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Found 58 results

  1. Imported an asset from the store. The import didn't finish. Errors. Deleted asset. Error in every folder in my project. Unity recognizes none of my scripts. Reimported whole project. Still same problem now every texture is white with black dots. Help.
  2. *This kit is no longer supported* Hello ArmedUnity! I’ve made my first FPS Kit for you and me! It helps me to improve my current knowledge, playing around with code, making new systems.. etc. While Im learning I want you guys to use and improve my progress. You are free to make a game with this! But you will need to change every model! This is completely made from scratch! Even the FPS Controller! I hope I will get some feedback for it. Helps me improve this kit and my knowledge! This Kit will get Daily or Weekly updates! Description: FPS Controller Simple { Crouching, Jumping, Sprinting, Walking } Can Crouch detection under Objects Animated Legs PLACEHOLDER Player Simple Weapon Script Weaponswitching Weapon Drop Rigidbody dragging Simple UI Simple Wallrun Simple Ladder Climbing Simple Parkour Middle Level AI AI search for cover when attacking player AI search for cover that AI is safe AI search for nearest cover AI Weapon Script AI Weapon Reload AI Wandering Script AI Text on head (only visible if player looks at AI) and more! Update 2: Added Sprinting animation Added Pickup animation Improved Parkour Improved Ladder Climbing Improved Legs Fixed Bugs Added 3 Demo Scenes Added Main Menu Added Load Level OnTrigger Script Update 3: Added Simple UI Fixed shooting while running Updated Weapon Drag script Added smooth crouching Commented 50% of the code Added tooltips Update 4: Performance Update 1: Fixed Bugs Fixed Some Errors Added PauseMenu Edited MainMenu (Added Control info for now, next will be editable controls) Updated Weapon Script Updated Player Script Updated MainMenu Script Updated Player Canvas Updated Scenes Removed Several Models, Textures Edited Texture Quality and much more... Update 5: Performance Update 2 Fixed Bugs/Glitches Fixed Errros New Parkour Animation New Jump Animation New Middle Level AI New Gun Models New Gun Animations New Sounds New Ambient Sound New Leg Textures Added Animated AI Added Ammo Pickup Added Drag Collision Detection Added Camera Movement Updated FPS Controller Updated MadPlayer to be more effective Updated Demo Scene Removed 2 Scenes Removed Old Weapons Removed Old Sounds and more.. Update 6: Completly New Version Changelog coming soon.. To-Do: Making code cleaner New Weapons (Explosive) Work on wall running and more... Trello: https://trello.com/c/5g4Zzjyl/7-mad-fps-kit Please give me suggestions of what I could add. Unity version: Unity2017.3.1f or higher. File Name: MadFPSKitV0.9.rar File Size: 553.06MB Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y916as7a3grm9y1/MadFPSKit0.9.rar/file .EXE Demo Version Link: -- Showcase/Update Videos: Tutorial Videos: Happy Developing! MadWolf Games
  3. Third update with major improvements including sound, environment, speedometer, and more! This post includes screenshots and video. Enjoy! https://imgur.com/a/r9XJVjS
  4. Unity car game using Unity 2018.2. I have decided to step away from the realistic fps genre and try something new. Racing!11!11!1! The game is something I would like to be a mix of Forza, Grid Autosport, and Need for Speed. In the game, you will have the choice to either participate in legal or illegal races. Legal races will have designated cars to be used in the race. Illegal races will let you use whatever car you want, unmodified or modified. Would also like to add death race mode and derby mode. My hopes would be to later add special car packs consisting of cars and planes from famous tv shows (Airwolf, Ghost Busters, Night Rider, Scooby Doo) and sell them as DLC. An example of my wishes would be something like the car packs for rocket league but also added modes (death race derby etc.). Anyways without further ado, here are screenies. https://imgur.com/a/BOs0zQT
  5. TRCGamez


  6. Hi ArmedUnity, Im current working on an kit called MadFPMelee. I always wanted to make a melee and bow combat based game, but I always started to work on shooters, I really dont know why. This Kit is based on melee combat. Bows, Throwable Knifes, and Throwable Weapon coming soon after. I will try to add intelligent melee combat AI too. This Kit will get Weekly or Monthly updated! Description: I'm releasing an unfinished version of the kit, because I will not support it for a longer time. And I dont want to let the work go to waste. Put some love into it and it will work great Its a bit buggy at this early state. Have Fun. File Size: 171.38 MB Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sx4jshxytndxzgz/MadFPMeeleKit0.1.rar Updates: DIY Release (Unsupported) 0.1 All credits are written down in ReadMe textfile.
