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Found 20 results

  1. DifficultyLevelManager (singleton) - controls the enumeration for setting the difficulty level. Attach this script to a gameobject called DifficultyLevelManager. SetDifficulty - initializes the inspector-set difficulty level at start (on the DifficultLevelManager) to match the dropdown menu value. Attach this script to a canvas and drag a dropdown menu component onto the inspector/script. Lastly, on the dropdown menu component, drag in the DifficultyLevelManager script into the On Value Changed part of the inspector then select the following function: SelectDifficultyLevel. You're done. This is how you'd use it, but the way you can go about it all depends on your project setup. I'd advise to set this up in a game manager of some kind where you check for conditions based on what the player will be dealing with. Feel free to adjust the script as necessary. Add more difficulty levels, change up the parameters for compatibility with other UI elements if you wish. You can also create separate difficulty mode managers for separate game modes by inheriting from the base class (DifficultyLevelManager) and can either use overrides or interfaces to expand it.
  2. starting game on free version unity4.2.2 so graphics are not good some screenshots of level being created from scratch crane and containe and trees are not mine i will replace them later
  3. Street Conference Games Hello! We are a small indie team of 2 developers as of now. To celebrate our release of the Android game "Smoke one." We would like to expand the team and be willing to teach beginners to work along side and develop our next game. What we would like to acquire: 1 3d Modeler 1 C# programmer 1 Apprentice in both I am very good in Blender and can program in C# and some javascript. The other member is our sound producer and idea/story writer. Skype: StreetConferenceGames We look forward to hearing from you. Check out our game on the Android Play Store! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SCGE.SO Thanks.
  4. War Heroes is a first person shooter that is still WIP. At this point I'm only making the basic things. But I hope I can add in the final game a new sort shooter. Last news update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR-72L2rEcc Last normal update: The trailer of Industrail Maze and the soundtrack: And if you want the see the whole process fast, here is the overview from updates 1-6:
  5. Hey everybody on Armedunity. I just made my frist LevelSystem(Simple One). And then i was thinking why not put it out here so you all can enjoy it if you need a simple LevelSystem just for a fast placeholder or to your game. And i hope someone could use it. You can use it for Non-commercial and commercial use and it is up to you if you want to put me in the Credits using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using UnityEngine.UI; //If some of you guys should use it i have already added it for you public class LevelSystem : MonoBehaviour { public int Level = 1; //As it says your level XD. public int ExpToLevel = 200; //Exp To Next Level. public int CurExp = 0; //The CurExp you have at the Moment. public int Multi = 2; //Multi exp like (2x ExpToLevel and then when level 3 it will do 3x ExpToLevel). public void Check() { //Checks if CurExp is = or over the ExpToLevel and if it is it goes though //Start// if(CurExp > ExpToLevel) { Level++; //Add Level. ExpToLevel *= Multi; //ExpToLevel is * by the mutil os it will say to get to level 2 you need 400 Exp. Multi++; // Adds 1 to the Multiso when you are level 3 you will need 600 Exp. CurExp = 0; // Sets the CurExp to 0 after every level. } //Checks if CurExp is = or over the ExpToLevel and if it is it goes though //End// } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { //When you hit the "F" key on the keybored then it will add exp between 1, 50. if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.F)) { CurExp += (Random.Range(1 , 50)); // Take a number between 1 to 50 and adds to the CurExp. Check (); // Here we run the "Check" function that see if we hit ExpToLevel with the CurExp. } } } Thanks for your time and i hope you could use it
  6. These are just a few screenshots of a scene Im am working on,after Unity 5 was released i decided i would try make some scenes instead of trying to write code.This scene will have a 1000x1000 island,surrounded by water, with buildings,vegetation,rocks,particle systems and many other things.The player will be able (it is already able) to interact with the water (throw rocks in it and water will splash,or walk in it),to pick up/drag objects (rocks,crates and other small objects) and to interact with almost everything he can move,for example he needs to get to the other side but he cant because the water is too deep,so he drags the boat near him,and from here he will need to carefully drive it to the other side (hitting rocks will sink the boat).He will also be able to pick up and read notes (from a dead body for example),to light a fire,to destroy a crate and to build his own base.I know this sounds like a survival game,but it's not,I am going to release it for free for anyone who could use it.Note that most of the things will be based on physics.Here are a few screenshots of what I got so far (I haven't done alot because i was testing the scripts). https://www.dropbox.com/s/wqjm2fsi6ti0a91/Untitled.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/79h9bks2tshwxqq/Untitled2.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p7iehebu60ld54t/Untitled3.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/v6qaltq1tjzk3ku/Untitled4.png?dl=0
