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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, my name is Nikita. I'm young 3D Artist and I can create 3D buildings, props, textures for them, optimize models and after all create scene/level even big as a city. I have collaboration with several teams working as Game/Scene/Level Designer, Tester and Texture Artist. Now I'm looking for actually paid work, I'll not ask too much, but I need money as my models is really optimized and textured (optimization and texturing takes much more time that just modeling). And also I can work for russian and ukrainian localization, or even QA Tester for game. You can see some of my works here - https://sketchfab.com/nikitosnaz Please contact me via email - niknaz1604@gmail.com or discord - NikitoSNaz#7430
  2. Hey, My name is Peta. I have ALOT of weapons 20+ that I need animated ( fire, reload, sprint, walk, idle, aim). I have a couple types of arms that will accompany these animations as well. I will pay per item ( half at start, and half on completion). The price is negotiable. I also need a graphics designer who can create an FPS uGUI template that mimics the GUI of my site https://nitrolabstudios.com/ especially the skewed boxes please email me at at PetaAyeni@nitrolabstudios.com / text me at +17706099352 / or DM me on twitter @programmrz thanks! current project snippit https://gyazo.com/205dba1621af00e254bdaf59d9e0348c
  3. I Want to Hear About Your Project Hello, I am Gabriel Ribeiro, Unity Veteran, I started working on Unity when i was only 14 years old, My feeling in that moment was "I will do a game better than fallout", few years later i saw that early experience like a chance to work with the thing that i love. And here i am!.Work Experience I worked on three personal projects:, RPGs/FPS 4+ years, FPS 2 year, 3D Plataformer 6 months. File Serializations and Deserialization, (Game Saves). Data Management. Small prototypes and system clean for several companies. Others. Skills Unity C# GIMP Blender Audacity What i'm seeking Simple Projects Prototypes Bug Fixes Game Mechanics Procedural Systems UI Tools And More. Hardware Windows (Desktop) Gamepad (XBOX 360,XBOX ONE,PS4) Android Phone (Mobile) Portfolio http://jgabr.portfoliobox.net/Contact me JGabrib@outlook.com
  4. hello , i have been using the unity engine for quite a while now but have never done any big scale project , im hoping to cooperate with individuals or a team to develop a full lengthened game i have made 3 games (more like mini games really) all being just to know my way around the engine : watch out from the trees (horror game) my first - http://www.indiedb.com/games/watch-out-from-the-trees block warfare (multiplayer fps voxel shooter) - http://gamejolt.com/games/block-warfare/75449 zombiez must die (fps zombie survival) - http://gamejolt.com/games/zombiez-must-die/88846 i can program game play , UI , multiplayer(photon or UNET) ....etc sorry couldn't find out how to add images directly http://imgur.com/FxVMnHU http://imgur.com/ZXGEnuN http://imgur.com/Rhpjjb3 ps i don't mind working for free for now contact me at t4.gam3s@gmail.com or in the forums ps i can do some modeling using cinema 4d and basic animations
  5. Like the title says I'm looking few people to create couple of projects, mainly i need Programmers ( C# or uJS ), but i might need 2D artists as well so if you're capable, send me a private massage including Your prices ( hourly or project wise ) Way to contact you ( Skype or .... ) Your previous works if you have any
  6. Hello, everyone. Let me introduce myself. My name is Marten Palu and I run a game development company named Gamecan. We are an international team with ~20 team members. We have been working on a project for over 6 months now and we are close to Alpha release. There is also a contract signed with Microsoft which means the game will be published no matter what. Right now we are seeking for someone with good animation skills that would like to join us. All the Mocap animations have been recorded and exported from Mocap. We are talking about a large scale Sci-Fi First Person Shooter. For further information, please PM or comment on this topic. Here is something from our game: https://upx.cz/24l Thank You! Marten Palu Project Leader Gamecan
  7. reaperkan


    I have a friend of mine who is a 3D artist and he is looking for a job,full time employment . He is a great 3D artist,his portfolio is http://www.frank-wielgorecki.moonfruit.com/ . Can someone help him find a job?
  8. Hi, We are TIKTAK GAMES, we have games with more than 1 Million of downloads and you are going to work with us on this games and new ones. We want long term relationship. First of all we need to know some thinks: 1.Did you make any game with Unity4 and all on 2D optimized for ios and android? Can you showme? 2.Can you showme any integration of In app Purchases and Facebook Publish in some of your games? 3.I Attached the specifications of our new game that we want to do first, if finally we work together. How many time for finish it? 4. what is your desired sallary (reallistic) for 1 month , full time (40h week) (If You want more than 1500$ month no contactme).. 5. Did you ever work with array of Objects (Instances of another Class) ? If you want to work at home with a company with millions of downloads, this is your job. 6.Do you speak some spanish? Where are you from? Please contactme at miguel@tiktakgames.com
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