  7. oksade


    Hello there. I want to do the wave system, can you help? I have a code that I know, but when the seconds are over, the zombies are coming, and when I kill all the zombies I want to start a new wave using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; public class Spawner : MonoBehaviour { public Transform destination = null; // Color of the gizmo public Color gizmoColor = Color.red; //----------------------------------- // All the Enums //----------------------------------- // Spawn types public enum SpawnTypes { Normal, Once, Wave, TimedWave } // The different Enemy levels public enum EnemyLevels { Easy, Medium, Hard, Boss } //--------------------------------- // End of the Enums //--------------------------------- // Enemy level to be spawnedEnemy public EnemyLevels enemyLevel = EnemyLevels.Easy; //---------------------------------- // Enemy Prefabs //---------------------------------- public GameObject EasyEnemy; public GameObject MediumEnemy; public GameObject HardEnemy; public GameObject BossEnemy; private Dictionary<EnemyLevels, GameObject> Enemies = new Dictionary<EnemyLevels, GameObject>(4); //---------------------------------- // End of Enemy Prefabs //---------------------------------- //---------------------------------- // Enemies and how many have been created and how many are to be created //---------------------------------- public int totalEnemy = 10; private int numEnemy = 0; private int spawnedEnemy = 0; //---------------------------------- // End of Enemy Settings //---------------------------------- // The ID of the spawner private int SpawnID; //---------------------------------- // Different Spawn states and ways of doing them //---------------------------------- private bool waveSpawn = false; public bool Spawn = true; public SpawnTypes spawnType = SpawnTypes.Normal; // timed wave controls public float waveTimer = 30.0f; private float timeTillWave = 0.0f; //Wave controls public int totalWaves = 5; private int numWaves = 0; //---------------------------------- // End of Different Spawn states and ways of doing them //---------------------------------- void Start() { // sets a random number for the id of the spawner SpawnID = Random.Range(1, 500); Enemies.Add(EnemyLevels.Easy, EasyEnemy); Enemies.Add(EnemyLevels.Boss, BossEnemy); Enemies.Add(EnemyLevels.Medium, MediumEnemy); Enemies.Add(EnemyLevels.Hard, HardEnemy); } // Draws a cube to show where the spawn point is... Useful if you don't have a object that show the spawn point void OnDrawGizmos() { // Sets the color to red Gizmos.color = gizmoColor; //draws a small cube at the location of the gam object that the script is attached to Gizmos.DrawCube(transform.position, new Vector3 (0.5f,0.5f,0.5f)); } void Update () { if(Spawn) { // Spawns enemies everytime one dies if (spawnType == SpawnTypes.Normal) { // checks to see if the number of spawned enemies is less than the max num of enemies if(numEnemy < totalEnemy) { // spawns an enemy spawnEnemy(); } } // Spawns enemies only once else if (spawnType == SpawnTypes.Once) { // checks to see if the overall spawned num of enemies is more or equal to the total to be spawned if(spawnedEnemy >= totalEnemy) { //sets the spawner to false Spawn = false; } else { // spawns an enemy spawnEnemy(); } } //spawns enemies in waves, so once all are dead, spawns more else if (spawnType == SpawnTypes.Wave) { if(numWaves < totalWaves + 1) { if (waveSpawn) { //spawns an enemy spawnEnemy(); } if (numEnemy == 0) { // enables the wave