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Found 8 results

  1. hi,how can i use agent OffMesh link,when Agent on the StartPos Wait a little and jump down ,then resume agent. IEnumerator jumpdown() { OffMeshLinkData data = agent.currentOffMeshLinkData; Vector3 startPos = agent.transform.position; Vector3 endPos = data.endPos + Vector3.up * agent.baseOffset; float normalizedTime = 0.0f; if (agent.isOnOffMeshLink){ while (normalizedTime < 1.0f) { Anim.SetBool("Jump",true); float yOffset = height * 4.0f * (normalizedTime - normalizedTime * normalizedTime); agent.transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(startPos, endPos, normalizedTime) + yOffset * Vector3.up; normalizedTime += Time.deltaTime / duration; yield return null; } } }
  2. How can i make a character controller jump towards the mouse position? I'm using click to move and MoveTowards private void Update() { if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.V)) { isSneaking = !isSneaking; } isGrounded = (DistanceToGround() < groundedDistance) ? true : false; if (Input.GetAxisRaw("Jump") != 0 && isGrounded) { SetTargetPosition(); isJumping = true; } if (isJumping) { VelocityVector = Enesima(targetPosition, Angle); Jump(); } MovePlayer(); anim.SetFloat("Velocity", velocity); anim.SetBool("SuddenStop", suddenStop); anim.SetBool("Sneak", isSneaking); anim.SetBool("TurningLeft", isTurningLeft); anim.SetBool("TurningRight", isTurningRight); anim.SetBool("Idle", isIdle); Debug.Log(isGrounded); } private void SetTargetPosition() { Plane plane = new Plane(Vector3.up, transform.position); Ray ray = Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay(Input.mousePosition); float point = 0f; if (plane.Raycast(ray, out point)) { targetPosition = ray.GetPoint(point); } } private void Jump() { /*Quaternion targetRotation = Quaternion.LookRotation((targetPosition - transform.position), Vector3.up); if (targetPosition != Vector3.zero && DistanteToMove() > .5f) { targetRotation.x = 0f; targetRotation.z = 0f; transform.rotation = Quaternion.Lerp(transform.rotation, targetRotation, turnVelocity * Time.deltaTime); }*/ turnVelocity = 6f; //velocityFall *= walkVelocity; if (isGrounded) { fallJumpSpeed = 0.0f; } fallJumpSpeed = jumpForce; fallJumpSpeed -= gravity * Time.deltaTime; VelocityVector.y = fallJumpSpeed; playerController.Move(VelocityVector * Time.deltaTime); if (transform.position == targetPosition) { isJumping = false; } //transform.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(transform.position, targetPosition, 1 * Time.deltaTime); //Debug.Log(VelocityVector.y); Debug.Log("Jump: " + isJumping); } public Vector3 Enesima(Vector3 target, float angle) { Vector3 dir = targetPosition - transform.position; // get target direction //float h = dir.y; // get height difference //dir.y = 0; // retain only the horizontal direction float dist = dir.magnitude; // get horizontal distance float a = angle * Mathf.Deg2Rad; // convert angle to radians //dir.y = dist * Mathf.Tan(a); // set dir to the elevation angle //dist += h / Mathf.Tan(a); // correct for small height differences // calculate the velocity magnitude float vel = Mathf.Sqrt(dist * Physics.gravity.magnitude / Mathf.Sin(2 * a)); return vel * dir.normalized; } Thanks
  3. Hey, i'm new to the unity engine and have a sphere to walk on. the gravity is pulling the player onto the ground. You can watch by moving the mouse around. I wanted to make the player being able to jump just 1 time. So i used the if statement to disable jumping again while jumping. But it doesn't work, even with if, i can jump whenever i want to. Can some1 solve this =? Here my code: public float mouseSensitivityX = 250f; public float mouseSensitivityY = 250f; public float walkSpeed = 4f; public float jumpForce = 220; public LayerMask groundedMask; private Transform cameraT; private float verticalLookRotation; private Vector3 moveAmount; private Vector3 smoothMoveVelocity; private bool grounded; private void Start() { cameraT = Camera.main.transform; } private void Update() { transform.Rotate(Vector3.up * Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * Time.deltaTime * mouseSensitivityX); verticalLookRotation += Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") * Time.deltaTime * mouseSensitivityY; verticalLookRotation = Mathf.Clamp(verticalLookRotation, -60, 60); cameraT.localEulerAngles = Vector3.left * verticalLookRotation; Vector3 moveDir = new Vector3(Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal"), 0, Input.GetAxisRaw("Vertical")).normalized; Vector3 targetMoveAmount = moveDir * walkSpeed; moveAmount = Vector3.SmoothDamp(moveAmount, targetMoveAmount, ref smoothMoveVelocity, .15f); if (Input.GetButtonDown("Jump")) { if (grounded) { GetComponent<Rigidbody>().AddForce(transform.up * jumpForce); } } grounded = false; Ray ray = new Ray(transform.position, -transform.up); RaycastHit hit; if (Physics.Raycast(ray, out hit, 1 + .1f + groundedMask)) { grounded = true; } } private void FixedUpdate() { GetComponent<Rigidbody>().MovePosition(GetComponent<Rigidbody>().position + transform.TransformDirection(moveAmount) * Time.fixedDeltaTime); }
