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Found 62 results

  1. Third update with major improvements including sound, environment, speedometer, and more! This post includes screenshots and video. Enjoy! https://imgur.com/a/r9XJVjS
  2. Hey everyone! Its been a little bit since I've posted and that's because I've been working on a cartoonish/low-poly shipyards asset. It finally got approved and released on the asset store so I would be honored if you wanted to check it out! Store Page - https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/urban/cartoon-shipyards-124154 Showcase Video - -Features-Buildings- 2 Storage houses- 1 Loading house- 1 Bridge- 1 WarehouseVehicles- 1 Aircraft carrier- 1 Jet- 2 Trucks- 1 Forklift- 1 Trailer- 1 Barge- 1 TrainProps- 1 Barrel- 1 Cardboard box- 1 Chain link fence- 1 Crane- 6 different shipping containers- 1 Dirt pile- 1 Rock debris- 1 Electrical Box- 2 fence types- 1 Radio tower- 1 Road block- 1 Sand crate- 2 signsEvironment- 1 Tree- 1 Bush - Slap Chicken Games 2018
  3. Hi, I'm having a weird issue with a 3d model. When I import it inside unity, In the preview Tab the animation seems to work fine (as show in picture). But When I put the model in the scene and try to play the animation, The mesh disappear and only a kind of bone structure is left (joined picture). anyone has an idea why please? EDIT: to give more info about how did I got here. As I'm learning, I took the working model with animation FBX file from unity and Import it inside Blender. Then I re-exported it inside Unity and I got this problem. Regards,
  4. I need a model of a demonic horse, preferably a .obj file with texture. Sadly though, I doubt i will get any replies as I have no money or anything I can give or pay. I am fifteen years old and don't have a bank account or anything like that. But if some kind soul could please make a model of a demonic horse, I will be forever in their debt.
  5. I am a newbie to 3d modelling, so i need some practice in it. Ask here in comments or PM me, i will reply you and say approximate time which i need to make a model. I cant make complicated models such as characters, Im better in interiors / exteriors, or furniture, for example.
  6. Welcome! Scarlet Realms Online (SRO) is a project currently in development. We are seeking people with the following skills: Modeling Texturing SRO is a MMO RPG sci-fi game where the players go on quests and missions to try to be the best. This is a profit share project where we will discuss payments in discord on PMs. Currently SRO is being develop everyday and has made significant progress since the start of the project. Features currently in the game: Networking Fully authoritative Enemy AI Teleportation between locations *Basic* player customization Anti-Speed hack Screen Shots: Enemy AI is almost ready to be viewed Want to join? Join our discord! https://discord.gg/rcqkXaU Replies to this post will most likely not be answered. If you have questions or want to know more about the game, join our discord.
  7. Hi! It's been a while. I'm working now on a project, and in the making of the character, I've encountered a rig problem. I've attached the image with the problem. I've tried to use weight painting, but it has no effect, also tried to change de vertex group, but also had no effect. This is how it looks without movement
  8. chapaeff

    AK 47

    Feel free to use it in your commercial projects AK47.unitypackage
  9. jai_boss

    Man Model

    i made a survival shooter game by using unity and seeked help from unity tutorials. I named it Sleepy adventures.(first published game) you can download it from the link below http://www.mediafire.com/download/jzca6b2tgrjlj14/Sleepy_Adventures.rar *Sorry for previous post I was going for my extra classes. #Xams_ahead
  10. Hey everyone so i just thought i wanted to try making something in blender again after the last time i used it was half a year ago so now here it is: if you cant see what it is then it is a grip xD Please comment what you think of the girp and comment how i can make it better and what i should do/look for next model Edit : So this is next day from the post and i made this hammer (Should been an axe xD) here is it Made without tuts or any help xD Here is something i made in this weekend without tut just trying my best xD first time making a weapon sharp.
  11. hello guys and welcome to another tutorial! In the next month we are going the create a bamboo plant! There will be every monday a tutorial! Also if you have any questions, please ask in the comments below! So in the first part we are going to create the object and we are going to prepare the texture: Textures: http://stockstockstuff.deviantart.com/art/Big-Bamboo-125534937 Hope you guys like it!
  12. Taking request all you have to do is PM me with the weapon name (image references optional) you want me to model my prices are usual 10 bucks for all. It depends on the model. If its simple i might just price it for 3-5 dollars. this is a simple model but i dont have to rest of the guns rendered when i render that ill post : ) So i can show my work
  13. I am Back with new model. Tactical Grip .Download it and use it in your projects. Download Link-http://www.mediafire.com/download/tp1lbris2743o71/Tatical_Grip.zip AEK_971 Coming soon...
  14. Just post on thread or Private message me U only Have to pay me if you are satisfied with my work. I also Do scripting C++, C# , Java Just Post here are Private mSg me with what you want. I will try to respond within 5-10 minutes. L96a1 Random Box ST-ND3 (Sci-Grenade)
  15. Shaqs

    Face Model (WIP)

