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Found 6 results

  1. the photo in blender is just after i modeled it the photo in unity with the messed up mesh collider is after i exported it, the last photo is what i want it to look like. someone please explain why it does this or at least what i'm doing wrong, ignore the last one only showing the blue lines
  2. Hi Need a crash course in prepping meshes for export from Modo or 3DS Max. Right now when I bring them in the tiling of default textures is wildly random from object to object, even though the material is the same. Also the texture I am using is an Allegorithmic Substance purchased from the Asset store, so I am confident my texture is NOT the issue. I realize this is more of a beginner question and I don't have a goal of being a texturing 'expert', need to know just enough so that my imported meshes display applied textures in a consistent fashion, and without distortion.
  3. Hi, has anyone tried fading mesh without transparent material? I have many meshes i'd like to fade once, it would be a weird solution to redo all material just for this small effect. Has anyone tried anything similar? Thanks
  4. Hi, Has anyone purchased any models from TurboSquid and used them in Unity? The reason I ask is on their site it states included formats on the right, 3DS, OBJ, Autodesk FBX .. ect but I've noticed the majority of their models are 3DS as I don't have Studio Max I've never worked with 3DS most of my models have been OBJ or FBX, so I asked this question on TurboSquid and the answer coming back is mostly saying models are importing into Unity3D either broken meshes or missing textures, as their models are not cheap I don't want to be fixing meshes of applying textures so I'd appreciate any feedback please. Thanks.
  5. arwe2793

    rubberish mesh?

    is it possible to make as exampe stock unity cube obj ruberish, like when something hit to it its deform and deform back (collider allso ), what i wana to do is. : www.landstore.lt/image/cache/data/parts_pics/engine%20parts/V8%20petrol/ERR4628-voztuvo-spyruokle-v8-pruzyna-klapana-v8-valve-spring-v8-350x350.jpg just experment with unity physics. i need to make it realistic behavior any idea?
  6. Hello everyone today I bring you a tutorial on a component of unity often used to make artificial Intelligence. Requirements for this tutorial: Unity PRO. What this componete capable? He and able to make an enemy away from walls and calculate what the distance closer to your path. Tutorial: Step 1 Step 2 Script name "AI" var ComponentNav : NavMeshAgent; var Target : Transform; function Start () { } function Update () { ComponentNav = GetComponent(NavMeshAgent); //find Component type NavMeshAgent ComponentNav.destination = Target.position; } Step 3 Script name "Mouse" var slowDown : float = .2; var screenCamera : Camera; var zDistance : float = 5.0; function Update () { var mousePos = Input.mousePosition; if(Input.GetButtonDown("Fire1")){ transform.position = screenCamera.ScreenToWorldPoint(new Vector3(mousePos.x, mousePos.y, zDistance)); } } Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Donwload Project : NavMesh.zip
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