  4. PUMP JUMP : PUMPKIN RISE - Brings a new way to Pump, Jump and Rise without breaking your phone or throwing it against the wall. Accept the insanely addictive challenge of hardest yet simplest game ever. Experience the adventure of a Halloween Pumpkin in this super simple yet attractive game play with super stunning graphics and digital sound. All you have to do is to just Tap and Tap faster on the screen to Rise and Jump through the world by dodging wooden logs in a fast paced game. Stay Alive, Be quick to pass through the moving obstacles, Set a high score and challenge your friends in this ambitious game to beat your high score. WARNING: Don’t get annoyed it’s challenging; unlike any other flappy tappy annoying games. --- FEATURES --- ☆Brand New and Addictive simple touch screen game, unlike any other Tap games you have played before. Suitable for all ages. ☆Astonishing Halloween Pumpkin animations and high resolution graphics. ☆Excellent digital music and sounds. ☆Facebook Sharing – Easy to share your score in friends and family. ☆Easy and fun to play, yet hard to master. ☆Optimized both for phones and tablets. So enjoy the unlimited fun from a larger screen as well. ☆And be warned; this game is INSANELY ADDICTIVE. So, who can tap hard and rise to the highest in “PUMP JUMP : PUMPKIN RISE”? Download and Start playing now and set the high score and beat your friends and family. -- DOWNLOAD LINK -- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kwick.pump.jump.pumpkin.rise Like us on Facebook or follow us on twitter for the latest update and our new games. --- FOLLOW US ON TWITTER --- https://twitter.com/KwickG --- LIKE US ON FACEBOOK --- https://www.facebook.com/kwickgames/ --- SCREENSHOTS --- --- GAMEPLAY VIDEO --- View My Video
  5. Hey guys today I am releasing my new Unity game, Tupeke (Maori for jump or leap). The main focus of the game is to jump from brick to brick in order to get to the end (a blue block). Once you reach the end you will be rated with a star rating which is calculated with a super secret algorithm that uses the time it took you to complete. Please give me feedback as there is still heaps to add. And keep in mind that i forgot to add a lot of UI features such as end screen and popup stars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAr9SjZA2KA UPDATE 1: +ADDED END OF LEVEL GUI. SHOWS STAR RATING OUT OF 3 +ADDED JUKEBOX WITH GUI +ADDED 3 MORE LEVELS +BEGAN MULTIPLAYER TESTING
  6. Hey guys just wanted your opinion on my new main menu for my game in development (i'll release information in a week or two, but for now i can only let you know that its a game based around jumping lol). It feels a bit to simple in my opinion and wanted some help making it a bit nicer . Thanks guys...
  7. Hello thank you for reading my post to show off my small game it in really small stages as i do not have lot of time due to my health but what will say is that i wanting to turn this in to a real game on ios android mac pc Xbox i wish but why not all down to is cost game is base of cyber space what happens in your pc and networks all round the world as i cant say much on this as it is most in my head due lack of time but i have 2 weeks that by the end i should have done first 3 level and then building this in to a game not just level full game but i cant say much all in my head but i can give you all go try the link below for game Not lot more to add Email me at andrewmartin1995@live.co.uk with any idea or any thing or comment/pm what ever is easy for you Thanks Andrew.M https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49927025/Cyberspace/Cyberspace.html
  8. I have animated a robot with Mecanim. Animations -Run -Jump -Idle -Walk backwards -Idle Wave -Fall EXTRA SCRIPT INCLUDED The Third Person Camera Script is included in this package! DOWNLOAD THIS AWESOME PACKAGE FROM HERE
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