  7. What Runtime Level Editor is ? Runtime Level Editor is a plug-in for Unity 5.x game engine which allows you to integrate an out of the box level editor for your game. This allows your users to design, edit, save, load and publish their own levels with the power of Unity 5. You can add as many asset categories you like and add as many assets and materials as you want. Then the players will be able to design their own levels with these assets. Since Runtime Level Editor does not store any of your assets it is impossible to rip your assets through the .rld level file. Runtime Level Editor save system allows you to save all the objects of the screen, all their properties, the changed materials, the lighting settings and generally the whole level and even the level preview image in a single .rld file. You can view all the posts on this website in order to view all the available features, or better download the beta and test it yourself. You can buy Runtime Level Editor from the official asset store here : https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/31364 or through my official website here : http://greekstudios.hol.es/eshop/runtime-level-editor/ Some Of Runtime Level Editor features : Very friendly and customizable GUI. (Using Unity 4.6 New UI) Supports moving/scaling/rotating tools. You can also set position/scale/rotation via inspector. (X,Y,Z) A bunch of options in inspector for each asset. Physics integration to each asset with a single click. You can also modify physic’s properties. World settings window with settings for global gravity/ambient light/global lighting/shadows strength/shadows/ rotation/fog settings/fog color. Visibility option for each asset which will hide/un-hide assets inside the editor in order to help you design your map. Very fast,advanced and optimized saving & loading system. In-editor option to take screenshot of your level with a single key. Upon saving the latest screenshot you made inside the editor using the “Tools > Level Preview” button will be saved and merged inside the level file (.rld). The whole scene and the level preview image is saved in the same file (.rld) and the image is automatic generated from it each time RLE starts (only if it does not already exist). The whole scene file is plain text which means that you can transfer it using any network option and it can be saved anywhere as a simple string. Assets can change materials inside the editor using the Material Editor window. Point light is supported. Script prefabs are supported, which means that you can make some scripts and allow to your players to add them in their level.(Such as Enemies AI, Spawners,Animated assets etc). Player prefab is supported, you can add your player prefab and the player will choose his spawn point. In-editor play mode button, by pressing it a new scene is loaded where player have to choose the level he wants to play. Simulate physics inside the editor with the option to stop simulation and all objects will return in their positions. Advanced snapping system. Objects with the same snap-id will snap to the closest object on the side you chose. Ctrl + 1 to snap left, Ctrl + 2 to snap right, Ctrl + 3 to snap forward … etc. Undo position,rotation and scale changes option. Duplicate selected object option.
  8. Hi there, firstly I am very new to programming what I have done so far is from people like you helping me, which I have really appreciated. Okay, I have created a level which is password protected and upon entering the password it unlocks and you can then click on it to play, but now my issue is storing that data so that when they go back into the level select that it stays unlocked. I have been looking into PlayerPrefs but I seem to not be getting anywhere. Here is my code: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class ImpalaPassword : MonoBehaviour { string passwordToEdit = string.Empty; void OnGUI() { GUI.Label (new Rect (440, 340, 100, 30), "Password"); passwordToEdit = GUI.PasswordField(new Rect(440, 340, 200, 20), passwordToEdit, "*"[0], 25); } void Start () { if(PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Unlock1" == 1) { Destroy (GameObject.Find ("LockedImpala") } } void Update () { if(passwordToEdit == "***********" && Input.GetKeyDown("return")) { gameObject.SetActive(false); PlayerPrefs.SetInt("Unlock",1); PlayerPrefs.Save(); GameObject.Find("ImpalaButton").transform.localPosition = new Vector3(0,39,-3780); print(transform.localPosition.x); } } } and here is my compile error: Assets/Scripts/ImpalaPassword.cs(17,20): error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `{' ......................................................................................................................................................... Please if any one can help me.
