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Found 11 results

  1. Hello folks!, I am creating a 2D online game based on a fantasy and adventure world, the logical part between server and client I am going muto well until now, I have done all the treatments of this type and also implemented the database. But an important thing is the inventory system, where I will equip the character and change his look, but in 3D games this is not difficult but I am finding it difficult to do for a 2D game that are treated as sprites .. I'll need support, if anyone knows where I start, suggestion, idea, anything is welcome. For example: When equipping an armor I know I should by the sprite on top of the other, that's fine, I can activate the sprite but how will I use the correct sprites for the animations of the original sprite, for example, when the player moves left it use the armor sprite on the same side and so on for the other positions. How can I do animations of sprites related to attacks when equipping a sword. In fact it is an equipment system for sprites (2D characters as in RPG Maker games). I have seen this system in other engines but I have never been able to reproduce in unity, if anyone can help me, I am grateful. See you.
  2. Hey ArmedUnity community, so i finally decided to give a try at looking team members from this community since i lack a few 3d modelers to progress the game more further content side. Website: Go to website Steam: Go to steam page Facebook page: Go to facebook page IndieDB: Go to indie db NB! I mostly update updates,news/blog posts on facebook and website, to keep up with most of the news, either follow facebook page or casually check the website. Game's biggest components are ready and the game is currently in a playable state, but lacks content. I'v been trying to add more content and provide more unique actions to the game to keep the sweet post-apocalyptic zombie survival feeling that lacks from most of the zombie survival games. Website is not yet fully finished, as statistics and user activity on members panel is not yet integrated and some user experience fixes, but it is usable. I started this project just for fun and i'm not trying to get rich or have any absurd dreams that i will get millions or whatever from this game. The reason why i continued this project is that i have seen people who want to play this game and who are seriously interested in this game and since i miss or haven't got the good zombie survival experience i wanted from games like DayZ or h1z1 or WarZ or from other similar games. I was really hoping that h1z1 would be the game it was shown from the trailer from the start, a good zombie survival experience but as i'v seen it has grown more into a gamemodes type game, which this game is not. I'm going for the all natural free feel sandbox type of game with some roleplaying elements in it. I'm not mocking any of the mentioned titles above, they're great games, but just not what i wanted to feel or a game that i would play for a long time straight. Now for the juicy part, what members are we looking and what i can provide for them. Looking for members: * 2x 3D Artist/Modeler for props (items, interior objects or clothes, any of these would be fine) * 1x 3D Artist/Modeler for humanoid modeling (Mostly editing,modeling or optimizing the player character) * Any - If you think this project feels good to you and you really want to help out, we would recruit basically anyone with a useful skill and experience. Payment: For 3d Artist who want to join the team or just freelance for me, i have two payments options. I can pay via bank transfer or if you are really intrigued and want to join the team, i can provide the same method of payment or part of the revenue, so the choice is all up to you. Since i am willing to pay money for the work done for my game, i expect a confidentiality and rights for all the props,items, models made for my game and only my game that are paid for. So before any 3d artist looking for joining the team or just work for me make sure you're up to giving away your work only for this game, since all the payments come with a confidentiality contract. I am also recruiting people who just want to get experience and wish to do free work, but its's just an option to those who lack the professional experience. NB! More info and ideas/features in the development right now are not featured on the website or on this post, for more unique features or questions, send me a direct message on this forum or facebook page. What is The Revelations? The Revelations is a upcoming survival roleplaying game in an post-apocalyptic environment, that puts you in extreme conditions. Like any other survival games we have certain player needs like hunger, hydration, sleep deprivation, body temperature. While mainting and keeping up with the player needs you may need to defend yourself from several horrible mutated monsters around the world, lurking around in dark corners or waking you up while you're sleeping tightly at night. What can you do? In The Revelations you can just roleplay with your friends, team up and play co-op with them by building your base and fighting to survive as many days you can. You can be a wild hunt, play solo and survive solo, have no mercy on your enemies and take your life by one day at a time. You can go around the cities, towns, industrial areas to find and scavenge several items and later on combine or even upgrade them together to make a more powerful weapon, consumable or wearable item. We have also added several melee weapons and several guns, to have the best survival experience you need, but just watch out and be smart about your resources, since bullets are really rare to find, as are guns. Crafting and skills Player can also craft several items when having required ingredients, parts. Player must scavenge necessary ingredients or parts to craft specific items, such as campfire blockades or parts for building your own base. When crafting or doing different actions, like farming and gathering food you get experiences in that specific skill and gain levels when reaching the experience capacity set for that level. Reaching a new skill level will give you advantages to building or combining new items and new receipes, that will help you survive longer and more efficiently. Currently the skills that most certainly be included in the alpha version are cooking, crafting, medicine, strength, accuracy, fishing, stealth. Thanks! - Hardstop
  3. Hey guys! Geckoo requested for me to demonstrate something i've made in the past so here's a little demo of an rpg I've been working on. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BwGwqmz0dU&feature=youtu.be Content: Questing PVP Guilds Chat/whisper skills *all basic rpg functions* minimap,bag,equipment/character sheet, etc. multiplayer click based movement and attack different classes the list goes on... Feel free to give me suggestions or criticize ! See you around, -Potato
  4. What is Yonder? 'Yonder' is a Sandbox MMO being developed my a small indie team called Infinitus Designs. The aim is to create a player-managed environment in which players can sculpt the world and build it as their own, with PvP and PvE areas alike. Set in the 17th century, with a skill-oriented design leading to further technology up to the 19th century, the game aims to allow players to craft a diverse and ever-changing gameworld. How players will interact with Yonder Players will play their characters in Yonder via an isometric-like camera, with a reasonable gap between the player and their view point. It won't necessarily be locked to a single rotation, in case of viewpoint obstructions. Players can move around the game-world via the left-mouse button being used to point to where they want their character to go (Similar to isometric RPG games). The player will also interact with many game-world objects via right-clicking to open radial menus with appropriate options. How Yonder Will Look Yonder's graphical style is what a mix of the solid flat look that you may expect from 2D or 3D cel-shaded games, but with enough complexity and detail that it adds a small layer of realism to the existence of the game-world. However, the exception to this is that we've approached the game with a Stylized Terrain. In short, we wanted to go for a Tile-system, and decided to stylize it as 3D Columns, as shown in an early example here: The Infinitus Designs Team The Infinitus Designs team consists of: Jordan "Traslogan" Martin - Lead Developer Ivan Kuzev - Lead Programmer Salem - 3D Artist Game Updates The game is currently in its Pre-Alpha state, where we are assembling some core mechanics / features, and we will be offering public downloads when we progress into Alpha. We will post changelogs here along with some extra images as the game develops further.
  5. jake1012


