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Found 25 results

  1. check my first update for my game, thanks D: i am looking for a little team who can help me create the game, i need map designer 1 or 2 or 3, free time work only, pm me if interested
  2. Hi , i just need help making a battle royale game. I almost finished but i need a map, i can upload some pictures. I don't have any money to pay but we can be partners. I also can add some ideas if you have some. PS: sorry for my bad english
  3. Hello! Title: Battle of Force Genre: Action, FPS Description: Shooting game Prologue: Nothing. In this you are a soldier. You are on Mission to kill all enemies and after killing all enemies you have to pick up a document. ABOUT ME Nickname: AshwinTheGammer Real name: Ashwin Age: Sixteen. Good at: Java, HTML, Gaming, Javascript(not of Unity). Location: India. DREAM: I wanna open my own Gaming Dev Company. CURRENTLY PERSONS I NEED : PROGRAMER (C#) 1/1. MAP DESIGNER 0/1. Here is my first game video This is not too good but OK. DESCRIPTION FROM ME: Please be fair, and not let my age determine your choice and I`ll not pay you any money or anything for this work. We`ll work with Scene Fusion software to do collab. Here`s its tutorial Here is link http://www.kinematicsoup.com/scene-fusion/ Here`s discord link https://discord.gg/NWTk8xE Thank you!
  4. Abys966

    Horror map

    i can pay for a good and big map horror genere
  5. Version 1.0


    A free map for users to use to their needs in game design.
  6. Hi guys! Today I updated the Forest Map,and this is the result: DOWNLOAD IN VIDEO DESCRIPTION REQUIRES UNITY 3D 4.5.1 PRO
  7. Someone(A team of people) please help me with my fps game. I need arm models, guns, maps, sounds, and other things. *DISCLAIMER* I can not pay for anyone to help me. Sorry:( But, free help would be greatly appreciated!!
  8. Download the free commercial multiplayer FPS map here: https://mega.nz/#!EpElBCbQ!AJGUtcBfCB9eSFotxpmEcmNCJSBBLwI6dXXHKDXwQMM Here is another of my 3d model learning experience. Today I worked on a level for a tutorial that I'm preparing. Since the level doesn't have to be big, its small but tactile, with 1 choke-point and a 3 routes to take. Its still can be expanded but for now... Enjoy
  9. Version V1


