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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I've made script for custom object painting and of course I had to create empty script just with class and monobehaviour to be able to paint. But when I choose in hierarchy object that has this script I can't use camera :/ It can't move in any direction, can rotate, but can't move forward, up, down etc. But when I click on object that doesnt have this script (or just air) everything is okay. Any solutions? P.S Is it possible to make custom objects painting window without needing object with that empty script? Because if I choose object that has that script I'm able to paint on another ones that doesnt have that script... Thanks for all help!
  2. HELLO WORLD, I encountered a problem related to lightning in my main project. The weapons do not seem to be affected by the shadows, ranging from standing inside the building or outside. Hereby I mean that there's clearly no difference. If you look closely at the picture below, you can still see that the pistol is very bright when standing outside, as it is inside which is wrong. So, I started a fresh-new project using realtime settings at the Lightning-section. Without an "extra" WeaponCamera it does seem to work fine (the weapon becomes darker when standing inside the building). But, when using layers it doesn't seem to work properly as expected. See picture below for complete setup/source. If you need any more information or pictures, please tell me because I really REALLY want to fix this. So, my question is: How do I let weapons being affected by shadows in Realtime, when using layers?
  3. EDIT: THIS HAS BEEN FIXED! apologise for the messy code this was done in about 3 days and im new to coding so please no haters like i got in the Unity Questions, that would be most appreciated! i dont think you need the rest of the script for this, but if you do just let em know this is only the sections that i think is needed to fix this. but i have run into another issue regarding Burst Fire, i would like to make this more Versatile like i originally planned without having to send the User into code. this is what i have to fix it currently thought it is not hard to add more to the burst Call via code as its only Copy and pasting snippets. i would rather use something else that's less messy, easy to read and a little more complex to complete, this is my current work around labled as #1, and copy past Label #2 at label #3 to make the bullets in burst more than 3 or remove to make less than 3 in a burst. /* Label #1 Start */ if (burstShot == true) { canShoot = false; /* Label #2 Start */ if(currentAmmo <= 0){ Reload(); //reloading = false; return; } else if (currentAmmo >= 1){ Fire(); yield WaitForSeconds(timeBetweenBurst); } /* Label #2 End */ /* Label #3 Start */ /* Paste Label #1 Start to Label 1# End between here to increase the bullets in each burst */ /* Label #3 End */ if (reloading == false) { if(currentAmmo <= 0){ Reload(); //reloading = false; return; } else if (currentAmmo >= 1){ Fire(); yield WaitForSeconds(timeBetweenBurst); } } if (reloading == false) { if(currentAmmo <= 0){ Reload(); //reloading = false; return; } else if (currentAmmo >= 1){ Fire(); yield WaitForSeconds(timeBetweenShots); } } canShoot = true; } /* Label #1 End */ /* What i want it to be like, but i want to be able to change shotsInBurst & timeBetweenburst in the inspector like i can with my current work around to this*/ if(Input.GetMouseButton(0)){ canShoot = false; if(currentAmmo < shotsInBurst){ Reload(); } else if (currentAmmo >= shotsInBurst) { StartCoroutine(burstFire(timeBetweenShots)); yield WaitForSeconds(timeBetweenBurst); } canShoot = true; }
  4. Hey Boys and Girls (if there are any LOL): Anyway: For about 5 months ago, I bought a Razer Charcarias Headset. And I wasn't suspecting any troubles with it until one day when I was talking with my friend, they then told me I had a constant static sound. I thought that re-plugging the mic jack would fix that but nope. Nothing. I even tried mixing the settings a bit but it just lowered my voice a lot but almost didn't remove the static noise. Now my question is : Is it something wrong with these headsets? Or is it like all the Charcarias models? And if I should go back to the store and replace them? Gimme' your thoughts so I don't go a walk to the store, about 15 minutes of walk xD And if this was the wrong place to post, tell me then. But hopefully you guys could help me! Thanks
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