spawner waveSpawn = true; //increase the number of waves numWaves++; } if(numEnemy == totalEnemy) { // disables the wave spawner waveSpawn = false; } } } // Spawns enemies in waves but based on time. else if(spawnType == SpawnTypes.TimedWave) { // checks if the number of waves is bigger than the total waves if(numWaves <= totalWaves) { // Increases the timer to allow the timed waves to work timeTillWave += Time.deltaTime; if (waveSpawn) { //spawns an enemy spawnEnemy(); } // checks if the time is equal to the time required for a new wave if (timeTillWave >= waveTimer) { // enables the wave spawner waveSpawn = true; // sets the time back to zero timeTillWave = 0.0f; // increases the number of waves numWaves++; // A hack to get it to spawn the same number of enemies regardless of how many have been killed numEnemy = 0; } if(numEnemy >= totalEnemy) { // diables the wave spawner waveSpawn = false; } } else { Spawn = false; } } } } // spawns an enemy based on the enemy level that you selected private void spawnEnemy() { GameObject Enemy = (GameObject) Instantiate(Enemies[enemyLevel], gameObject.transform.position, Quaternion.identity); UnityEngine.AI.NavMeshAgent n = Enemy.GetComponent<UnityEngine.AI.NavMeshAgent>(); n.destination = destination.position; Enemy.SendMessage("setName", SpawnID); // Increase the total number of enemies spawned and the number of spawned enemies numEnemy++; spawnedEnemy++; } // Call this function from the enemy when it "dies" to remove an enemy count public void killEnemy(int sID) { // if the enemy's spawnId is equal to this spawnersID then remove an enemy count if (SpawnID == sID) { numEnemy--; } } //enable the spawner based on spawnerID public void enableSpawner(int sID) { if (SpawnID == sID) { Spawn = true; } } //disable the spawner based on spawnerID public void disableSpawner(int sID) { if(SpawnID == sID) { Spawn = false; } } // returns the Time Till the Next Wave, for a interface, ect. public float TimeTillWave { get { return timeTillWave; } } // Enable the spawner, useful for trigger events because you don't know the spawner's ID. public void enableTrigger() { Spawn = true; } }
  8. Next, I bought the FPS Kit 3.0 and the FPS Kit 2.0 When I will import it to the Unity 5.5.0 F3 it pops up this error in photon, can someone help me? I don't know what to do!!!
  9. I need a survival game template multiplayer if someone have one plz contact me, thx
  10. FREE Horror Game Kit - Slender Review Complete Projects/Packs Leandro Vieira [Gallighan] - Two TV, owner. [Waiting unity review] Unity Asset Store: http://u3d.as/13Tm MEGA link: https://mega.nz/#!r9lzXSpB!rdG-zh4CGBw7extJC3NqEFgb40wPY2UD7ZfBP7h2m_s Free Hands used in project: [Thanks @MasterJackal] Description The project was created for developers who enjoy survival style games of the famous character Slender. With this kit, developers could use advanced systems, modular buildings, and any unique features to create their own horror game story. The project was made for easy understanding and modification. Features Movie Menu Advanced ingame menu with load and save system Flashlight system Battery charge system Collect pages system Health system Customizable UI Modular buildings included Free awesome assets included Unique atmosphere Fog system C# crafted code and easy to modification ... Updates [Fix] Camera collision with walls Screenshots Abandoned House Advanced in-game menu Page system like slender game Slender on the hill Camera glitch/noise effect Showcase gameplay Enjoy.