    Just a free test map for anyone starting off enjoy
  10. Ive opened this thread to showcase my kbs map (WIP) here are the most recent updates. the rest i think i posted in my profile. please comment on everything. i want to get it better
  11. What Runtime Level Editor is ? Runtime Level Editor is a plug-in for Unity 5.x game engine which allows you to integrate an out of the box level editor for your game. This allows your users to design, edit, save, load and publish their own levels with the power of Unity 5. You can add as many asset categories you like and add as many assets and materials as you want. Then the players will be able to design their own levels with these assets. Since Runtime Level Editor does not store any of your assets it is impossible to rip your assets through the .rld level file. Runtime Level Editor save system allows you to save all the objects of the screen, all their properties, the changed materials, the lighting settings and generally the whole level and even the level preview image in a single .rld file. You can view all the posts on this website in order to view all the available features, or better download the beta and test it yourself. You can buy Runtime Level Editor from the official asset store here : https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/31364 or through my official website here : http://greekstudios.hol.es/eshop/runtime-level-editor/ Some Of Runtime Level Editor features : Very friendly and customizable GUI. (Using Unity 4.6 New UI) Supports moving/scaling/rotating tools. You can also set position/scale/rotation via inspector. (X,Y,Z) A bunch of options in inspector for each asset. Physics integration to each asset with a single click. You can also modify physic’s properties. World settings window with settings for global gravity/ambient light/global lighting/shadows strength/shadows/ rotation/fog settings/fog color. Visibility option for each asset which will hide/un-hide assets inside the editor in order to help you design your map. Very fast,advanced and optimized saving & loading system. In-editor option to take screenshot of your level with a single key. Upon saving the latest screenshot you made inside the editor using the “Tools > Level Preview” button will be saved and merged inside the level file (.rld). The whole scene and the level preview image is saved in the same file (.rld) and the image is automatic generated from it each time RLE starts (only if it does not already exist). The whole scene file is plain text which means that you can transfer it using any network option and it can be saved anywhere as a simple string. Assets can change materials inside the editor using the Material Editor window. Point light is supported. Script prefabs are supported, which means that you can make some scripts and allow to your players to add them in their level.(Such as Enemies AI, Spawners,Animated assets etc). Player prefab is supported, you can add your player prefab and the player will choose his spawn point. In-editor play mode button, by pressing it a new scene is loaded where player have to choose the level he wants to play. Simulate physics inside the editor with the option to stop simulation and all objects will return in their positions. Advanced snapping system. Objects with the same snap-id will snap to the closest object on the side you chose. Ctrl + 1 to snap left, Ctrl + 2 to snap right, Ctrl + 3 to snap forward … etc. Undo position,rotation and scale changes option. Duplicate selected object option.
  12. Hi Guys I made a little 50 by 50 inch map using the Unity 3D Engine and Prototype, just remember that this is my first go at modeling a map especially a Multiplayer Map for Team-Death Match. Screenshot 1: Screenshot: 2: http://www.mediafire.com/view/d5u19ka3fob9f34/Capture2.PNG Screenshot 3: http://www.mediafire.com/view/hdd0b8sahdg8bl6/Capture.PNG Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?e1gql2zsoge6dxb
  13. Hey guys, this is one of the assets I've been working on for some time. Its basically an attempt to mimic the unity editor at runtime for users to be able to create custom content as well as developers to provide dlcs and updates to their game without reuploading the whole game. Everything done here is saved in a custom file format with a customizable extension. For now you can do things such as import models, textures, sounds and use them in your level. Features like lights and physics for each object are already implemented. For testing the map with your game there is a simple integration interface (script to integrate with darkraze shown at the end) and finally my favorite thing of the editor is you can make C# scripts at runtime which will work with the map (to create a dynamic map). Edit: Now you can edit shaders! Working on a new gui system the will be published for free (Mainly to support dragging and very elaborate guis) Video of dragging with the new gui Pastebin of what the code looks like for the example video: http://pastebin.com/zEPGQ9vB
  14. Hey guys. Two weeks ago i start developing a new Asset for Unity. I'm developing a Runtime level editor which allows you to integrate to your game a map editor which will allows to your players to design their very own maps. Runtime Level Editor (RLE) has a tone of features which will make the level designing easier than ever. RLE is very close to an Alpha release and it would be available on the Asset Store for the price of $50. If someone is interested on RLE he can pre-order it from the official website (with no cost) and when RLE is available he can get some bonus packages. Here is a short presentation video which displays a lot of the main features of RLE. Here one of the very best features of RLE, the Save & Load system which contains an awesome Open file dialog. For each scene, you can take a screenshot inside the editor in order to include a preview for your scene. The screenshot tool hides all GUI stuff and take a screenshot, then it stored as a temporary file.(If you take an other one it would be overwritten) Upon save, the temporary screenshot is merged into the scene file along with the other data. That means that the whole level with the preview image and the description is stored one a single file. Each time RLE starts it automatic generate the image preview for each level inside his directory. So the open file dialog looks like : Some screenshots bellow : Please, make sure to comment bellow with your opinion, even negative. Beta is now available at http://rld.url.ph/wp/download-beta/ You can check more at : http://www.rld.url.ph/
  15. Hello everyone, i always liked to just make maps on unity, so i decided i just start making maps for you guys. This is the Forrest map, its a big terrain, with trees, Nice textures and more. Its not a fully competed map, but its a good start if you don't know what map you should make, or you don't like to start from scratch. Alot credits go out to Nobiax, i used alot of textures and models from him, because he's just the best in that stuff (in my opinion). The rest was done by me. if you use this map in your game, please credit me as Mick Boere and also Nobiax. Thank you! If you have a tip, suggestion or anything else, just contact me. Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!cotF3YQa!ABZEqSybJ-rhtClg9aUxMnyNsQd0g5w0wHngGtOZkS8 Note: for some of the things in the project, you might need Unity Pro, for example: Image Effects. Preview Screenshots: http://armedunity.com/gallery/album/70-map-forest/
  16. Hey guys. Since there are no maps out there for testing purposes, and everyone who has the appropriate skill set to design maps keep them for themselves and shows them off in the 'showcase' section, I am here to release my own personal multi-player testing map for everyone to use! Aren't I so nice? I know how much of a struggle it may be to design a map, and a well functioning one at that matter. Without further ado, here you go! Link (131.5MB): https://mega.co.nz/#!shAjETDR!FAtCmAt17T7IKZxsZEpVEHIiQi5lDycO9y8FNi3Pbss Credits: 1.) Nobiax - Textures/models 2.) OneManArmy - Gave me inspiration from PFPS Kit arena map Enjoy guys, and as always, have a good one! [screenshots of Developer Arena]
  17. Hey im making a zombie survival game with the fps kit and Im trying to make the map. I want to make a big map similar in style to dayz (but not as big or good looking). I have some models but I have no experience in level design or map making. Any tips, advice, or instruction would be great, Thanks!
  18. SergioLavao

    FPS Map

    Hello Community ArmedUnity , here is my fps map. Images: - (http://prntscr.com/37mjm8) - (http://prntscr.com/37mkkm) - (http://prntscr.com/37mleg) - (http://prntscr.com/37mm75) - (http://prntscr.com/37moy2) Assets used here; -https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#/content/4136 (purchased) -https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#/content/14233
  19. NEW PACKAGE! It is a map props package this time! Working on an FPS? TPS? RPG? And don't have the necessary models to make your map look EXTRAORDINARY? Well this package can help you out! It contains a few but good looking assets that will surely lighten your map up a bit with realism! This package contains 2 kinds of barrels, some crates, a metal door, some rusty railings, and 2 garbage bags WHICH you can duplicate and modify! Download! IMAGE:
  20. All set with your rigged character and weapon? Ready to start making the best FPS in all of mankind? Well you need a map. Making a map is a pretty complex job with all the modeling, setting things up, rating how they look, fixing things, lightmapping and so on.. Last thing you need is to make all the buildings and stuff one by one, especially if you’re a programmer. So I’ve decided to upload this awesome building pack I made before. Fully textured and low poly. Free for commercial and non – commercial usage! No credits required! Download Package Details: Verts : 2804 Faces : 2791 Formats Included – DAE, 3DS, FBX, OBJ. Native Format – .Blend The original post here at this site : BlendControl
  21. thugz357

    Fps Maps

    Didn't know where to post this so if this is in the wrong place am sorry dose any one know where i can find some free fps maps ? Thanks Thugz
  22. Liked the previous Map Props v.1 package? Well then you're gonna like this too. It is the v.2 of the props package. It has a few more props (3) which you can use to decorate your game map and make it look totally awesome combined with the v.1 package! Well Good Luck! Download Package Details: Verts: 1423 Faces: 1152
  23. Hello! I am in need of a map maker/modeler for my FPS game. NO PAY!! If you know of a good place to get a FPS map for free, please put in a link, and I will give you credit.
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