your favourite part , the payment. Currently I have no budget to pay you as I spent most of it on purchasing Unity. But I can guarantee you that the earnings made from the game will be equaly split to all of our team members. This is the first version of the game, the one I made a few months ago. A quick amateurish trailer I made. A demo of the old version. http://www.kongregate.com/games/SunnSiro/time-walker/ I also wanna say that I rebuilt (re-programmed) the whole game and removed every existing bug in the old version. If you want more information on the project or me then don't hesitate to ask. If interested you can contact me on skype : sun.siro or Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/SunSiro Thank you for taking your time to read this! P.S. I do know that such tag [Quick Story] does not exist.
  4. Hello, I have been planning about making a serious game and well I am not a good modeler nor can i animate , thus i seek an animator who can also model things. For now I won't be able to give any money,but as soon as the game makes some profit I will be able to share the profit with him/her. Thanks for your consideration. Please contact me through skype if interested, username - awesome.sen.
  5. Societatem is seeking a 3D modeler and an animator. Societatem is being created by RedCrusaderGames and just reached it's 1st year anniversary. We require a 3D modeler to create Weaponry and environment objects and an animator to give the game a more professional look. We have game updates on our youtube channel (listed below) where you can see the early and new phases of development. Unfortunately we cannot pay team members for their contribution to the game. If you are interested in joining the development team please contact us via this topic, skype or email, all of which are listed below. Skype: william.lee9518 Email: yuxuanliu@hotmail.co.uk To see the game in action visit our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/RedCrusaderGames
  6. hi guys im a 15 y/o game designer ive now been working with unity 3d for 2ish years on and off and now I have now learned unity 3d coding good and am ready to code my first game its going to be a basic multiplayer fps game ========================= so what i need is : a weapon/character modeler a texture/shader artist a rigger/animator a level designer ========================= respond here or add me on skype if you are really interested previous work : http://imgur.com/jFnoMUi,IyazT7x,AdC1gNI http://imgur.com/jFnoMUi,IyazT7x,AdC1gNI#1 http://imgur.com/jFnoMUi,IyazT7x,AdC1gNI#2
  7. Heyy Guys I'm Caleb, known as Lt. Kurisba from Tomlex Entertainment. I'm seeking for a 3D Weapon and Building Modeler. Game I'm creating is FPS, but it's a bit different to ones you know of now. --------- Title; Paintball - Warfighter Genre - FPS, Strategy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JZjVeEkCKg I can't model so it's pretty basic, I've just been working on scripting. But he is what I'm aiming at with guns. Please don't judge my modeling skills (I fail at it. I'm sorry.) Will be getting paid, I work weekends so you will be getting paid. (Will come to an agreement on how you'll be paid!) Down below before you post. ------ Name; Age; (Can skip and tell later) Paypal; (Yes Or No) Country; Blender / 3D max or Other Modelling programs; Portfolio; ----- Thank you very much Caleb - Lt. Kurisba - Tomlex Entertainment
  8. Hey there, My name's Sam and I'm the CEO of Royal game studios. We currently developing a multiplayer fps titled Covert Ops When a new dangerous terrorist organization who call themselves The Order of Chaos emerges and launches a fire sail, the world is in despair. All communications, power, transportation and utilities are controlled by the Order. With the cyber attack complete the Order begins launching deadly biological bombs to proceed with what they call The Cleansing. In response, The US forms a unit of the most skilled and deadly operatives to quickly and successfully terminate the new terrorist group. the group travels to various places on the globe and takes down the organization. This would justify us having different maps in vastly different settings and locations to avoid them being similar. Like an Arctic Map, a middle eastern Map. and it would explain the smaller battles. What is the game?: The game is an multiplayer fps game, But we want to make our game have originality, by making maps like to battleships fighting over a bomb which you must recover in the middle of the ocean. The game has vehicles (W.I.P) Like tanks, Jeeps, jets and helicopters. Who do we need? - We require a texture/graphic artist who is able textures guns and props! - An animator who is able to create first person animations for weapons - A modeller to create and rig a set of arms for use ingame. Have a look at some of the pictures of our weapon models below. Ingame pictures are currently few and far between because we are mostly working on functionality changes. The weapons are obviously untextured, but are there to give you an idea of the sort of models that you will be texturing. An animators would also be animating these weapons. We hope to find someone willing to join us on our endeavours. We want to create a brilliant first person shooter but we cannot do it without the help. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Royal-Game-Studios/226061784215292
  9. Hey guys! I'm a C# coder and I'm making a game right now called Hospital. It is a horror/escape game based in a hospital. There are psychopaths running throughout the hospital trying to kill you, locked doors you have to open, elaborate puzzles to solve to escape, ext. The problem is, I have practically no skill when it comes to 3D modeling. The game will be free and you will not be paid for your contributions. This is primarily a job for teens or inexperienced modelers looking to get their foot in the door. If you're interested or want more information, email me at MitchellJA97@gmail.com
  10. Hey Everyone I'm looking for a some people to join my team: Inferno Studios At the moment i'm working on a DayZ like zombie apocalypse simulator. I cant say much about the details but... Details: .Multiplayer .Zombie Code (Not Done) .Animations (10% Done) .Lobby .Login/register system People i need! .Modeler .Coder .Artist/Graphical Design People On The Team: Me (Sam) = Head Of Inferno Games And Animator And A Bit Of Code... Henry = Sound Design + Coding Inferno Studios Is Also looking for testers... But Not Right Now Seen as we don't have a stable build yet... Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/pcinfernoinhd Facebook: Coming Soon Website: Being Made Inferno Out!
  11. http://armedunity.com/index.php?/topic/3220-mindstorm-games-production/ we are looking for some modelers who want to help us with modelling weapons. Application: Name: How much time you modelling: What can you say about yourself: rate how much you know about modelling at all: 1-10 (1=nothing, 10=a lot). EDIT: New Update: our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mindstorm-Games/549103978447619 we have started to make some textures for the models!!! but we still need more modelers!
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