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Found 10 results

  1. After hours of hard work, I have my scene complete. And upon finishing the scene, I was actually... In love with it. Hope you guys enjoy
  2. Hello, I'm Scythuz and I am a professional freelancer who specialises in music and sound effects and ambience design. I have been working as one for roughly 3 to 4 years and have worked on games in various engines from RPG Maker & Gamemaker to Unity & the Unreal Engine. I've worked on everything from small game jam entries to fully fledged steam releases with over 100k copies sold. If you want to bring your game's audio to life, I'm your guy. I will take on pretty much any type of reasonable work within the above fields and you can hear some of my work right here! Music Portfolio: Sound Design Portfolio: Past commissions/projects: Please check out my soundcloud sets page to see the projects that I am currently allowed to share work for, feel free to ask for examples in specific styles. Soundcloud sets. If you like what you hear, please consider hiring me! My prices are as follows: $10 per hour for all music, sound design and audio related work. Example pricings: Most simple pieces of 2 minutes long music will usually take 3 to 5 hours, that's just $30 to $50 per track. More complex themes, or themes longer than 2 minutes will cost more due to taking longer to create. Sound design work takes a lot less time, it's not unusual to see me do 5-15 sounds in an hour. Menu sounds are even quicker than this. Budgeting, inquiries and free sample tracks: If you're not sure whether you can afford me or not, or simply want to compare my prices to other people more easily, please feel free to approach me with a budget, track list and specific style in mind (youtube links are great for this). I will happily help with any inquiries you might have and I may even have time to give you a short sample track snippet. Be aware that this would be an incomplete track of a short length (less than a minute) and only serves to give you a taste of what it's like to work with me, how good a fit I will be for your game and a way to gauge pricing more accurately if there is uncertainty. Thanks for checking me out, I look forward to working with you!
  3. Pit

    Small Medieval Pack

    Hi. I want to show you my Small Medieval Pack. Please check it and let me know in this topic what other objects would you like to see in new medieval packs. Thank you)
  4. Hello there everyone. I have here a big bunch of free to use music, a mountain of it you could say. These tracks are from various sources whether it be projects that haven't worked out, tracks that weren't used,tracks i've made for fun and so on. They are completely free to use for both non-commercial AND commercial projects. I only ask that I am credited appropriately and that if you like my tracks that you consider commissioning me for your project. The tracks are mostly in ogg and mp3 format. If for some reason you really really want a track in a different format and you can't do it yourself, please send me a pm and i'll be happy to help. Download links are accessible by pressing the relevant button by each track in each set. Links: https://soundcloud.com/scythuz/sets/restaff https://soundcloud.com/scythuz/sets/free https://soundcloud.com/scythuz/sets/medieval-music https://soundcloud.com/scythuz/sets/final-year-project https://soundcloud.com/scythuz/sets/terra-incognita https://soundcloud.com/scythuz/sets/megadrive-game-ost
  5. [ 7 Models Total ] [ Axe ] [ Bow and Arrows ] [ Chain Sword ] [ Dagger ] [ Long Sword ] [ Mace ] [ Semi Sword ] Feedback is apreciated. Tnx Axe Bow and Arrows Chain Sword Dagger Long Sword Mace Semi Sword [ Off Topic ] I need a person to help me with the texturing for this pack and more, I`m giving profit share for every sale of the models. Tnx and have a nice day
  6. Low Poly Modular Medieval Architecture pack suited for top down games / Total Models : 15 / Usage : Comercial & Non-Comercial Pack Contains : - Window - Door - Castle Door - Castle Gate - Tower - Stairs - Ladder - 2x Building Types - Wall (Left and Right side) - Corner Wall (Left and Right side) - 2x Wood Plank Types Preview done in Unity 4.5.2f : Download .Unitypackage (package contains 2x demo scenes / Source files / Prefabs) Download .fbx Feedback on the pack is appreciated. Tnx
  7. Hello everyone! I am desperately looking for a build system for my game Age of Medieval: League of Delphi, I already looked all over forums but did not think, I hope you answer me as fast as possible. I'm a simple Brazilian player who likes to play games, do not know JavaScrip let alone C #. I was face to face with the incredible projects that DaBossTMR, OneManArmy and OcularCash did. Hope some of you can help me. Waiting, hugs
  8. danielvd

    Dark Plague

    Dark Plague It has been a while since I last posted anything on this showcase. Thought I would post an update on the project's status and what I've accomplished this far. Note: I barely have time to work on this project (This includes learning what I've learned so far and applying it on the project). How updates will be posted from now on: Expected features: Download and file handling information: Please note:
  9. Hi guys, Here's a ladder i made in about an hour. was designed for medieval games. you might use it however you like. This isnt really worth giving credits either, so here: http://www.mediafire.com/?lfwq1wy79v2h7d7 Attached Image is from inside Unity, 672 Faces. 1020 Verts I don't intend to waste your time making you look at attractive renders.
  10. Hi, Here is an AI test my son started building whilst we have no access to our old hdd. His brother and I started making assets for it, and this is a quick video and code paste. http://pastebin.com/L90rCvmi We're working on Archers, but progress is slow at the moment because it's beaching weather. The current goal is: learn AI, make a better simulation, have fun. Wide open to any ideas or whatever. Thanks for reading, Stuart, Raph(12), Logan(11)
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