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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Guys, So here is my latest project. This was abandoned a couple months ago after failing Greenlight and usually with most of my projects I like to post them here, however, it never came to mind with this one. Since I'm now renewing this project figured I might as well. Feel free to ask any questions and help give me some ideas! YOUTUBE: IHAZMIRACLE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzoGHQdij2Rg0BnRSbyD7jg/videos?view_as=subscriber FELWIRE This is a single-player FPS, featuring wave-based gameplay where you fight off hoards of monsters. Current Features (Not listing anything I didn't make, might also be missing some things): - V.Low Poly Style - Parkour System - 3 Current Enemies (Basic, Flying & Kamikaze) - Grappling Hook - Special Shop - Abandoned Atmosphere (One map so far) - Multiple Weapons - Intractable Main menu - Purchasable Loot Crates! (kidding cuz im so edgy) - Scoring System Updates Note: Still no new update showing current progress, will release soon. This game is currently in development. Note: This game does finish some assets I purchased, they are given credit in some of the videos description and I am very open about it. Feel free to ask any questions and help give me some ideas!
  2. Hey there fellas ! How are you all ? Good I hope ! Here is some character I made. It is rigged and has animations. (I wish I had screen recorder to show it with Anims) He looks cool right ? Any critics are welcome Aki Shaqs PS: Do let me know if anyone likes it and wanna check it out. Also Guys, I have set up my portfolio (sort of) click here --> Akishaqs. Tell me if it looks nice, I will be adding more stuff there so... Can you guys just take a look and give some feedback ? Thank you !
  3. Pocket Rockets Traffic Racer Dash

    Hey guys! So , my studio (Aligned Games) has finally released its second mobile game , Pocket Rockets Traffic Racer Dash on the Play Store for android devices! The game is a traffic racer game but instead of dodging the cars you are encouraged to smash into them! You use your money earned from playing to buy new vehicles and upgrades. Please give the game a try if you have an android device and let me know what your thoughts are. Enjoy the game and please leave a comment and rating on the Play Store page if you enjoyed it! Download Here
  4. Lolly and The Monsters CrazyCatz I have been working on this isometric platformer for a while now, and it has started to take shape. You pay as Lolly, a girl who is looking for her lost cat, on her journey she encounters some fun puzzles and deadly monsters. The game features three scenes each containing 10 levels. I have setup a patreon too, if anyone wants to support go ahead - https://www.patreon.com/Akishaqs Follow on twitter - https://twitter.com/The_CrazyCatz Like my facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/LollyAndTheMonsters IndieDB - http://www.indiedb.com/games/lolly-and-the-monsters/news/intro-lolly-and-the-monsters Here are some more screenshots of work in progress. Help me grow ! Like facebook and follow on twitter. Regards Shaqs Aki
  5. Low poly furniture modelling ?

    Hi guys and girls ! I have a problem with... low poly works. This type modelling is wrong for low-polygon ? MAYA I want to make cartoony looking environments but ı don't understand something or... Why can't make soft edge for low poly or black sections isn't problem or ı don't understand how to make low poly ? We using hard surface ? Yes ım never make low poly works !!! seriously Thank you...
  6. [ Available On Assets Store ] Hey Guys you may already know about this sniper Rifle, but let me introduce it Once again !!! I started it About a week ago and now it fully done, and its ready to be used in games. Currently Waiting for the assets store team for the review But I am Sure that it will soon get published and people will like it ! I wanted it to be a free asset but I guess 5 $ isn't a big amount for this kinda Art piece features : Low Poly Model Contains two LOD Resolutions 4k Textures, PBR supported for future games ! [ Some unity 5 rendered ScreenShots ] Thanks For Reading Guys ! Assets Store Link - http://u3d.as/fB0 Now Live ! Stay tuned - https://www.facebook.com/aki3dstudios Blog url - http://aki3dstudios.blogspot.com/2015/05/futuristic-sniper-rifle-pbr-ready.html Shaqs Aki