  9. Hello, for the last few days me and a friend of mine have been working on a new project which I believe it's gonna be a true success. It's a really unique idea that has never been seen before in any other game (I think/hope). We plan on getting the game on steam ,desura, humble bundle store and some other platforms. If you're interested ,make sure you read the info below : Requirements: 1.Good knowledge of english language (Enought to understand and be understood). 2.A skype/steam/email to get in touch with us. 3.Basic-Medium skills in modeling / level designing. 4.A good and calm personality(we don't want mad psychopaths in here). 5.A 3D modeling software (Unity3d works too). In case you decide to join us then this is your role in team: You will be creating basic levels ,not advanced ones. They will look simple and cartoonish. You WILL NOT create advanced 3d objects like weapons, characters or stuff like that. The template of the game is to be simple and cute-looking. You will be able to work at least a few hours a week in order to help us complete this project. Payment: You will not get paid untill the game is released. Currently we cannot afford any more purchases or payments to you as we spent all of our budget purchasing the softwares we're currently using. You will get a fair profit share of the winnings. If you join us, and this turns into a success then we can continue our cooperation and make more games together. So if you feel like trusting us then join us and we promise that you will regret it. Contact: Skype: sun.siro Steam: ilovegamess800 or SunSiro Email: ilovegamess@live.com Thank you for reading this and we hope that we come to an agreement.
  10. Hey guys. Two weeks ago i start developing a new Asset for Unity. I'm developing a Runtime level editor which allows you to integrate to your game a map editor which will allows to your players to design their very own maps. Runtime Level Editor (RLE) has a tone of features which will make the level designing easier than ever. RLE is very close to an Alpha release and it would be available on the Asset Store for the price of $50. If someone is interested on RLE he can pre-order it from the official website (with no cost) and when RLE is available he can get some bonus packages. Here is a short presentation video which displays a lot of the main features of RLE. Here one of the very best features of RLE, the Save & Load system which contains an awesome Open file dialog. For each scene, you can take a screenshot inside the editor in order to include a preview for your scene. The screenshot tool hides all GUI stuff and take a screenshot, then it stored as a temporary file.(If you take an other one it would be overwritten) Upon save, the temporary screenshot is merged into the scene file along with the other data. That means that the whole level with the preview image and the description is stored one a single file. Each time RLE starts it automatic generate the image preview for each level inside his directory. So the open file dialog looks like : Some screenshots bellow : Please, make sure to comment bellow with your opinion, even negative. Beta is now available at http://rld.url.ph/wp/download-beta/ You can check more at : http://www.rld.url.ph/
  11. Hi all of you Developers out there. My name is Matew and i`m a Level Designer and a 3d modeler for 5 years now. I am seeking employment as a Freelancer ... I can create AAA levels ( Scenes ) in both Unity and Unity Pro, i design the models, textures and other materials and objects, so you can say that they are unique and i make camera animations for cutscenes and custom shaders for every situation. I worked on serveral titles that you might heard of : Brink (Some Skin Textures and part of Envoiernment), Ion Assault (Parts of Textures and Models), and the list goes on. I need to specify that i work with legaly paid assets and software (Unity, Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender, Daz 3D, Poser). For payment details if you wish to hire me, you can contact me at imaginmad@gmail.com Here are some Screens of my work : https://www.dropbox.com/s/awux84ez54nhfmg/Screenshot%202014-08-09%2018.44.18.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/ma45hky5xiaydap/Screenshot%202014-08-09%2019.56.35.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/1qwth22pt5wzuoe/Screenshot%202014-08-09%2019.55.51.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/e85rif38ygfrewz/Screenshot%202014-08-09%2019.55.38.png Hope of Doing Business with you, Best of Luck !
