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Found 18 results

  1. New Update for Protocol Like and share https://youtu.be/MlKT-FTHfCs
  2. Hey guys! I was working on this project for some while, changed directions for the project a lot. Kinda like the new style i'm going at. Here's a teaser of the project, hope you like it! As i am lazy to make my models i used Synty's awesome models for the project, found them most suitable! Here are some screen shots of the teaser : At the end of the post is the video link. Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aQFMv3mxns
  3. Version 1


    Hello! This is a new version of the Low Poly Environment assets I uploaded a while ago, The old one I only updated to Unity 4. However, this one is compatible with Unity 5, if you are still using Unity 4, the old one is still available This package contains: 2 Tree types, 2 Pine tree types, 4 rocks, and a lily pad, Feel free to use these assets for any of your projects! I also made a Speed Level Design video using these assets! Here is the link to it:
  4. NEW PACKAGE! This time is a small office which YOU can use in your game for free! NO CREDITS REQUIRED! Just download and import! Simple! Now, this scene is untextured because I thought you guys might like putting in your own theme on here. Yeah, some objects in this scene are infact UV Mapped, the ones that seem a bit complicated to do so, I took care of them. Now this is NOT game ready, this is just a scene which you can texture and put in your Game/Render! It is only 5.2k Polygons therefore the whole scene is pretty suitable for a game. Download! IMAGES:
  5. So I've made MULTIPLE attempts to get a island map, made and finished but im having multiple difficulties getting that to happen as i would like, so i put that on "pause" and took some old base building assets (they were created for a open world zombie game but the idea was too large and didnt want to set myself up for failure) and just started making a map that would Test multiple mechanics in my game such as AI Path Finding, Weapon DMG, etc., I'm not to much worried about making other maps, my current focus will be to get the mechanics Complete and Finished FIRST, then work on other things such as more maps, Eventually I'm going to have to make another map to test vehicles so that's another HEADACHE I'm going to have to prepare for. Info on the Map: As i said before this map is made to test the mechanics of the Player and AI, 5 floors in total, at the top of the map will be a button that unlocks the lower level for a period of time, the lower level will hold a power weapons (maybe a MGL or a Minigun , Whatever i decide to throw in I'm still deciding) the map is Mostly complete, whats left are the Ladders (for the holes you see on the 4 corners of the map, and some explosive barrels. Let me know you comments or ideas you think would help benefit the map. HOPE YOU ENJOY ! Thoughts: Still havent thought of a name for the map, HECK I DONT EVEN HAVE A NAME FOR THE GAME LOL, Havent thought of developing the story, I dont even want to THINK about the headaches im going to have when i attempt to make a actual map BUT ITS A START
  6. Hey guys, Max here and wanted to hear from you out there you're opinions and overall what do you think about this project? It's a Low Poly First Person Shooter based game, will have co-op vs zombies, and will have open scale multiplayer! Here are some screenshots! Pic.1 Pic.2. Pic.3. I hope you like it, did put effort in making it and its fun. Its still WIP and hope i will finish it one day! Video link : Again, any suggestion, opinion, critics would be warm welcomed! So please leave a reply down below! Thanks, Max.
  7. Hello there! Paxitium is a work-in-progress survival game set in the early 1900s. Facing obstacles ranging from natural needs such as hunger and thirst to dangerous wildlife and unfriendly human NPCs, the player must choose a role and survive in the wilderness. Eventually through venturing multiple neighboring islands, the player is able to discover numerous clues related to the background of the world they are in. Basic gameplay will include construction of structures for protection from enemies, looting items from abandoned towns, and more. Cooperation between players is highly encouraged, and the servers will offer extensive customization to settings such as PvP/PvE, day cycle length, difficulty of AI, and much more, to create a fresh experience for players. Everything that you see within these update videos are highly work-in-progress unless stated otherwise. Constructive criticism will also be highly appreciated. Update #4: Update #3: More info: IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/paxitium Discord: https://discord.gg/wFRbT4G Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LutonStudiosDev Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/LutonStudiosDev
  8. Hello Armedunity! So i started to model a little again. I have always wanted to make some low poly models so I thought I would start making some to learn modeling and maybe in the future make high poly models! I will be sharing a lot of low poly models (not only weapons ), and I will update this post when i put out a new package of low poly models! I thought I would share a little pack with 3 low poly models in. NOTE : All of the models and packages i post in this thread is free to use for anything! You can use them for Non-commercial and Commercial use. Package #1
  9. I am practicing low poly style modeling in blender, and I thought I would share one of the models. This mountain was made from a heightmap, and except the backside, which has a little gap/ model is going straight down on one part, it should make a great background for games. The model has 2 materials, one for the main color, one for the snow. Terr01.fbx And, since I made this post, I'd like to show some work in progress with my other models, I think they look pretty neat even if they are a beginer's work
  10. Version 1.1