  11. Version 1.0


    Complete Projects/Packs Leandro Vieira [Gallighan] - Two TV, owner. [Waiting unity review] Unity Asset Store: http://u3d.as/13Tm Free Hands used in project: [Thanks @MasterJackal] Description The project was created for developers who enjoy survival style games of the famous character Slender. With this kit, developers could use advanced systems, modular buildings, and any unique features to create their own horror game story. The project was made for easy understanding and modification. Features Movie Menu Advanced ingame menu with load and save system Flashlight system Battery charge system Collect pages system Health system Customizable UI Modular buildings included Free awesome assets included Unique atmosphere Fog system C# crafted code and easy to modification ... Forum thread: https://armedunity.com/topic/15090-unity-5-free-horror-game-kit-slender/
  12. Gamerzin

    Fps kit Mobile

    is it possible to convert a fps mobile phone kit to a computer?
  13. How can I add more than 1 "fire" sounds for weapons? like when I go to fire the gun have it it randomly use fire sound 1 or 2 having 2 or maybe 3 fire sounds would sound more realistic. thanks :3 Using this kit here | V
  14. This is a main menu addon for FPS Kit 1.5 Code is written on C#. This Asset can be used not only with the FPS Kit. Some instructions are in the credits window. And i need a man, who can translate from Russian to English correctly, to make a instruction file. This package will be updated with a new feaures. (plz, say what i need to add here) SCREENSHOTS: Update History: 1.0: Initial Release 1.1: GetActive fix 1.2 Added Level Selection MainMenuAddon.unitypackage
  15. crilind


    I have been sitting for 3 hours and trying to combine both. Would someone help me? Multiplayer: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/14165 KIT: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/14165 PLS HELP
  16. Photon Survival RPG MMO Kit- Thing Update v2 Update v1 Simple kit I put together while messing with Photon again. Don't expect to make a full game with this, because all it does is let you walk around, kill other players, and chop down trees to collect wood (so far). If people think its cool, I'll add more resources, and crafting. Anyway.... Update v2 -Added Ai -Added crafting fires, and houses DOWNLOAD (unity package, 84 mb -sorry about the size, I just exported the whole project as a package) Instructions: 1. Add tag "wood" 2. Tag "wood" in the Resources folder as "wood" 3. Profit??? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Screenshots: Sources for Models/Textures: Textures: http://opengameart.org/content/4-cartoony-terrains-textures Models: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/18098
  17. EZFPS EZ Fps is a free unity3d FPS kit that uses Photon. Players can shoot and kill each other and join teams. There is one map, and one gamemode. Updates will be coming soon. Free for commercial use, as of now. I may submit the package to the asset store for a few dollars later. At the moment, I highly recommend giving it a try, and giving me feedback and bugs! Webplayer Demo Please check out the PRO version here! It's only $2, and has weapon switching, grenades, classes, bullet spread, snipers, shotguns, pistols, kill-feeds, and more! Update 0.3.5 Fixed a lot of bugs/ This may be the last free update besides bug fixing, but I'm not sure yet! DOWNLOAD Update 0.3.1 The old RaycastShooting script was partly broken! Please copy and paste this one into RaycastShooting.cs Update 0.3 Well, as stated earlier, I had a better update before, which had grenades, aiming, 2 weapon slots etc.., but the project decided to break for no reason! However, I've slapped this together which should work well. I've fixed a lot of bugs too. Fun fact!: In the previous package, players could not kill the Masterclient. Changelog: >Ammo >Reloading >Muzzleflash (networked) >Ragdolls >Lots of bug fixes I've also renamed the kit to EZFPS, and hope to have it added to the assetstore soon! Download (.unity, 4.5mb) Update 0.2.1 I added ammo and grenades, but everything broke, and I don't know why! I had to start the update all over, and just have ammo working right now. I'm not posting a download because there appears to be some game-breaking glitches, which were pointed out by a user in the comment section. I'm going to take a look when I get home. I also might try to get the package on the asset store for Free, or a couple dollars. Here's a video too (Ignore the "Only $3" Part): Update 0.2 (7.13.15) I know it's oly been a few hours since the initial post, but I've already got a bunch more stuff added. Here's a Changelog: >Added Guns >Added Shooting/Killing >Added Synced Team Scores >Added Local Score >Added Name and Score Above Player >Fixed Map Textures >Added Networked Gun Sounds >Updated Character Models\ >Added chat and new GUI Skin (it's basically the UI textures but for legacy gui) >Added Pause Menu >Now 4.5 mb Edit: Also smoothened out player movement Up next: Adding more spawn points, ammo, preventing spawn killing, friendly fire (currently killing a teammate gives the other team score), and classes with new weapon types. Please tell me any bugs or what you think! If you use this, please change the models!! Download Here (4.5 mb, Unity Package) Screenies: Update 1 (7.13.15) I'm working on a bare-bones fps package. It was originally for myself to use for when I wanted to start new projects, but I decided to share it. That being said, it isn't the cleanest thing in the world. The code isn't commented, either. As of 7/13/15, this is only the controller, there aren't any guns. Features- >Multiplayer via Photon >Networked FPS Controller (only local player can control) >Separate Team Prefabs (In this example, I used Red and Blue Capsules to show the difference)> >Joining/Creating Rooms (No server browser yet, but there is a Join Random button, along with text field to join custom room ) >Uses new UI >Only 3 MB! I'll continue to update the package as I add more features. I'll be adding guns next! You can add chat by dragging inRoomChat.cs onto a new Empty GameObject. Do not put it on _Room, because the PhotonView will break the UI! Also, right now there are several bugs, including host migration. Players who spawn after the original host has disconnected cannot be seen by original players. Link: HERE (unity package) Screenies: (removed)
  18. Hi. I got the FPS Kit c# version, and I'm trying to use it for a mecanim setup (Standard TPS Scene). I transferred The weapon manager to the Hand, also the Sounds and MiniMap, Placed the Weapons Correctly, and Turned off the Arms of the original player after taking out the weapon, also moved all the character scripts and disabled the camera script since I have another camera setup, Also Added The FPS controller to the Weapon Script and Picked the player camera at the same script. The weapon runs, Muzzle flash is showing and bullet counter / Reload are working fine, but it seems like a problem with the Raycast of the hit, it doesn't shoot from the weapon forward and I didn't even find where is it shooting, also the sounds and footsteps aren't working, Health is working fine, the Pick Item "E" GUI shows up but I can't pick the item. I need the whole system Except the movement and animation scripting, and I'm using the same original project folder. I'd like to know what to change, Thanks in Advance. Edit: Just Noticed the Raycast Only shows like this (The Red Line) When I set my back to the wall, when I get off it no longer shows. What's the Problem? Edit #2: The RayCast is for the "Protect Camera From Wall" Script, but somehow the Shooting Still works only on that wall, and seems to come from somewhere far.