  12. Hi everyone , I have a script that should make a object with the tag Player the parent of the game object with the script on. Now the object with the tag Player is in a other scene, and that game object that should get the child of the Player have a script with a DontDestroyOnLoad function so it does not get deleted if the game loads the new scene. Now I tried it with it with this script: var bird : GameObject; function Start () { bird = GameObject.FindWithTag("Player"); bird.transform.parent = transform; } But this only works if the game object with the tag Player is in the same scene. Now I think it should work with something like this: var bird : GameObject; if (Application.LoadLevel) { bird = GameObject.FindWithTag("Player"); bird.transform.parent = transform; } But it doesnt work.
  13. after the last post when i had negative comments due to bad level i decided to get back and do something different..a island level for capture the flag ...for covert ops new update. .The new island level is lot more better.. i can't show you guys the full level because it's not yet ready and not yet added in covert ops update so there is a small peek of a checkpoint .. please suggest for graphic options ..my hard shadows are not working.... i think it's due to DX 10 gpu
  14. shubham kumar


    working on level design.. one more thing i want to work for any fps multiplayer project not the sifi one...as a level designer..animator(not rigging) and can be modeler also interested to work for some kind of adventure game like last of us .. ..PM me if anybody interested
  15. i made the level you all have seen i want it to convert into night time .but into next scene how do get the whole scene into next scene
  16. Hey Guys like the topic says I need a 3D Modeller for my Game who can make me like one or two levels for the beginning because I´m making a FPS Shooter called CubicZombies where you have to kill Zombies and survive as long as you can. The Levels should be like in the game PixlGun for Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.P3D.Pixlgun&hl=de that inspired me to make a little Game thats a littlebit similar to it but with other levels e.t.c. So if you would like to help me it would be AWESOME but pls remember that I won´t sell the game so I can not pay you helping me is only voluntarily but it would make me very happy if somebody would answer me or send me a level!!! ByTheWay here are some pictures how my game looks like at the moment: http://imgur.com/t5UZBgY http://imgur.com/C7u55te
  17. Hey guys at the moment I´m making a game called CubicZombies and I wanna make a ingame level where my player can play on but I dont have any idea how to do 3D Modelling with Blender and I cant buy other programms like Cinema4D or Maya so I asked me if there is a FREE Editor or Asset for Unity that alows me to klick on a place and it will place a block there. But it must work that I have the scene I created ingame!!! HELP ME!
  18. Hey Guys I just saw a few examples on how to make like Coin Collection Scripts but then I found a Script of a Guy who was stuck on a Script. He wanted to do if his player collected like 10 coins the the level would switch to the next scene. I also dont know what to do does anybody knows how to make the script working. Heres the Script: private var coinsBegin : int; private var coinsCurrent : int; var levelToLoad:int; //level to load private var coinToNext:int=10; //coin necessary to open next level function OnGUI() { coinsCurrent = 0; var coinObjects = FindObjectsOfType( GameObject ); for ( var coinObject : GameObject in coinObjects ) { if ( coinObject.name == "coin" ) coinsCurrent++; } GUI.Label( Rect( 0, 0, 320, 20 ), "Collected " + ( coinsBegin - coinsCurrent ) + " of " + coinsBegin + " coins!" ); } function Start() { var coinObjects = FindObjectsOfType( GameObject ); for ( var coinObject : GameObject in coinObjects ) { if ( coinObject.name == "coin" ) coinsBegin++; } } function Update() { if (coinsCurrent == coinToNext ) { Application.LoadLevel (2); } } Heres the Link to his question: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/28245/collect-10-coins-load-next-levelscript-not-working.html
  19. Hey there folks! This is my first need help: How would you able to make Unity to remember what scene/level you were in? For example: let's say I have about 5-8 levels and when I quit the game it has to then remember on what scene I were in. I was thinking on running with booleans and put a bool on every level and it ticks on and off on certain levels? Help please :/ pretty confused :S
  20. I have a problem with triggers. when the object touch the trigger the script doesn't work. Trigger = Cube with Mesh Collider and TriggerMode = on Object to collide = My .fbx model with normal Mesh Collider Script: function OnTriggerEnter () { Application.LoadLevel(2); } --------------------------------------- I'm sure i did something wrong on Colliders but not in the script.
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