    A bundle of low-poly environment 3D models, I am planning to update this package and add more 3D models. This Package Has, 4 trees, 3 rocks, a rock wall, And a rock arch. Feel free to use this in any of you're projects.
  11. Hello, New update v 2.0 is available in the Asset store This update v 2.0 includes -Lods for geometry (handmade) -Colliders mesh (handmade and optimized) I want to introduce my new level with the industrial paсk ''Hangar'' game ready assets Link to Unity Asset store This pack contains industrial building, modular hangars, containers of different colors, railroad car of different colors, lighting poles, fences, gates, tanks and many other various props All materials and shaders are made for use in Unity 5.0 technology PBR, the model is optimized and ready for use in mobile applications, devices, consoles or PC This pack does not include trees You can follow any updating of content on a page in facebook and Twitter Twitter Facebook Product can be purchased for $ 65 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0m2c5QijR8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyS24qp8YSE
  12. Hello friends, I want to introduce my new props Anti Tank Obstacle 5$ Link to Unity Asset store Anti tank obstacle (also known as tank obstacle) Game ready model, fully detailed and textured PBR materials equipped with textures for diffuses, normals, specs All textures have resolution 2048x1024 Polygons: 1,094 Vertices: 1,033 Сoncrete Block 5$ Link to Unity Asset store Concrete Blocks set of 3 different blocks objects are optimized and ready for use in games, or visualizations Low poly model, fully detailed and textured PBR materials equipped with textures for diffuse, normal, specular Diffuse 2048x1024 Normal 1024x1024 Specular 1024x1024 AO 1024x1024 Debris $10 Link to Unity Asset store Debris set Сardboard boxes, piles of garbage, separate pieces of paper, newspapers - All objects of this pack are made with high-AAA quality -PBR materials equipped with textures for diffuse, normals, specs -All textures have resolution 1024x1024 2 heaps of garbage 11 separate pieces of paper Tank Container $15 Link to Unity Asset store Tank container game ready asset - All objects of this pack are made with high-AAA quality -PBR materials equipped with textures for diffuse, normals, specs Polys 3264 Verts 3664 Hangar Set $15 Link to Unity Asset store This pack includes a modular hangar All objects of this pack are made with high-AAA quality -PBR materials equipped with textures for diffuse, normals, specs entrance part 351 polys central part 570 polys gates 980 polys Сontainers Set $15 Link to Unity Asset store This pack contains metal containers 4 colors - Green - Red -gray -Blue - All objects of this pack are made with high-AAA quality -PBR materials equipped with textures for diffuse, normals, specs Each container game ready asset contain 7109 polys All textures have resolution 2048x2048
  13. Hello guys i made a concrete barrier in blender. Download:http://www.mediafire.com/download/4qv2br5eej0og12/concretebarrier.unitypackage Pics:http://static.wixstatic.com/media/c68ccc_1ddf6767209a4e1c9c0b9c8e5f10153a.jpg_650
  14. Hello guys i made a model in Bender. Its not great, but maybe its useful for somebody. Download:http: http://www.mediafire.com/download/55r3db72w1h8que/lowpolyphone.unitypackage Pics:https: http://static.wixstatic.com/media/c68ccc_45b0ab214b9748cd9b65cab66563ca1b.jpg_srz_p_276_161_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz
  15. Well this is a pretty common gun, if not, the most common. THE AK 47! I know I've done past versions of this but this is the cold hard original! With Normals + Specular + Diffuse textures. The specular map is integrated into the alpha channel of the diffuse TGA map so if you use this package with UNITY3D, don't forget to set the shader to Bumped Specular/Specular and slide the shininess slider to maximum! (Maximum shininess is used for objects such as the metal on a gun!) Download! IMAGE:
  16. NEW PACKAGE ON THE OCCASION OF MY BIRTHDAY! It's a road barrier, also called a concrete barrier, which you can use alongside some of the other map props package! The making of this barrier, also called a tutorial, is up on our YouTube channel and you too can learn how to make packages like us! Enjoy: Download! IMAGE:
  17. NEW PACKAGE! This time, it's a grenade, smoke grenade that is! It's the M18 Smoke Grenade, which is suitable for ANY FPS game you're developing! Use it in a deadly arsenal to put up smoke while you go in for the kill/go in for a heist. Best of all, it's LOW POLY! Won't put a high number on your drawcalls count or lag your testing even a bit! ENJOY! _____________________________________________________________ Download! IMAGE:
  18. I have some news. As some of you are familiar with BlendControl.com and FBXControl.com will know how they both went down, and because I replaced them with 7XFGAMES.COM So now if you need ANY new packages, just head over to the new site and download! Simple! (Adfly links are there because to pay the hosting bills, of course with a little money from my own pocket. T__T ) Thanks and Enjoy! :)
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