    Update 5! - Added PPSH - ADDED ZOMBIES!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6RJ29-MRDE
  6. jake1012

    MMO Next Car Game

    First: I am trying to make a like this. But MMO. Here is what i am trying to figure out. Should i? 1: Use On Collision to figure out if a car is hit and where? 2: Or should i use OnTriggerEnter and the figure hit zone off that? 3: ​use raycast to determinate where i get hit? 4: Something else? Please help. Video link below shows the damage i want to implement
  7. jake1012


    Hello. I ended EverLasting yes sorry to say... But i bring you her sister. A-lot was fixed. You could say EverLasting was my learning curve. Changes: - Vehicle Physics - Chat System - Reduced the RPC's - Brought down lag - Made a car frame model - Started on vehicle Customization script! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckbE_bHSx4k&feature=youtu.be
  8. EverLasting Change Log: - Changed Whole game. - made the game into a racing game. - Synced Rpm, MaxRpm, Throttle; - Added Car Model - Removed Solider - Removed Weapons - Started Ground Work for racing game - Synced car customization - Soon to add re-spawning - Added Chat - Changed Server Physics - Added Sounds to server - Changed how players Coiled - Map is a place Holder till i make a map. More to come also further information to come later as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDLmDWTg3Io&feature=youtu.be
  9. Hello my name is Jake Giddens, I am President/Founder of Scroll Work Gaming. We need your help. Most if not all of my team has left Leaving me alone. I am a "Ok" Programmer( I Say "Ok" because the second you say your the best is the second you slack/loose the interest to learn). As many of you Probably Know i'm making a MMO called EverLasting. I need help. I can not model and Script and animate and Draw and texture all of this for the game( I can just i want to make it look good ). Im looking for a small team of at least 4 people. I have "2" right now. Spots open: 0/1 Modeler/Texture/Animations 0/1 Scene Designer. Pay 10% of each game. Game Price: 25$ E.S.T to make and finish 3-4 "Years" Please Note *YEARS* post: skills: Name: Years working with unity: Time zone: skype: Time on armed unity: Email: This is not ment to be and will not be a half ass project. This will be done 100% Us 100% Detailed 100% Accurate. *Note For modeler* I will assist you in making these models you will not be alone. I will how ever Asking that the models be "Correct" Meaning: If i ask for a (Ax) i want you to research how i real one looks and base off that NO cutting corners. *Note for Scene Designer* I'm pretty good at Scene's i will also help you. EverLasting EverLasting is a survival MMO based after a Mediator strike. The landscape we all know and love is changed and gangs have taken over the "New world" It up to us to Bring the world back to harmony. Are you up for the challenge? View Updates at Scroll Work Gaming
  10. Hey, does anyone have an idea how to create a infinite terrain for a MMO game? I found this in the asset store but i dont know if that is the right thing for a MMO.
  11. The last of days is a MMOFPS inspired by DayZ. It so far is not been worked on because we want team members. If you are interested respond in the comment with these requirements: AGE Skill(s) Pay Or no Pay Skype Name Email OS I hope we can see you soon. Images will come soon Game by Atec Studios
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