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Found 6 results

  1. Unity car game using Unity 2018.2. I have decided to step away from the realistic fps genre and try something new. Racing!11!11!1! The game is something I would like to be a mix of Forza, Grid Autosport, and Need for Speed. In the game, you will have the choice to either participate in legal or illegal races. Legal races will have designated cars to be used in the race. Illegal races will let you use whatever car you want, unmodified or modified. Would also like to add death race mode and derby mode. My hopes would be to later add special car packs consisting of cars and planes from famous tv shows (Airwolf, Ghost Busters, Night Rider, Scooby Doo) and sell them as DLC. An example of my wishes would be something like the car packs for rocket league but also added modes (death race derby etc.). Anyways without further ado, here are screenies. https://imgur.com/a/BOs0zQT
  2. Hello Guys, Iam a developer in Unity3D. Iam developing a car racing game. There will be the the of this game soon. Link to my Youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5f0H3dHKn9eTeaMcYLZZju_vgvFThHsR
  3. Chapter 1 Clearly what the title says; I want everyone's opinion how to get banned easily. Here's a list of my thoughts: - *removed* - Posting wrong/violent links including words only or hints - A wrong avatar (offensive) - Caught as a pirating person - - - - and remember: Thinking I am "bsg-development" because my name has a B-letter in it or anything else that looks like that, I am not that weird guy!!!! I recognize his name, saw it a few times in the shoutbox (even today). Just saying that I can prove that I'm not him!! Its a fact, not an opinion. I can purely write the truth 500 more times but that wouldn't make sense, because the truth can't "overwrite" itself. In fact: A fact can not be changed! Chapter 2 I hope you people can understand why I got banned from the shoutbox: Here's the full story written below: As you may know I had a hard time because I've "probably" chose a wrong avatar showing a pony holding a gun. In the beginning of creating this picture I thought I must had to add it holding a gun, because when not it looks so soft and like a little kid + not looking like a "p*ssy" like a few people say nowadays. (my own thoughts). Then I started talking about this in the shoutbox; mostly talking with themars2011 because we had made a small promise on April 19th 2015 (saved on 3 seperate pictures if its necessary to show you guys). At 10.14 PM themars2011 said finally "uh. as long as you dont annoy me with it". But like a few days ago he started not to like it, I know right. Society isn't quite there yet. If people just could leave it, then its ok. Although I didn't save any screenshots of the arguments made, its hard to prove but I could say it wasn't a nice talk back there. Then (I think two days ago from now) I got banned from the shoutbox. Q: But what happened several minutes before? Q: And why did I spam the shoutbox? Q: and also, why did I said I wanted to be banned? Well here's the second part of the story: (I will not tell the user's name specifically who said this) Today, browsing through all my content I can't seem to find this reply because the topic is locked right now. (I believe it was inside the Need Help-section) and I criticized by making a direct-impact-comment. Meaning that I said something to strong to advise someone. I shouldn't have done that, but as you know the days before already I wasn't feeling happy at all because of the avatar-problem. So, there was one reply on that Need Help-topic there. The hint: I've known him/her as somebody with a gray avatar and white text and not very active in the shoutbox, only if has something big to announce. That reply included "stfu", and if there's nothing else more annoying then it would be this abbreviation. The most overused one in my gaming history. And I know he wasn't just saying it like "shut up, ok". But actually really meaning it. He must have been watching me doing every move, I just know it. Chapter 3 Promises I will follow/keep in order to get back in the shoutbox: - I will update all my true details again on my profile; no jokes like "Status classified" - Except for avatar I may do a favor to change it back to "Wat.jpg" - Rewrite the rules again in About Me-page in order not to get confused what words I am allowed to say or not to say within my religion - Support4Support again. (Meaning: When you post a screenshot, I keep supporting everybody in the hope that they will say atleast "ok" back to me lol.) Chapter 4 Quick note: I haven't read all above written content to check for spelling-mistakes or wrong of sentences, sorry.
  4. So Austin Evans just released a $1000 build for the month of september, at the end of the month i'll be a little bit short of $1500 but will still be able to get the original $1500 build i was planning since a couple months ago. Which one should i get, here are the vids so you can see all specs $1000 build $1500 build I'd appreciate if anyone can help me, but i'd really like if any of these members can give me advice since i had the impression of them knowing alot about PC builds @OneManArmy @DannyIsSoPro @DaBossTMR @YoungDeveloper Im also trying to choose between these 2 monitors if you know better please post: foris fs2333 Ben Q
  5. Hey there! im using the Pokeyoshi3 multiplayer kit for the fps kit 1.2. I imported all the scripts and needed stuff for the multiplayer into my project with the Augmented Fps Kit 4, from Deadrocker. Now, everything works, except for the respawn script, when i die it sends the ''respawnplease'' message to the spawnMGR. but it gives the error that it cant find anything with ''respawnplease'' in the spawnMGR. So i wondered if anyone could help me with this, so i CAN respawn. Here's the Respawn Script: // script was made by pokeyoshi3 // this is attached to the deadplayer and sends a respawn request to the spawnmgr. #pragma strict private var spawnmgr : GameObject; function Awake () { SendRespawn(); } function Update () { } function SendRespawn() { yield WaitForSeconds(4.5); var spawnmgr = GameObject.Find("spawnMGR").GetComponent(NetworkView); spawnmgr.networkView.RPC("respawnplease", RPCMode.All); } and here's the spawnMGR script: #pragma strict DontDestroyOnLoad(this.gameObject); var playerPrefab : GameObject; private var myPlayer : GameObject; private var isConnected = false; var cam : Camera; function Start(){ cam.enabled = false; } function OnGUI() { if(!myPlayer) { cam.enabled = true; Screen.lockCursor = false; if(GUI.Button(Rect(Screen.width/2 - 100, Screen.height/2 - 37.5, 200, 75), "Spawn")) { Spawn(); Screen.lockCursor = true; } } else if(myPlayer) { cam.enabled = false; } } function Spawn() { myPlayer = Network.Instantiate(playerPrefab, transform.position, transform.rotation, 0); } function OnPlayerDisconnected(player: NetworkPlayer) { Debug.Log("Clean up after player " + player); Network.RemoveRPCs(player); Network.DestroyPlayerObjects(player); } please help! Greetings, StraatBaas
  6. Hello people of Armed Unity! This is B13story from Tunisia I'm new on armedunity and i don't know much about this forum but what i've noticed is all of you are Game Developers !yay! I'm a Geek and i like developing games, B13story means too much to me, it's my life, my hobby, my personality also it's my first pseudo! To summarize my story, i discovered my dream when i was playing GTA VICE CITY my all-time favorite game, i told myself why i can't start making games like Rockstar Games, EA or even SEGA? I started editing GTA games and CS1.6 until i ended up today working on Unity and many more game engines to create a game.. not just a game it's a passion & love i want to share with people all around the world. I hope we can help each other to make great games and why not someday we all participate to make game of the century for Armed Unity ! Sincerely!
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