  19. Introduction As a side project, I am currently working on a top down shooter kit (for games like zombie/survival waves, team deathmatch, counter strike), that will look professional compared and compatable on mobile devices, including a lot of advanced features (AI, map editor) that can be implemented easily. Im not showcasing this kit yet, but maybe some betas can be tested if requested. Most kits are hard to use and difficult for beginners (most unity users that use kits are beginners), and thus this user friendly kit should contain custom inspectors, and documentation. But I need some advice on features, and opinions. I also need a catchy name. Thanks guys. The Roadmap Progress - Multithreading for tile management - Added a HUD supporting 2 weapons icons, health with ammo bar (Minimap is also added but not shown) - More tile paint brushes including box fill (think magic wand from minecraft => massive time saver) - You can now hide the tile picker to save space Finally introduced entities as a counterpart to tiles (are also serialized just as tiles in .map files) - Game Lobby has been set up with working chat - As you can see this is the player in action (ammo had a weird bug) - Progression has been made on the AI. MORE PROGRESS IS POSTED FURTHER INTO THE TOPIC
  20. Hi guys! I'm selling this for 80$ : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mygDxOsFsFg| The kit is perfect if you want to make an AAA game, because •HD Quality •Guns •Awesome gameplay •Awesome character control •Multiplayer(Two teams) •Two maps •Cool loading effect •Awesome menu •Simple and modern health bar •Simple and modern ammo bar •Chat room (for the multiplayer) •Amazing environment Here is my skype if you want to buy it! Skype: deleted
  21. Hey I was wondering if anybody could re-upload/have a proper link to this Multiplayer FPS Kit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-g8y_FgrCc I really like it because it's pretty much FPS Kit 1.35 with Multiplayer Thanks,
  22. MRPG Kit (Photon Multiplayer RPG Kit for Unity 5) I come to present a kit I'm working. Concept Our concept is to create a kit that is easy to understand, that has a clean and optimized code. This kit was made for developers who are beginning their journey of learning and wants to create an online RPG game or to study the code and understand how to operate the basic principles of a multiplayer game. We decided to create the kit using an external plugin that can be found free on the Asset Store, this plugin is called photon network that is our "door" to create a multiplayer game faster, with this plugin avoid creating their own servers using sockets and other functions saving many lines of code, but we're not saying it's the most professional way to create an RPG Online, but it's a plugin that will save many lines of code. Goal The goal of the MRPG kit It is to be easy to implement and understanding for all, can begin to create an Online RPG itself. We created this kit to perform all logic on the server (host) and not the client, despite being a host in the cloud you can create a more authoritative server, we avoid the client to do the functions that are to the server do, example: character control variables are determined by the server, the client only sends the input to the server and it returns the animations and other functions for clients, we made all the connection control (handle client connect, disconnect etC) and also database implementation to save the information of the players and others stuffs Why RPG? I decided to develop something in the RPG genre, it is a much sought genre, has a large audience who wants to learn how to create something and do not have many kits that are able to create an online RPG quickly and easily. Current Features • All logic related to the player made on the server side • Fully commented code • Secure character control for any 3D model • RPG Style Camera (zoom and rotate) • Inputs managed by the server • Create and select World • 20 free simultaneous connections • RPG style combat system • Chat System • Monster AI easy to implement for any 3D model • Respawn monsters controlled by the server • Players positions sync • Basic player Interface (using old GUI system), easy to change I will add even more things on that list, the kit has not been finished and I will update when I can... Screens Simple connection interface (Still it has not implemented the login system). Player entered in the world. Different types of monsters (the monsters have behavior that will determine your actions). Select MOB behavior Organized project Connected players and chat system Combat system Dead player Feel free to make suggestions and comment.
  23. GamezZz

    Nzn FPS Kit

    Hy Friends, This is my first scripting in Unity3D. I haven't any programming knowledge before. I used Javascript for development.(Little bit C#) Functions - 1. Walk/Sprint With Sounds (When Sprint Sound Change Dynamically in Wood, Grass, Concrete, Gravel) 2. Jump And Landing Sounds 3. Bullet Spread 4. Gun Sway 5. Reload Animation, Gun Recoil Animation Create Using Unity3D Animation Window. 6. Gun Model - Assault Rifle ( I hope Add Mp5, Shotgun, Ak-47, Uzi ) 7. Bullet Impacts (According to Metal, Grass & Gravel, Wood, Concrete) 8. Crouch. 9. Bullet Ejection & Drop Sound My Indie FPS Game in Progress Development. I Hope Next Time Polish My FPS Kit and Create Realistic AI System With Cover System (Now in Progress Development). Please Give me a feedback. Link - https://youtu.be/3QClmvcyBQ8
  24. Hey guys i made a free drone(land drone/rc car) kit for unity3D, feel free to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4C-Fnf6UlPY&feature=youtu.be Very basic.
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