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Found 8 results

  1. I am looking for Team members For my FPS Game! I Dont have a name for it yet,i have just begun the project. I Need: -A Modeler/Animator -Programer -Map Designer Thats all i need. You can contact me at : VenomStudiosOfficial@Gmail.com (I Am one of the programers)
  2. Street Conference Games Hello! We are a small indie team of 2 developers as of now. To celebrate our release of the Android game "Smoke one." We would like to expand the team and be willing to teach beginners to work along side and develop our next game. What we would like to acquire: 1 3d Modeler 1 C# programmer 1 Apprentice in both I am very good in Blender and can program in C# and some javascript. The other member is our sound producer and idea/story writer. Skype: StreetConferenceGames We look forward to hearing from you. Check out our game on the Android Play Store! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SCGE.SO Thanks.
  3. Hey There! Some of you may remember me as one of the lead dev's to the game called covert ops, some may remember me of just being a member just like you, i left the team for covert ops for a couple reasons which don't need to be mentioned and i decided to take a break from game dev... now i'm back, for a short time i have been working on a project which is un-named and has no sort of Overall plan. The Plan: There isn't any game plan exactly which may put you off but all i need is an idea, and a team! my last team was amazing and i learnt so much from working with them, good and bad things but none the less... important. i now know what members i will need and how to keep the team intact and be able to finish this project unlike my other less successful projects (covert ops is still being made so its just a failure to me because i don't work on it anymore, it started as mine and i gave up and i wont let it happen again... I Need You! I have a project which is currently been developed by only me! I need the following members: - Modeler - Animator - Secondary Coder - Graphic Artist/Graphic Designer + Web Designers. VIDEO (VERY EARLY FOOTAGE): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFnHExlwv80&feature=youtu.be Details To Contact Me: Skype: Red.Baron.YT or red.baron.yt (idk if caps changes it or not ) Email: sgoddardbb@gmail.com
  4. Hi All i'm the founder of the V.A.G. Team(An italian indie team), in our team we have (2 Programmers, 2 Level Designers, 1 Concept Artist, 2 Animators, 3 3D Modellers). Now i wanna just explain our idea. We want to revolution the conception of FPS, because now it means (shoot and run with no sense and no why), we want to insert a Psicological part, with some input for the Player mind, that will costrict him to think and chose the best way to resolve critical situations. Plot : This game will talk about a Scientist Team that discovered a math error in Einstein's Relativity theory. So they invented an engine that can curve the light and go with a major velocity of it. But in their "Jump" they arrived too much near to an unkown planet. Its gravity Attracted Them to the planet ground. They used a capsule to escape from the MotherShip but landing in a very far area from it. Unfortunately in the mothership they had the main radio with the minimal power to talk with the earth. Their Trip for the radio will be Hampered by the local population that will defend their lands by the Human attack. We want to insert multiple Endings Allowing the greater experience and PlayingStyle of the players. To compleate our team we need : 1 2D Artist/Texturer ; 1 Programmer(C#) ; 1 Sound Designer We're using Unity of course. The project is just Begun so we haven't got any screen But i will insert them in a next update. Sorry, if i made mistakes See you soon
  5. We need new team members, New team members are required to start a project named; Alpha Squad: Warzone. The game is going to be a Battlefield 4 inspired game, however it will be more realistic* If any Modelers/Animators/Scripters are interested in this project I would like to know; Age: Name: Previous projects?: Modeler/animator/scripter?: Timezone: Willing to work for free?: If any questions remain feel free to ask! *more realistic in the way of No HUD, No ammo counter, no kill report, no crosshairs etc.
  6. I am in desperate need of a modeler, animator, and texturer. I'm only 13 so I can't pay any money. But as long as you can at least make a hand model and animate you're welcome to join. I have 3dsmax so I am most likely to be able to help with any file format you use. Thanks and be sure to put it into consideration. I will most definitely credit you. Might also need a scene creator like a basic city nothing big just buildings. Info Age: 13 Email: tessytega@gmail.com Skills: scripting in java trying to understand c# Add me on google plus if you're interested and we'll talk at some time Website in signature
  7. Scripters And Modelers Needed For Alpha Fire.. If You Are Interested Contact Me Via Skype: (curtis.woodside)
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