    Hey Guys This is my first ever Organic Model...as you can see this isn't a realistic Face...but its more than I thought... [used Blender] What do you guys think, should I continue working on it? ...Like adding Hairs, eyes, Body, Textures...? Suggestions Apreciated... Regards, Shaqs Aki
  16. Hello everyone I am looking for someone who could fit me in my bones bootcamp model. thank you
  17. Hello, just read the license and be happy with my model. Tell me what I can do better! Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tg6tvphr5aiebm0/Download_Remington870.rar?dl=0 Images:
  18. EDIT: This triple-posted because of my horrible internet, so very sorry I have tried to clean that up. I never post here, so hi. My friends and I are about to release a mobile game on iOS and Android, but we have had this little side project going on for ages (2 years I think?). Its just a multiplayer FPS, we have restarted the project multiple times and I recently converted the whole thing from Unityscript to C# (That took ages ) and also implemented Photon Networking which is AMAZING. The game doesn't really have much direction, although we want it to have some sci-fi elements. The player will be human however due to availability of models and stuff. So yeah, here is some renders of a Laser SMG. My friend draws up a 2D plan on paper and I modelled it and applied the tiny amount of materials to it. Its pretty crap, but I thought it was cool. I'd also like to say thanks to the whole community in general, because you guys are awesome and this site really helped me get into game dev in general Photos! (Sorry they aren't embedded here, they are big images and I couldn't get spoilers working?) Aiming down the sights (with no materials added in the render, and an outline) Render of the side with a red trigger Render of the side with a blue trigger and kawaii mode enabled Testing different "barrel sheath" textures/normal maps Testing different "barrel sheath" textures/normal maps PART 2 Bad Render with self illuminating materials
  19. Gaze

    Shader Model 5

    Hey guys, So i have this weird "error" since the beginning of me having unity. Every time i add a DX11 supported script, for example noise and grain (image effect) to my camera, and tick the "use DX11 mode", it says i need shader model 5. BUT i don't have it? whilst i DO have dx11. so if anyone has experienced this before, or knows a solution; Help would be much appreciated. thanks. *note* i only have model 2, 3 and no emulation.
  20. A New 3D Model to show Feedback is apreciated like allways. Fantasy Tower / Medium Poly-Count / Fully Textured 4 Main Objects : Tower / Gate / Gate Mechanism / Torch Stand [ Poly-Count 43074 ] [ Points 33382 ] [ Total Objects 7 ] Preview Rendered in C4D R15 / Tested in Unity 5 Link to the Model on Turbosquid : Click Here
  21. Hello, for the last few days me and a friend of mine have been working on a new project which I believe it's gonna be a true success. It's a really unique idea that has never been seen before in any other game (I think/hope). We plan on getting the game on steam ,desura, humble bundle store and some other platforms. If you're interested ,make sure you read the info below : Requirements: 1.Good knowledge of english language (Enought to understand and be understood). 2.A skype/steam/email to get in touch with us. 3.Basic-Medium skills in modeling / level designing. 4.A good and calm personality(we don't want mad psychopaths in here). 5.A 3D modeling software (Unity3d works too). In case you decide to join us then this is your role in team: You will be creating basic levels ,not advanced ones. They will look simple and cartoonish. You WILL NOT create advanced 3d objects like weapons, characters or stuff like that. The template of the game is to be simple and cute-looking. You will be able to work at least a few hours a week in order to help us complete this project. Payment: You will not get paid untill the game is released. Currently we cannot afford any more purchases or payments to you as we spent all of our budget purchasing the softwares we're currently using. You will get a fair profit share of the winnings. If you join us, and this turns into a success then we can continue our cooperation and make more games together. So if you feel like trusting us then join us and we promise that you will regret it. Contact: Skype: sun.siro Steam: ilovegamess800 or SunSiro Email: ilovegamess@live.com Thank you for reading this and we hope that we come to an agreement.
  22. Low Poly Modular Medieval Architecture pack suited for top down games / Total Models : 15 / Usage : Comercial & Non-Comercial Pack Contains : - Window - Door - Castle Door - Castle Gate - Tower - Stairs - Ladder - 2x Building Types - Wall (Left and Right side) - Corner Wall (Left and Right side) - 2x Wood Plank Types Preview done in Unity 4.5.2f : Download .Unitypackage (package contains 2x demo scenes / Source files / Prefabs) Download .fbx Feedback on the pack is appreciated. Tnx
  23. Hello friends! First thing first, I may sound like a complete idiot with what I say/ask because of me being so new to unity, done a little c# but next to no help trying to implant it into my little game! ANYWAY! In the game I'm making I want to implant both first and third person perspective on the character allowing you to move around, look around corners, lean left to right, shoot, crouch, prone, vault etc.all realtime and looking natural as possible! if any of you are familiar with DayZ you'll know perfectly well what I am talking about! but I have no idea how to do this! and all the tutorials I've watched up to now just show me how to make arms, and just arms! doesn't exactly look right in third person with arms just floating about! I'm wondering the process behind doing what I need as I'm still not sure exactly how you can make a model for both and animate it for both. I can provide more details upon request, thank you for reading! anyone who guides me through the logic and shows me it is possible, I will buy them a cookie! a real one! with chocolate! -arozock
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